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echo Script d'installation des applications indispensables
read -p "Appuie sur une touche pour continuer... " -n1 -s
echo '\n'
# Installation de HomeBrew
# Test de la présence d'Homebrew
if test ! $(which brew)
echo " Installation de Homebrew"
ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL" > /tmp/homebrew-install.log
# Mise à jour Homebrew.
brew update
# Mise à jour des formules.
brew upgrade
# Installation de MAS pour les application de l'AppStore
brew install mas
# Installation des applications indispensables
brew install --cask --appdir="/Applications" sublime-text
brew install --cask --appdir="/Applications" subler
brew install --cask --appdir="/Applications" iina
brew install --cask --appdir="/Applications" tunnelblick
brew install --cask --appdir="/Applications" rectangle
brew install --cask --appdir="/Applications" handbrake
brew install --cask --appdir="/Applications" microsoft-teams
brew install --cask --appdir="/Applications" ultimaker-cura
brew install --cask --appdir="/Applications" discord
brew install --cask --appdir="/Applications" authy
brew install --cask --appdir="/Applications" adobe-creative-cloud
brew install --cask --appdir="/Applications" firefox
brew install --cask --appdir="/Applications" reaper
brew install --cask --appdir="/Applications" loopback
brew install --cask --appdir="/Applications" obs
# Nettoyage
brew cleanup
rm -f -r /Library/Caches/Homebrew/*
# Installation des applications AppStore
# Amphetamine
mas install 937984704
# Microsoft Word
mas install 462054704
# Microsoft Excel
mas install 462058435
# Microsoft PowerPoint
mas install 462062816
# Microsoft Outlook
mas install 985367838
# OneDrive
mas install 823766827
# LanguageTool
mas install 1534275760
# AdGuard pour Safari
mas install 1440147259
# Bitwarden
mas install 1352778147
# WireGuard
mas install 1451685025
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