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// Note, this was added right below
// Add a very important demo button. I found the icon by slaving through
// the icons in /chrome/app/theme, and finding out what the resource ID
// was in theme_resources.grd :)
NSButton* ponyButton =
[self hoverButtonWithRect:viewRect
text:@"Can I have a pony?"
viewRect.origin.y = NSMaxY([ponyButton frame);
[container addSubview:ponyButton];
// These lines are the last lines in the method, already there
[container setFrameSize:NSMakeSize(rect.size.width, viewRect.origin.y)];
return container.autorelease();
- (IBAction)goPoniesGo:(id)sender{
LOG(ERROR) << "You get a pony, and you get a pony, and YOU get a pony";
- (IBAction)goPoniesGo:(id)sender{
LOG(ERROR) << "You get a pony, and you get a pony, and YOU get a pony";
chrome::ShowSingletonTab(browser_, GURL(;
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[Mac] Add a pony button to the avatar bubble.
Because everyone should get a pony.
TEST=Start Chrome with --enable-new-avatar-menu. Click on the profile
button. The avatar menu should have a "Can I have a pony" button, which
should give you a pony in a new tab when clicked.
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