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if (is_admin()) { // note the use of is_admin() to double check that this is happening in the admin
$config = array(
'slug' => plugin_basename(__FILE__), // this is the slug of your plugin
'proper_folder_name' => 'plugin-name', // this is the name of the folder your plugin lives in
'api_url' => '', // the github API url of your github repo
'raw_url' => '', // the github raw url of your github repo
'github_url' => '', // the github url of your github repo
'zip_url' => '', // the zip url of the github repo
'sslverify' => true // wether WP should check the validity of the SSL cert when getting an update, see and for details
'requires' => '3.0', // which version of WordPress does your plugin require?
'tested' => '3.3', // which version of WordPress is your plugin tested up to?
'readme' => 'README.MD' // which file to use as the readme for the version number
new WPGitHubUpdater($config);

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@olipayne olipayne commented Aug 25, 2014

I believe line 9 should have a comma after 'true' -

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