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Get the Creation Date information from office files, Sent / Received Date from outlook emails. UK Date format.
Function Get-FileInformation # This function will gather date information and other properties about a file
param([string]$LiteralFilePath) # Target is the full path to a file
$Target = $LiteralFilePath
$Directory = ($Target -replace '[^\\]*$')
#region Filetypes
#region Outlook
if (
$Target -like "*.msg" # Handle Outlook Files (Has to open OutLook to get sent and received dates)
$application = New-Object -ComObject "Outlook.Application"
$NameSpace = $application.GetNamespace('MAPI')
$document = $NameSpace.OpenSharedItem($Target.replace("\\?\UNC","\"))
$MessageReceived = $document.ReceivedTime
$MessageSent = $document.SentOn
$CreationDate = $null
#region Old Office Files
elseif ( # Handle old Office Files (This was a complete pain to get working!)
$Target -like "*.doc" -or
$Target -like "*.dot" -or
$Target -like "*.wbk" -or
$Target -like "*.xls" -or
$Target -like "*.vsd" -or
$Target -like "*.xlt" -or
$Target -like "*.xlm"
$Folder = ($Target -replace '[^\\]*$').replace("\\?\UNC\","\\")
#$File = Split-Path $Target -leaf
Function OldCreatedDate()
foreach($sFolder in $Folder)
$a = 0
$objShell = New-Object -ComObject Shell.Application
$objFolder = $objShell.namespace($sFolder)
foreach ($strFileName in $objFolder.items())
if ($strFileName.Path -eq ($Target).replace("\\?\UNC\","\\"))
for ($a ; $a -le 266; $a++)
if($objFolder.getDetailsOf($strFileName, $a))
$hash += `
$($objFolder.getDetailsOf($objFolder.items, $a)) = $($objFolder.getDetailsOf($strFileName, $a))
function ConvertHashtableTo-Object ` # credit where credit is due, this is taken from (
$results = @()
$ht | %{
$result = New-Object psobject;
foreach ($key in $_.keys) {
$result | Add-Member -MemberType NoteProperty -Name $key -Value $_[$key]
$results += $result;
return $results
$ContentreatedObject = (OldCreatedDate | where {$_.Keys -eq "Content created"} | ConvertHashtableTo-Object)."Content created"
$CreationDate = Get-Date ([Datetime]::ParseExact(($ContentreatedObject -replace '[^\p{L}\p{Nd}]', ''), 'ddMMyyyyHHmm', $null)) -Format "dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss" -ErrorAction Stop
$CreationDate = $null
#region New Office Files
#Handle Newer Formats
elseif ( #Handles New Office Files (Opens them like a Zip and reads the date from an XML file inside)
$Target -like "*.xlsx" -or
$Target -like "*.xlsm" -or
$Target -like "*.xltx" -or
$Target -like "*.xltm" -or
$Target -like "*.vsdx" -or
$Target -like "*.docm" -or
$Target -like "*.dotx" -or
$Target -like "*.docb" -or
$Target -like "*.docx" -or
$Target -like "*.pptx" -or
$Target -like "*.pptm" -or
$Target -like "*.potx" -or
$Target -like "*.ppam" -or
$Target -like "*.ppsx" -or
$Target -like "*.ppsm" -or
$Target -like "*.sldx" -or
$Target -like "*.sldm"
Add-Type -assembly ""
$zip = [io.compression.zipfile]::OpenRead($Target)
$file = $zip.Entries | where-object {$_.Name -eq "core.xml"}
$stream = $file.Open()
$reader = New-Object IO.StreamReader($stream)
$text = $reader.ReadToEnd()
$XMLText = [XML]$text
$UnFormattedDate = $XMLText.coreProperties.created.'#text'
$FormattedDate = Get-Date $UnFormattedDate -Format "dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss"
$CreationDate = $FormattedDate
#Everything else
$CreationDate = $null
#region Variables
$ItemProperties = Get-ItemProperty $Target | select CreationTime, LastAccessTime, LastWriteTime, Name, Length
$CreationTime = $ItemProperties.CreationTime
$LastAccessTime = $ItemProperties.LastAccessTime
$LastWriteTime = $ItemProperties.LastWriteTime
$FileName = $ItemProperties.Name
$FileSize = $ItemProperties.Length
$FileType = [System.IO.Path]::GetExtension($Target)
$PathLength = $LiteralFilePath.Length
$FolderPath = Split-Path -Path $LiteralFilePath
$ParentFolder = Split-Path (Split-Path $LiteralFilePath -Parent) -Leaf
#region Earliest Date
$Dates = @($CreationDate, $CreationTime, $LastAccessTime, $LastWriteTime, $MessageReceived, $MessageSent)
$EarliestDate = $Dates | Sort-Object | Select-Object -First 1
#region Build Object And Get Earliest Date
New-Object -TypeName psobject -Property `
Filename = $FileName;
FileSize = $FileSize;
FileType = $FileType;
PathLength = ($Directory.replace("\\?\UNC\","\\")).Length;
ParentFolder = Split-Path $Directory -Leaf;
LiteralFilePath = $LiteralFilePath;
LiteralFolderPath = $FolderPath;
EarliestDate = $EarliestDate;
CreationDateOffice = $CreationDate;
CreationTimeWindows = $CreationTime;
LastAccessTimeWindows = $LastAccessTime;
LastWriteTimeWindows = $LastWriteTime;
MessageReceived = $MessageReceived;
MessageSent = $MessageSent;
Get-FileInformation -LiteralFilePath "\\?\UNC\STUPIDLY\LONG\PATH\TO\FILE.docx"

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nullldata commented Jun 19, 2019

Added a comment to credit Gordon Byers for a small function used inside my function.

I wish I could remember all the sources that helped me make this script

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