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Decoding compiled method 0x00c38ec8:
[Disassembling for mach='i386']
[Entry Point]
# {method} 'next' '(I)I' in 'java/util/Random'
# this: ecx = 'java/util/Random'
# parm0: edx = int
# [sp+0x60] (sp of caller)
;; block B7 [0, 0]
0x00c38fd0: nop
0x00c38fd1: nop
0x00c38fd2: nop
0x00c38fd3: nop
0x00c38fd4: nop
0x00c38fd5: nop
0x00c38fd6: nop
0x00c38fd7: cmp 0x4(%ecx),%eax
0x00c38fda: jne 0x00bead90 ; {runtime_call}
[Verified Entry Point]
0x00c38fe0: mov %eax,0xffff8000(%esp)
0x00c38fe7: push %ebp
0x00c38fe8: sub $0x58,%esp
0x00c38feb: mov %edx,%esi ;*aload_0
; - java.util.Random::next@0 (line 179)
0x00c38fed: mov %esi,0x38(%esp)
;; block B0 [0, 6]
0x00c38ff1: mov 0x14(%ecx),%edi ;*getfield seed
; - java.util.Random::next@1 (line 179)
0x00c38ff4: mov %edi,0x3c(%esp)
;; 14 branch [AL] [B1]
0x00c38ff8: jmp 0x00c39002 ;*aload
; - java.util.Random::next@6 (line 181)
0x00c38ffd: nop
0x00c38ffe: nop
0x00c38fff: nop
;; block B8 [35, 35]
0x00c39000: mov %esi,%edi
;; block B1 [6, 35]
0x00c39002: movsd 0x8(%edi),%xmm0 ; implicit exception: dispatches to 0x00c390c0
0x00c39007: movd %xmm0,%ebx
0x00c3900b: psrlq $0x20,%xmm0
0x00c39010: movd %xmm0,%ecx ;*getfield value
; - java.util.concurrent.atomic.AtomicLong::get@1 (line 103)
; - java.util.Random::next@8 (line 181)
0x00c39014: mov $0xdeece66d,%eax
0x00c39019: mov $0x5,%edx
0x00c3901e: mov %eax,%esi
0x00c39020: mov %edx,%edi
0x00c39022: mov %ebx,%eax
0x00c39024: mov %ecx,%edx
0x00c39026: imul %esi,%edx
0x00c39029: imul %eax,%edi
0x00c3902c: add %edx,%edi
0x00c3902e: mul %esi
0x00c39030: add %edi,%edx
0x00c39032: add $0xb,%eax
0x00c39035: adc $0x0,%edx
0x00c39038: mov %eax,%esi
0x00c3903a: mov %edx,%edi
0x00c3903c: and $0xffffffff,%esi
0x00c3903f: and $0xffff,%edi
0x00c39045: mov $0x100d1d70,%eax ; {oop(a 'java/lang/Class' = 'java/util/concurrent/atomic/AtomicLong')}
0x00c3904a: mov 0x68(%eax),%eax ;*getstatic unsafe
; - java.util.concurrent.atomic.AtomicLong::compareAndSet@0 (line 149)
; - java.util.Random::next@32 (line 183)
0x00c3904d: mov %ebx,%eax
0x00c3904f: mov %ecx,%edx
0x00c39051: mov %esi,%ebx
0x00c39053: mov %edi,%ecx
0x00c39055: mov %esi,0x40(%esp)
0x00c39059: mov %edi,0x44(%esp)
0x00c3905d: mov 0x3c(%esp),%esi
0x00c39061: lea 0x8(%esi),%edi
0x00c39064: lock cmpxchg8b (%edi)
0x00c39068: mov $0x1,%ecx
0x00c3906d: je 0x00c39078
0x00c39073: mov $0x0,%ecx ; OopMap{esi=Oop [60]=Oop off=168}
; - java.util.Random::next@35 (line 183)
0x00c39078: test %eax,0x9f0100 ; {poll}
0x00c3907e: cmp $0x0,%ecx
;; 60 branch [EQ] [B8]
0x00c39081: je 0x00c39000 ;*ifeq
; - java.util.Random::next@35 (line 183)
;; block B2 [38, 46]
0x00c39087: mov 0x40(%esp),%edi
0x00c3908b: mov 0x44(%esp),%eax
0x00c3908f: mov 0x38(%esp),%esi
0x00c39093: mov $0x30,%ecx
0x00c39098: sub %esi,%ecx
0x00c3909a: mov %edi,%esi
0x00c3909c: mov %eax,%edi
0x00c3909e: and $0x3f,%ecx
0x00c390a1: cmp $0x20,%ecx
0x00c390a4: jl 0x00c390ae
0x00c390aa: mov %edi,%esi
0x00c390ac: xor %edi,%edi
0x00c390ae: shrd %cl,%edi,%esi
0x00c390b1: shr %cl,%edi
0x00c390b3: mov %esi,%eax
0x00c390b5: add $0x58,%esp
0x00c390b8: pop %ebp
0x00c390b9: test %eax,0x9f0100 ; {poll_return}
0x00c390bf: ret
;; ImplicitNullCheckStub slow case
0x00c390c0: call 0x00c28620 ; OopMap{edi=Oop [60]=Oop off=245}
;*invokevirtual get
; - java.util.Random::next@8 (line 181)
; {runtime_call}
0x00c390c5: push $0x84117f8 ; {external_word}
0x00c390ca: call 0x00c390cf
0x00c390cf: pusha
0x00c390d0: call 0x08260100 ; {runtime_call}
0x00c390d5: hlt
0x00c390d6: nop
0x00c390d7: nop
;; Unwind handler
0x00c390d8: mov %fs:0x0,%esi
0x00c390e0: mov 0xfffffff4(%esi),%esi
0x00c390e3: mov 0x198(%esi),%eax
0x00c390e9: movl $0x0,0x198(%esi)
0x00c390f3: movl $0x0,0x19c(%esi)
0x00c390fd: add $0x58,%esp
0x00c39100: pop %ebp
0x00c39101: jmp 0x00c27e60 ; {runtime_call}
0x00c39106: hlt
0x00c39107: hlt
0x00c39108: hlt
0x00c39109: hlt
0x00c3910a: hlt
0x00c3910b: hlt
0x00c3910c: hlt
0x00c3910d: hlt
0x00c3910e: hlt
0x00c3910f: hlt
[Exception Handler]
[Stub Code]
0x00c39110: mov $0xdead,%ebx ; {no_reloc}
0x00c39115: mov $0xdead,%ecx
0x00c3911a: mov $0xdead,%esi
0x00c3911f: mov $0xdead,%edi
0x00c39124: call 0x00c2a260 ; {runtime_call}
0x00c39129: push $0x84117f8 ; {external_word}
0x00c3912e: call 0x00c39133
0x00c39133: pusha
0x00c39134: call 0x08260100 ; {runtime_call}
0x00c39139: hlt
[Deopt Handler Code]
0x00c3913a: push $0xc3913a ; {section_word}
0x00c3913f: jmp 0x00bebac0 ; {runtime_call}
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