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Created October 19, 2023 08:48
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Cohere Embed V3
# This snippet shows and example how to use the Cohere Embed V3 models for semantic search.
# Make sure to have the Cohere SDK in at least v4.30 install: pip install -U cohere
# Get your API key from:
import cohere
import numpy as np
cohere_key = "{YOUR_COHERE_API_KEY}" #Get your API key from
co = cohere.Client(cohere_key)
docs = ["The capital of France is Paris",
"PyTorch is a machine learning framework based on the Torch library.",
"The average cat lifespan is between 13-17 years"]
#Encode your documents with input type 'search_document'
doc_emb = co.embed(docs, input_type="search_document", model="embed-english-v3.0").embeddings
doc_emb = np.asarray(doc_emb)
#Encode your query with input type 'search_query'
query = "What is Pytorch"
query_emb = co.embed([query], input_type="search_query", model="embed-english-v3.0").embeddings
query_emb = np.asarray(query_emb)
#Compute the dot product between query embedding and document embedding
scores =, doc_emb.T)[0]
#Find the highest scores
max_idx = np.argsort(-scores)
print(f"Query: {query}")
for idx in max_idx:
print(f"Score: {scores[idx]:.2f}")
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