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DTR: Black Thursday w/Melvin

Project: Black Thursday

Group Member Names: Norman Schultz(self), Melvin Cedeno

Project Expectations: What does each group member hope to get out of this project?

  • Melvin and I want the same things: to learn how to work with multiple classes, objects, and data; also to develop norms for working with others effectively. I would also like to learn how to program faster.

Goals and expectations: The project essentially wants us to organize transaction data and perform fairly complex analytic tasks on them.

Team strengths: problem-solving, working together, organization, grit

How to overcome obstacles: we talk things through openly and directly and make sure we're planning for moving forward

Schedule Expectations (When are we available to work together and individually?): both Melvin and I come into Turing frequently, so we will mostly meet in person - but will also try remote as well. Neither of us has a lot of other obligations on our schedule.

Communication Expectations (How and often will we communicate? How do we keep lines of communication open?): daily over Slack and text

Abilities Expectations (Technical strengths and areas for desired improvement): Melvin is good at syntax, driver/navigator, and has numerous helpful contacts at Turing. I'm good at project organization, big-picture, and data integrity.

Workload Expectations (What features do we each want to work on?): We will split up workload by classes.

Workflow Expectations (Git workflow/Tools/Code Review/Reviewing Pull Requests): Use of git with branches, merging together with explanations. Will also maintain a to-do list on Wonduerlist.

Expectations for giving and receiving feedback: We speak openly and honestly whenever needed.

Additional Notes: We will be using test-driven design but will constantly refer to spec harness as well. Will discuss the work we've done at the end of each iteration.

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