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Kotlin/Java interop method overloading pitfall

Given a Java library that defines overloaded methods for primitive and boxed types:

class X {
    public void m(int value) { ... }
    public void m(Integer value) { ... }

Kotlin cannot resolve a call to the overloaded method, because it does not distinguish between primitive and heap allocated types.

This code:

val x = X()

Results in a compile-time error:

... TBD ...

A workaround we've found is to define a Java class with unambiguous static methods that forward to one of the overloaded methods. E.g.

class XDisambiguation {
    public static void mInt(X x, int i) { x.put(i); }
    public static void mInteger(X x, Integer i) { x.put(i); }

Then in Kotlin we can call either XDisambiguation.mInt(x, i) or XDisambiguation.mInteger(x, i) as required.

We'd usually hide the static calls with convenient extension methods on X.


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@dkandalov dkandalov commented Jul 30, 2017

Btw, there is no compilation error at least since kotlin 1.1.1.

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