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Instructions for building WET 4.0 while the build is still in flux

Setup instructions before first build

  1. Install NodeJS
  2. Open command prompt into the project's root directory
  3. Run script/setup (or script\setup in the Windows commandline) to install the global depenencies

Running the build:

  1. Run grunt

You can find a full list of tasks and their descriptions by running grunt --help

Known Issues/Troubleshooting

grunt-contrib-imagemin may throw errors on installing PNG and JPEG binaries

Because the plug-in downloads binaries of the image minification library, occasionally errors will show if the library is not available for the OS. If this causes errors during the build, please report it to otherwise it can be ignored.

General troubleshooting the build:

  • Add -v after the grunt command and target i.e.: grunt build -v to run the build in verbose mode.

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jeresiv commented Sep 27, 2013

add bower to step 3
or add run-first instructions


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jeresiv commented Sep 27, 2013

If you get the following error:
throw err;
Error: cannot find module 'coffee-script' ....

run: npm install grunt


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nschonni commented Oct 8, 2013

@jeresiv thanks! I've added the run-first instructions to the setup section.
Haven't seen the coffee-script error before, grunt should be installed as part of the regular npm install


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MikeCA commented Feb 12, 2014

FYI, when running 'grunt' off a fresh install of npm and git, and after running script\setup, first I had to run:

bower install magnific-popup

before I could get a complete build. This was using both (from and the developer build (as of Feb.12, 2014).

Hopefully this might help someone else if they're having build problems. I replicated the issue on both Windows 7 and Ubuntu Linux development systems, so I don't think it was an environment issue.

The error I was getting on build attempts before applying this fix was:

Warning: /home/username/dev/wet-boew-4.0.0-b1/src/base/../plugins/lightbox/lightbox:6: error: file to import not found or unreadable: "../../../lib/magnific-popup/src/css/main"
Use --force to continue

Using --force did not help.

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