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PR'ing from bed

Nick Schonning nschonni

PR'ing from bed
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Daniel-ltw / from.yaml
Last active Aug 24, 2020
Github Actions repository_dispatch example
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name: Build Artifacts
on: [push]
runs-on: ubuntu-latest
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// BTHelper.swift
// Buzz
// Created by Erica Sadun on 4/17/18.
// Copyright © 2018 Erica Sadun. All rights reserved.
import Foundation
import CoreBluetooth
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import UIKit
class ViewController: UIViewController {
var btHelper: BTHelper = BTHelper()
var timer: Timer? = nil
var bgTask = BackgroundTask()
@objc func stop() { btHelper.shutOff() }
@objc func action() { btHelper.startUp() }

How @extend Works

@akhleung is working on hcatlin/libsass and was wondering how @extend is implemented in the Ruby implementation of Sass. Rather than just tell him, I thought I'd write up a public document about it so anyone who's porting Sass or is just curious about how it works can see.

Note that this explanation is simplified in numerous ways. It's intended to explain the most complex parts of a basic correct @extend transformation, but it leaves out numerous details that will be important if full Sass compatibility

domenic /
Created May 25, 2012
Tips for Writing Portable Node.js Code

Node.js core does its best to treat every platform equally. Even if most Node developers use OS X day to day, some use Windows, and most everyone deploys to Linux or Solaris. So it's important to keep your code portable between platforms, whether you're writing a library or an application.

Predictably, most cross-platform issues come from Windows. Things just work differently there! But if you're careful, and follow some simple best practices, your code can run just as well on Windows systems.

Paths and URLs

On Windows, paths are constructed with backslashes instead of forward slashes. So if you do your directory manipulation

slok /
Created Dec 8, 2011
Create github and bitbucket mirror in gitolite

Create Github/Bitbucket Mirror

Create SSH key and configure

Create Key (no passphrase and name mirror the key)

ssh-keygen -t rsa -N "" -f ~/.ssh/mirror
jstangroome / Microsoft.PowerShellISE_profile.ps1
Created Aug 11, 2010
Automatic TFS Checkout for PowerShell ISE
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if ($global:ProfileEventSubscribers) {
$global:ProfileEventSubscribers |
ForEach-Object {
Unregister-Event -SourceIdentifier $_.Name
$global:ProfileEventSubscribers = @()
$global:IsTfsInstalled = $false
try {
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