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Created Dec 5, 2018
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PlayStation Classic various logs
[ 346.415215] <3>.(3)[1839:cat]Dump cpuinfo
processor : 0
Processor : ARMv7 Processor rev 1 (v7l)
model name : ARMv7 Processor rev 1 (v7l)
BogoMIPS : 30.00
Features : half thumb fastmult vfp edsp neon vfpv3 tls vfpv4 idiva idivt vfpd32 lpae evtstrm aes pmull sha1 sha2 crc32
CPU implementer : 0x41
CPU architecture: 7
CPU variant : 0x0
CPU part : 0xd04
CPU revision : 1
processor : 1
Processor : ARMv7 Processor rev 1 (v7l)
model name : ARMv7 Processor rev 1 (v7l)
BogoMIPS : 30.00
Features : half thumb fastmult vfp edsp neon vfpv3 tls vfpv4 idiva idivt vfpd32 lpae evtstrm aes pmull sha1 sha2 crc32
CPU implementer : 0x41
CPU architecture: 7
CPU variant : 0x0
CPU part : 0xd04
CPU revision : 1
processor : 2
Processor : ARMv7 Processor rev 1 (v7l)
model name : ARMv7 Processor rev 1 (v7l)
BogoMIPS : 30.00
Features : half thumb fastmult vfp edsp neon vfpv3 tls vfpv4 idiva idivt vfpd32 lpae evtstrm aes pmull sha1 sha2 crc32
CPU implementer : 0x41
CPU architecture: 7
CPU variant : 0x0
CPU part : 0xd04
CPU revision : 1
processor : 3
Processor : ARMv7 Processor rev 1 (v7l)
model name : ARMv7 Processor rev 1 (v7l)
BogoMIPS : 30.00
Features : half thumb fastmult vfp edsp neon vfpv3 tls vfpv4 idiva idivt vfpd32 lpae evtstrm aes pmull sha1 sha2 crc32
CPU implementer : 0x41
CPU architecture: 7
CPU variant : 0x0
CPU part : 0xd04
CPU revision : 1
Hardware : MT8167
Revision : 0000
Serial : 0000000000000000
[ 1.805480] .(2)[1:swapper/0]mtk_vcu soc:vcu@1: vcu iommudom: df8d1e4c,vcuid:1
[ 1.806615] .(2)[1:swapper/0]mtk_vcu soc:vcu@2: vcu iommudom: df8d1e4c,vcuid:2
[ 1.808745] .(2)[1:swapper/0][MTK_V4L2] level=0 mtk_vcodec_probe(),351: decoder registered as /dev/video0
[ 1.811073] .(2)[1:swapper/0][MTK_V4L2] level=0 mtk_vcodec_probe(),386: encoder registered as /dev/video1
[ 1.812795] .(2)[1:swapper/0]mtk-mdp 14001000.rdma: Waiting cmdq driver ready...
[ 1.814148] .(2)[1:swapper/0]usbcore: registered new interface driver uvcvideo
[ 1.815141] .(2)[1:swapper/0]USB Video Class driver (1.1.1)
[ 1.815975] .(2)[1:swapper/0]MTK_WDT_NONRST_REG(0)
[ 1.816957] .(2)[1:swapper/0]mtk-wdt 10007000.toprgu: Watchdog enabled (timeout=31 sec, nowayout=0)
[ 1.818491] .(2)[1:swapper/0]device-mapper: uevent: version 1.0.3
[ 1.819581] .(2)[1:swapper/0]device-mapper: ioctl: 4.34.0-ioctl (2015-10-28) initialised:
[ 1.821156] .(2)[1:swapper/0]cpuidle: enable-method property 'psci' found operations
[ 1.822393] .(2)[1:swapper/0]cpuidle: enable-method property 'psci' found operations
[ 1.823623] .(2)[1:swapper/0]cpuidle: enable-method property 'psci' found operations
[ 1.824893] .(2)[1:swapper/0]cpuidle: enable-method property 'psci' found operations
[ 1.827435] .(2)[1:swapper/0]mtk-msdc 11120000.mmc: Regulator set error -22: 3300000 - 3300000
[ 1.864426] .(2)[1:swapper/0]BOOTPROF: 1864.419465:probe: probe=platform_drv_probe drv=mtk-msdc(c0aa365c) 37.445693ms
[ 1.866284] .(2)[1:swapper/0]BOOTPROF: 1866.278696:initcall: mt_msdc_driver_init 40.039385ms
[ 1.867981] .(2)[1:swapper/0][msdc][msdc_debug_proc_init]: create /proc/msdc_debug
[ 1.869000] .(2)[1:swapper/0][msdc][msdc_debug_proc_init]: create /proc/msdc_help
[ 1.870547] .(2)[1:swapper/0]hidraw: raw HID events driver (C) Jiri Kosina
[ 1.872742] .(2)[1:swapper/0]usbcore: registered new interface driver usbhid
[ 1.873690] .(2)[1:swapper/0]usbhid: USB HID core driver
[ 1.874687] .(2)[1:swapper/0]ashmem: initialized
[ 1.877328] .(2)[1:swapper/0]usbcore: registered new interface driver snd-usb-audio
[ 1.880362] .(2)[1:swapper/0]mtk-afe-pcm MTK AFE driver initialized.
[ 1.881890] .(2)[1:swapper/0](NULL device *): mt8167_evb_dev_probe
[ 1.882735] .(2)[1:swapper/0]mt8167-mt6392 sound: mt8167_evb_gpio_probe
[ 1.883644] .(2)[1:swapper/0]mt8167-mt6392 sound: mt8167_evb_gpio_probe Can't find pinctrl state default -19
[ 1.884965] .(2)[1:swapper/0]mt8167-mt6392 sound: mt8167_evb_gpio_probe Can't find pinctrl state extamp_on -19
[ 1.886286] .(2)[1:swapper/0]mt8167-mt6392 sound: mt8167_evb_gpio_probe Can't find pinctrl state extamp_off -19
[ 1.913082] .(2)[1:swapper/0]mt8167-mt6392 sound: snd-soc-dummy-dai <-> DL1 mapping ok
[ 1.914270] .(2)[1:swapper/0]mt8167-mt6392 sound: snd-soc-dummy-dai <-> VUL mapping ok
[ 1.915459] .(2)[1:swapper/0]mt8167-mt6392 sound: i2s-hifi <-> HDMI mapping ok
[ 1.916532] .(2)[1:swapper/0]mt8167-mt6392 sound: snd-soc-dummy-dai <-> AWB mapping ok
[ 1.917752] .(2)[1:swapper/0]mt8167-mt6392 sound: snd-soc-dummy-dai <-> DL2 mapping ok
[ 1.918943] .(2)[1:swapper/0]mt8167-mt6392 sound: snd-soc-dummy-dai <-> DAI mapping ok
[ 1.920124] .(2)[1:swapper/0]mt8167-mt6392 sound: snd-soc-dummy-dai <-> TDM_IN mapping ok
[ 1.921286] .(2)[1:swapper/0]mt8167-mt6392 sound: snd-soc-dummy-dai <-> I2S mapping ok
[ 1.922413] .(2)[1:swapper/0]mt8167-mt6392 sound: snd-soc-dummy-dai <-> 2ND I2S mapping ok
[ 1.923587] .(2)[1:swapper/0]mt8167-mt6392 sound: mt8167-codec-dai <-> INT ADDA mapping ok
[ 1.924771] .(2)[1:swapper/0]mt8167-mt6392 sound: snd-soc-dummy-dai <-> HDMIO mapping ok
[ 1.925925] .(2)[1:swapper/0]mt8167-mt6392 sound: snd-soc-dummy-dai <-> DL Input mapping ok
[ 1.927110] .(2)[1:swapper/0]mt8167-mt6392 sound: snd-soc-dummy-dai <-> MRG BT mapping ok
[ 1.928275] .(2)[1:swapper/0]mt8167-mt6392 sound: snd-soc-dummy-dai <-> PCM0 mapping ok
[ 1.929411] .(2)[1:swapper/0]mt8167-mt6392 sound: snd-soc-dummy-dai <-> TDM_IN_IO mapping ok
[ 1.931287] .(2)[1:swapper/0]hdmi-audio-codec hdmi-audio-codec: ASoC: Failed to create Playback debugfs file
[ 1.934441] .(2)[1:swapper/0]BOOTPROF: 1934.433696:probe: probe=platform_drv_probe drv=mt8167-mt6392(c0aadd50) 52.538154ms
[ 1.936053] .(2)[1:swapper/0]BOOTPROF: 1936.047312:initcall: mt8167_evb_mach_driver_init 54.378462ms
[ 1.937469] .(2)[1:swapper/0]Mirror/redirect action on
[ 1.938192] .(2)[1:swapper/0]u32 classifier
[ 1.938770] .(2)[1:swapper/0] Performance counters on
[ 1.939488] .(2)[1:swapper/0] input device check on
[ 1.940184] .(2)[1:swapper/0] Actions configured
[ 1.940865] .(2)[1:swapper/0]Netfilter messages via NETLINK v0.30.
[ 1.941740] .(2)[1:swapper/0]nf_conntrack version 0.5.0 (16008 buckets, 64032 max)
[ 1.943157] .(2)[1:swapper/0]ctnetlink v0.93: registering with nfnetlink.
[ 1.944594] .(2)[1:swapper/0]xt_time: kernel timezone is -0000
[ 1.945527] .(2)[1:swapper/0]ipip: IPv4 over IPv4 tunneling driver
[ 1.947027] .(2)[1:swapper/0]ip_tables: (C) 2000-2006 Netfilter Core Team
[ 1.948070] .(2)[1:swapper/0]arp_tables: (C) 2002 David S. Miller
[ 1.948908] .(2)[1:swapper/0]Initializing XFRM netlink socket
[ 1.950257] .(2)[1:swapper/0]NET: Registered protocol family 10
[ 1.952117] .(2)[1:swapper/0]mip6: Mobile IPv6
[ 1.952751] .(2)[1:swapper/0]ip6_tables: (C) 2000-2006 Netfilter Core Team
[ 1.953834] .(2)[1:swapper/0]sit: IPv6 over IPv4 tunneling driver
[ 1.955756] .(2)[1:swapper/0]NET: Registered protocol family 17
[ 1.956574] .(2)[1:swapper/0]NET: Registered protocol family 15
[ 1.957407] .(2)[1:swapper/0]bridge: automatic filtering via arp/ip/ip6tables has been deprecated. Update your scripts to load br_netfilter if you need this.
[ 1.959269] .(2)[1:swapper/0]Bridge firewalling registered
[ 1.960016] .(2)[1:swapper/0]8021q: 802.1Q VLAN Support v1.8
[ 1.961063] .(2)[1:swapper/0]Registering SWP/SWPB emulation handler
[ 1.962521] .(2)[1:swapper/0][cpu_ntf] <00>c006cfcc (console_cpu_notify)
[ 1.963467] .(0)[116:kworker/u8:3]cma: cma usage create success.
[ 1.964251] .(0)[116:kworker/u8:3]mediatek-dpi 14019000.disp_dpi1: mtk_dpi_probe
[ 1.965569] .(0)[116:kworker/u8:3]mediatek-dpi 14019000.disp_dpi1: mtk_dpi_probe 14019000.disp_dpi1 done
[ 1.967238] .(1)[6:kworker/u8:0]mmc0: MAN_BKOPS_EN bit is not set
[ 1.968059] .(1)[6:kworker/u8:0]mmc0: AUTO_BKOPS_EN bit is not set
[ 1.968464] .(0)[116:kworker/u8:3]mediatek-drm 14000000.mmsys: Adding component match for /soc/disp_ovl0@14007000
[ 1.968500] .(0)[116:kworker/u8:3]mediatek-drm 14000000.mmsys: Adding component match for /soc/disp_rdma0@14009000
[ 1.968528] .(0)[116:kworker/u8:3]mediatek-drm 14000000.mmsys: Adding component match for /soc/disp_rdma1@1400a000
[ 1.969061] .(0)[116:kworker/u8:3]mediatek-drm 14000000.mmsys: Adding component match for /soc/disp_dpi1@14019000
[ 1.970155] .(0)[116:kworker/u8:3]mediatek-drm 14000000.mmsys: bound 14007000.disp_ovl0 (ops mtk_disp_ovl_component_ops)
[ 1.970169] .(0)[116:kworker/u8:3]mediatek-drm 14000000.mmsys: bound 14009000.disp_rdma0 (ops mtk_disp_rdma_component_ops)
[ 1.970181] .(0)[116:kworker/u8:3]mediatek-drm 14000000.mmsys: bound 1400a000.disp_rdma1 (ops mtk_disp_rdma_component_ops)
[ 1.970189] .(0)[116:kworker/u8:3]mediatek-dpi 14019000.disp_dpi1: mtk_dpi_bind
[ 1.970203] .(0)[116:kworker/u8:3]mediatek-drm-hdmi 1401b000.hdmi: mtk_hdmi_bridge_attach
[ 1.970231] .(0)[116:kworker/u8:3]mediatek-drm 14000000.mmsys: bound 14019000.disp_dpi1 (ops mtk_dpi_component_ops)
[ 1.970249] .(0)[116:kworker/u8:3][drm] mtk cmdq enabled
[ 1.970349] .(0)[116:kworker/u8:3]mediatek-drm 14000000.mmsys: [mtk_drm_crtc_create] Not creating crtc 1 because path_len is 0 comp0 id 0
[ 1.970374] .(0)[116:kworker/u8:3][drm] Supports vblank timestamp caching Rev 2 (21.10.2013).
[ 1.970378] .(0)[116:kworker/u8:3][drm] No driver support for vblank timestamp query.
[ 1.970432] .(0)[116:kworker/u8:3][drm] main path 3 comp_node[21] invalid
[ 1.970448] .(0)[116:kworker/u8:3][drm] ext path 0 comp_node[12] invalid
[ 1.970463] .(0)[116:kworker/u8:3]mediatek-dpi 14019000.disp_dpi1: mtk_dpi_encoder_disable 14019000.disp_dpi1
[ 1.970479] .(0)[116:kworker/u8:3]mediatek-drm 14000000.mmsys: No connectors reported connected with modes
[ 1.970489] .(0)[116:kworker/u8:3][drm] Cannot find any crtc or sizes - going 1024x768
[ 1.972752] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]mediatek-drm 14000000.mmsys: fb0: frame buffer device
[ 1.973358] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]mediatek-drm 14000000.mmsys: mtk drm prob done pdev 0xdfa0be00 dev 0xdfa0be10 mutex_node dffee9e8 mmsys reg 0xe17b8000
[ 1.973557] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]cpu cpu0: dummy supplies not allowed
[ 1.973787] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]------------[ cut here ]------------
[ 1.973800] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]WARNING: CPU: 3 PID: 116 at /work/pvt1.3/src/kernel/linux/v4.4/drivers/base/power/opp/core.c:560 _opp_remove+0xa0/0xd8()
[ 1.973806] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]Modules linked in:
[ 1.973815] -(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]CPU: 3 PID: 116 Comm: kworker/u8:3 Tainted: G W 4.4.22 #1
[ 1.973819] -(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]Hardware name: Generic DT based system
[ 1.973830] -(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]Workqueue: deferwq deferred_probe_work_func
[ 1.973849] -(3)[116:kworker/u8:3][<c0016284>] (unwind_backtrace) from [<c0013204>] (show_stack+0x10/0x14)
[ 1.973861] -(3)[116:kworker/u8:3][<c0013204>] (show_stack) from [<c01ffa7c>] (dump_stack+0x70/0x8c)
[ 1.973874] -(3)[116:kworker/u8:3][<c01ffa7c>] (dump_stack) from [<c0027ae8>] (warn_slowpath_common+0x80/0xac)
[ 1.973886] -(3)[116:kworker/u8:3][<c0027ae8>] (warn_slowpath_common) from [<c0027ba4>] (warn_slowpath_null+0x18/0x20)
[ 1.973896] -(3)[116:kworker/u8:3][<c0027ba4>] (warn_slowpath_null) from [<c02c2ca8>] (_opp_remove+0xa0/0xd8)
[ 1.973906] -(3)[116:kworker/u8:3][<c02c2ca8>] (_opp_remove) from [<c02c30fc>] (dev_pm_opp_remove+0x70/0x80)
[ 1.973918] -(3)[116:kworker/u8:3][<c02c30fc>] (dev_pm_opp_remove) from [<c02d5424>] (mtk_cpufreq_init+0x1bc/0x230)
[ 1.973931] -(3)[116:kworker/u8:3][<c02d5424>] (mtk_cpufreq_init) from [<c04d7bb8>] (cpufreq_online+0x1c4/0x708)
[ 1.973942] -(3)[116:kworker/u8:3][<c04d7bb8>] (cpufreq_online) from [<c02b49d4>] (subsys_interface_register+0xbc/0xc8)
[ 1.973955] -(3)[116:kworker/u8:3][<c02b49d4>] (subsys_interface_register) from [<c04d7524>] (cpufreq_register_driver+0x134/0x21c)
[ 1.973967] -(3)[116:kworker/u8:3][<c04d7524>] (cpufreq_register_driver) from [<c02d54e0>] (mt8167_cpufreq_probe+0x48/0x4ec)
[ 1.973979] -(3)[116:kworker/u8:3][<c02d54e0>] (mt8167_cpufreq_probe) from [<c02b7a7c>] (platform_drv_probe+0x50/0x9c)
[ 1.973990] -(3)[116:kworker/u8:3][<c02b7a7c>] (platform_drv_probe) from [<c02b61b8>] (driver_probe_device+0x2b8/0x45c)
[ 1.974000] -(3)[116:kworker/u8:3][<c02b61b8>] (driver_probe_device) from [<c02b4728>] (bus_for_each_drv+0x84/0x8c)
[ 1.974010] -(3)[116:kworker/u8:3][<c02b4728>] (bus_for_each_drv) from [<c02b5e18>] (__device_attach+0x9c/0x12c)
[ 1.974019] -(3)[116:kworker/u8:3][<c02b5e18>] (__device_attach) from [<c02b53d8>] (bus_probe_device+0x28/0x80)
[ 1.974029] -(3)[116:kworker/u8:3][<c02b53d8>] (bus_probe_device) from [<c02b58cc>] (deferred_probe_work_func+0x88/0xa8)
[ 1.974041] -(3)[116:kworker/u8:3][<c02b58cc>] (deferred_probe_work_func) from [<c003c4e4>] (process_one_work+0x19c/0x2fc)
[ 1.974052] -(3)[116:kworker/u8:3][<c003c4e4>] (process_one_work) from [<c003d2f8>] (worker_thread+0x2e8/0x3c4)
[ 1.974064] -(3)[116:kworker/u8:3][<c003d2f8>] (worker_thread) from [<c004160c>] (kthread+0xd8/0xe8)
[ 1.974074] -(3)[116:kworker/u8:3][<c004160c>] (kthread) from [<c000f858>] (ret_from_fork+0x14/0x3c)
[ 1.974079] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]---[ end trace cb4033126b83235e ]---
[ 1.974202] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[0] = { .cpufreq_khz = 1500000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 4, .cpufreq_power = 1112 }
[ 1.974208] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[1] = { .cpufreq_khz = 1300000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 4, .cpufreq_power = 973 }
[ 1.974214] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[2] = { .cpufreq_khz = 1500000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 3, .cpufreq_power = 834 }
[ 1.974220] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[3] = { .cpufreq_khz = 1196000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 4, .cpufreq_power = 829 }
[ 1.974226] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[4] = { .cpufreq_khz = 1300000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 3, .cpufreq_power = 729 }
[ 1.974232] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[5] = { .cpufreq_khz = 1040000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 4, .cpufreq_power = 668 }
[ 1.974237] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[6] = { .cpufreq_khz = 1196000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 3, .cpufreq_power = 621 }
[ 1.974243] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[7] = { .cpufreq_khz = 1500000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 2, .cpufreq_power = 556 }
[ 1.974249] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[8] = { .cpufreq_khz = 1040000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 3, .cpufreq_power = 501 }
[ 1.974255] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[9] = { .cpufreq_khz = 1300000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 2, .cpufreq_power = 486 }
[ 1.974261] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[10] = { .cpufreq_khz = 747500, .cpufreq_ncpu = 4, .cpufreq_power = 451 }
[ 1.974267] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[11] = { .cpufreq_khz = 1196000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 2, .cpufreq_power = 414 }
[ 1.974272] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[12] = { .cpufreq_khz = 598000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 4, .cpufreq_power = 370 }
[ 1.974278] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[13] = { .cpufreq_khz = 747500, .cpufreq_ncpu = 3, .cpufreq_power = 338 }
[ 1.974284] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[14] = { .cpufreq_khz = 1040000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 2, .cpufreq_power = 334 }
[ 1.974290] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[15] = { .cpufreq_khz = 1500000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 1, .cpufreq_power = 278 }
[ 1.974299] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[16] = { .cpufreq_khz = 598000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 3, .cpufreq_power = 277 }
[ 1.974305] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[17] = { .cpufreq_khz = 1300000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 1, .cpufreq_power = 243 }
[ 1.974311] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[18] = { .cpufreq_khz = 747500, .cpufreq_ncpu = 2, .cpufreq_power = 225 }
[ 1.974316] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[19] = { .cpufreq_khz = 1196000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 1, .cpufreq_power = 207 }
[ 1.974322] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[20] = { .cpufreq_khz = 598000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 2, .cpufreq_power = 185 }
[ 1.974328] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[21] = { .cpufreq_khz = 1040000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 1, .cpufreq_power = 167 }
[ 1.974334] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[22] = { .cpufreq_khz = 747500, .cpufreq_ncpu = 1, .cpufreq_power = 112 }
[ 1.974340] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[23] = { .cpufreq_khz = 598000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 1, .cpufreq_power = 92 }
[ 1.974346] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[24] = { .cpufreq_khz = 0, .cpufreq_ncpu = 4, .cpufreq_power = 0 }
[ 1.974351] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[25] = { .cpufreq_khz = 0, .cpufreq_ncpu = 4, .cpufreq_power = 0 }
[ 1.974357] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[26] = { .cpufreq_khz = 0, .cpufreq_ncpu = 3, .cpufreq_power = 0 }
[ 1.974363] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[27] = { .cpufreq_khz = 0, .cpufreq_ncpu = 3, .cpufreq_power = 0 }
[ 1.974369] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[28] = { .cpufreq_khz = 0, .cpufreq_ncpu = 2, .cpufreq_power = 0 }
[ 1.974412] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[29] = { .cpufreq_khz = 0, .cpufreq_ncpu = 2, .cpufreq_power = 0 }
[ 1.974418] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[30] = { .cpufreq_khz = 0, .cpufreq_ncpu = 1, .cpufreq_power = 0 }
[ 1.974423] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[31] = { .cpufreq_khz = 0, .cpufreq_ncpu = 1, .cpufreq_power = 0 }
[ 1.974429] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[0] = { .cpufreq_khz = 1500000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 4, .cpufreq_power = 1112 }
[ 1.974435] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[1] = { .cpufreq_khz = 1300000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 4, .cpufreq_power = 973 }
[ 1.974441] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[2] = { .cpufreq_khz = 1500000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 3, .cpufreq_power = 834 }
[ 1.974447] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[3] = { .cpufreq_khz = 1196000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 4, .cpufreq_power = 829 }
[ 1.974452] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[4] = { .cpufreq_khz = 1300000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 3, .cpufreq_power = 729 }
[ 1.974458] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[5] = { .cpufreq_khz = 1040000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 4, .cpufreq_power = 668 }
[ 1.974464] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[6] = { .cpufreq_khz = 1196000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 3, .cpufreq_power = 621 }
[ 1.974470] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[7] = { .cpufreq_khz = 1500000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 2, .cpufreq_power = 556 }
[ 1.974476] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[8] = { .cpufreq_khz = 1040000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 3, .cpufreq_power = 501 }
[ 1.974482] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[9] = { .cpufreq_khz = 1300000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 2, .cpufreq_power = 486 }
[ 1.974487] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[10] = { .cpufreq_khz = 747500, .cpufreq_ncpu = 4, .cpufreq_power = 451 }
[ 1.974493] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[11] = { .cpufreq_khz = 1196000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 2, .cpufreq_power = 414 }
[ 1.974499] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[12] = { .cpufreq_khz = 598000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 4, .cpufreq_power = 370 }
[ 1.974505] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[13] = { .cpufreq_khz = 747500, .cpufreq_ncpu = 3, .cpufreq_power = 338 }
[ 1.974511] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[14] = { .cpufreq_khz = 1040000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 2, .cpufreq_power = 334 }
[ 1.974516] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[15] = { .cpufreq_khz = 1500000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 1, .cpufreq_power = 278 }
[ 1.974522] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[16] = { .cpufreq_khz = 598000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 3, .cpufreq_power = 277 }
[ 1.974528] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[17] = { .cpufreq_khz = 1300000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 1, .cpufreq_power = 243 }
[ 1.974534] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[18] = { .cpufreq_khz = 747500, .cpufreq_ncpu = 2, .cpufreq_power = 225 }
[ 1.974540] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[19] = { .cpufreq_khz = 1196000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 1, .cpufreq_power = 207 }
[ 1.974546] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[20] = { .cpufreq_khz = 598000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 2, .cpufreq_power = 185 }
[ 1.974551] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[21] = { .cpufreq_khz = 1040000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 1, .cpufreq_power = 167 }
[ 1.974557] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[22] = { .cpufreq_khz = 747500, .cpufreq_ncpu = 1, .cpufreq_power = 112 }
[ 1.974563] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[23] = { .cpufreq_khz = 598000, .cpufreq_ncpu = 1, .cpufreq_power = 92 }
[ 1.974569] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[24] = { .cpufreq_khz = 0, .cpufreq_ncpu = 4, .cpufreq_power = 0 }
[ 1.974574] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[25] = { .cpufreq_khz = 0, .cpufreq_ncpu = 4, .cpufreq_power = 0 }
[ 1.974580] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[26] = { .cpufreq_khz = 0, .cpufreq_ncpu = 3, .cpufreq_power = 0 }
[ 1.974586] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[27] = { .cpufreq_khz = 0, .cpufreq_ncpu = 3, .cpufreq_power = 0 }
[ 1.974591] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[28] = { .cpufreq_khz = 0, .cpufreq_ncpu = 2, .cpufreq_power = 0 }
[ 1.974597] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[29] = { .cpufreq_khz = 0, .cpufreq_ncpu = 2, .cpufreq_power = 0 }
[ 1.974603] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[30] = { .cpufreq_khz = 0, .cpufreq_ncpu = 1, .cpufreq_power = 0 }
[ 1.974608] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]dump_power_table[31] = { .cpufreq_khz = 0, .cpufreq_ncpu = 1, .cpufreq_power = 0 }
[ 1.974798] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3][cpu_ntf] <00>c04d80fc (cpufreq_cpu_callback)
[ 1.975210] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]get_immediate_gpu_wrap doesn't exist
[ 1.975212] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]mtk_gpufreq_register
[ 1.975218] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3][0].gpufreq_khz=598000, .gpufreq_power=1297
[ 1.975223] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3][1].gpufreq_khz=500500, .gpufreq_power=1004
[ 1.975228] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3][2].gpufreq_khz=390000, .gpufreq_power=684
[ 1.975232] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3][3].gpufreq_khz=253500, .gpufreq_power=466
[ 1.975480] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]PSEUDO M4Udma mapping df8d78c0
[ 1.975503] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]PSEUDO M4Ucreate session : 0x9
[ 1.975514] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3][TZ_M4U]m4u session init second
[ 1.975570] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3][TZ_M4U]Dynamic MAP. VA: 0x4000000 size 0x8000000 mva offset 0x400000
[ 1.975581] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3][TZ_M4U]tee mem: (secva0x10a26020-0x10a26020 pa0x7fe26020 sz2M)
[ 1.975591] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3][TZ_M4U]init NonsecPa 5fa30000 Va 0x0x20000000 Ret 0x0==0 2990048
[ 1.975600] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]PSEUDO M4Upseudo_probe, 2482, iommu_pgt_base 0x5fa30000 size 405643232
[ 1.977568] .(3)[116:kworker/u8:3]mtk-mdp 14001000.rdma: driver registered as /dev/video2
[ 1.978055] .(2)[1:swapper/0][cpu_ntf] <00>c02e9eac (cpu_hotplug_handler)
[ 1.978840] .(2)[1:swapper/0]musb probe
[ 1.978899] .(2)[1:swapper/0]musb_probe: usb_irq = 56, usb_chrdet = 247
[ 1.978914] .(2)[1:swapper/0]musb probe reg: 0xe1b20000 ,0xe1b40000 , irq:56
[ 1.979178] .(0)[1:swapper/0] supply vcc not found, using dummy regulator
[ 1.991553] .(0)[1:swapper/0]musb core probe done base 0xe1b40000
[ 1.991627] .(0)[1:swapper/0]USB probe done!
[ 2.149459] .(2)[6:kworker/u8:0]mtk-msdc 11120000.mmc: phase: [map:807fffff] [maxlen:23] [final:7]
[ 2.150647] .(2)[6:kworker/u8:0]mtk-msdc 11120000.mmc: Final cmd pad delay: 7
[ 2.152712] .(2)[6:kworker/u8:0]mtk-msdc 11120000.mmc: phase: [map:1ffffff] [maxlen:25] [final:8]
[ 2.153888] .(2)[6:kworker/u8:0]mtk-msdc 11120000.mmc: Final data pad delay: 8
[ 2.155005] .(2)[6:kworker/u8:0]mmc0: new HS200 MMC card at address 0001
[ 2.156273] .(1)[6:kworker/u8:0]mmcblk0: mmc0:0001 AJTD4R 14.6 GiB
[ 2.157287] .(1)[6:kworker/u8:0]mmcblk0boot0: mmc0:0001 AJTD4R partition 1 4.00 MiB
[ 2.158472] .(1)[6:kworker/u8:0]mmcblk0boot1: mmc0:0001 AJTD4R partition 2 4.00 MiB
[ 2.159665] .(1)[6:kworker/u8:0]mmcblk0rpmb: mmc0:0001 AJTD4R partition 3 4.00 MiB
[ 2.162937] .(1)[6:kworker/u8:0] mmcblk0: p1 p2 p3 p4 p5 p6 p7 p8 p9 p10
[ 2.282098] .(0)[1:swapper/0]CHR_Type_num = 4
[ 2.282710] .(0)[1:swapper/0]charger type:4
[ 2.283296] .(0)[1:swapper/0]BOOTPROF: 2283.291620:initcall: usb20_init 305.218617ms
[ 2.286335] .(0)[1:swapper/0]PVR_K: 1: irq_res = 0x3a
[ 2.287045] .(0)[1:swapper/0]PVR_K: 1: reg_res = 0x13000000, 0x80000
[ 2.288148] .(0)[1:swapper/0]PVR_K: 1: RGXGetBVNCConfig: Read BVNC from device registers
[ 2.289613] .(0)[1:swapper/0][drm] Initialized pvr 1.9.4917962 20110701 on minor 1
[ 2.291770] .(0)[1:swapper/0][g_android][USB]android_init_functions: f->dev_name = f_ffs, f->name = ffs
[ 2.293085] .(0)[1:swapper/0]file system registered
[ 2.293751] .(0)[1:swapper/0][g_android][USB]android_init_functions: init ffs success!!
[ 2.294855] .(0)[1:swapper/0][g_android][USB]android_init_functions: f->dev_name = f_mbim, f->name = mbim
[ 2.296278] .(0)[1:swapper/0][g_android][USB]android_init_functions: init mbim success!!
[ 2.297353] .(0)[1:swapper/0][g_android][USB]android_init_functions: f->dev_name = f_acm, f->name = acm
[ 2.299062] .(0)[1:swapper/0][g_android][USB]android_init_functions: init acm success!!
[ 2.300134] .(0)[1:swapper/0][g_android][USB]android_init_functions: f->dev_name = f_mtp, f->name = mtp
[ 2.301609] .(0)[1:swapper/0][g_android][USB]android_init_functions: init mtp success!!
[ 2.302674] .(0)[1:swapper/0][g_android][USB]android_init_functions: f->dev_name = f_ptp, f->name = ptp
[ 2.303969] .(0)[1:swapper/0][g_android][USB]android_init_functions: init ptp success!!
[ 2.305062] .(0)[1:swapper/0][g_android][USB]android_init_functions: f->dev_name = f_eem, f->name = eem
[ 2.306364] .(0)[1:swapper/0][g_android][USB]android_init_functions: init eem success!!
[ 2.307433] .(0)[1:swapper/0][g_android][USB]android_init_functions: f->dev_name = f_gser, f->name = gser
[ 2.309159] .(0)[1:swapper/0][g_android][USB]android_init_functions: init gser success!!
[ 2.310239] .(0)[1:swapper/0][g_android][USB]android_init_functions: f->dev_name = f_rndis, f->name = rndis
[ 2.311581] .(0)[1:swapper/0][g_android][USB]android_init_functions: init rndis success!!
[ 2.312681] .(0)[1:swapper/0][g_android][USB]android_init_functions: f->dev_name = f_mass_storage, f->name = mass_storage
[ 2.314209] .(0)[1:swapper/0]Mass Storage Function, version: 2009/09/11
[ 2.315103] .(0)[1:swapper/0]LUN: removable file: (no medium)
[ 2.315935] .(0)[1:swapper/0]LUN: removable file: (no medium)
[ 2.316705] .(0)[1:swapper/0]Number of LUNs=1
[ 2.317304] .(0)[1:swapper/0]fsg_sysfs_update(): nluns:1
[ 2.318025] .(0)[1:swapper/0][g_android][USB]android_init_functions: init mass_storage success!!
[ 2.319194] .(0)[1:swapper/0][g_android][USB]android_init_functions: f->dev_name = f_accessory, f->name = accessory
[ 2.320725] .(0)[1:swapper/0][g_android][USB]android_init_functions: init accessory success!!
[ 2.321855] .(0)[1:swapper/0][g_android][USB]android_init_functions: f->dev_name = f_audio_source, f->name = audio_source
[ 2.323354] .(0)[1:swapper/0][g_android][USB]android_init_functions: init audio_source success!!
[ 2.324534] .(0)[1:swapper/0][g_android][USB]android_init_functions: f->dev_name = f_midi, f->name = midi
[ 2.325853] .(0)[1:swapper/0][g_android][USB]android_init_functions: init midi success!!
[ 2.326940] .(0)[1:swapper/0]android_usb gadget: android_usb ready
[ 2.327776] .(0)[1:swapper/0]musb-hdrc MUSB HDRC host driver
[ 2.328757] .(0)[1:swapper/0]musb-hdrc new USB bus registered, assigned bus number 1
[ 2.330611] .(0)[1:swapper/0]hub 1-0:1.0: USB hub found
[ 2.331344] .(0)[1:swapper/0]hub 1-0:1.0: 1 port detected
[ 2.332411] .(0)[1:swapper/0]BOOTPROF: 2332.406159:initcall: init 40.808001ms
[ 2.334140] .(0)[1:swapper/0]input: gpio-keys as /devices/platform/gpio-keys/input/input0
[ 2.335548] .(0)[1:swapper/0]mt6397-rtc mt6397-rtc: setting system clock to 2010-01-01 00:00:00 UTC (1262304000)
[ 2.345700] .(0)[1:swapper/0]mtk_smi_init_late 14017000.smi
[ 2.346717] .(0)[1:swapper/0]vmc: disabling
[ 2.347328] .(0)[1:swapper/0]vm25: disabling
[ 2.348615] .(0)[1:swapper/0]regulator regulator.3: info->modeset_reg 0x210 = 0x300
[ 2.350045] .(1)[1:swapper/0]regulator regulator.3: info->modeset_reg 0x210 = 0x200
[ 2.351518] .(1)[1:swapper/0][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_init 1891: MUSBFSH is enabled
[ 2.355646] .(1)[1:swapper/0][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_core_init 895: musbfsh-hdrc: ConfigData=0x1f (UTMI-16, dyn FIFOs, HB-ISO Rx, HB-ISO Tx, SoftConn)
[ 2.358917] .(1)[1:swapper/0]musbfsh-hdrc musbfsh-hdrc.0: MUSBFSH HDRC host driver
[ 2.359992] .(1)[1:swapper/0]musbfsh-hdrc musbfsh-hdrc.0: new USB bus registered, assigned bus number 2
[ 2.362499] .(1)[1:swapper/0]hub 2-0:1.0: USB hub found
[ 2.363282] .(1)[1:swapper/0]hub 2-0:1.0: 1 port detected
[ 2.364300] -(1)[1:swapper/0][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_start 588: <== devctl 0x98
[ 2.415362] .(1)[1:swapper/0]BOOTPROF: 2415.351390:probe: probe=usb_probe_interface drv=hub(c0a9719c) 52.852077ms
[ 2.416894] .(1)[1:swapper/0]BOOTPROF: 2416.889697:probe: probe=usb_probe_device drv=usb(c0a979c0) 54.660384ms
[ 2.418430] .(1)[1:swapper/0]musbfsh-hdrc musbfsh-hdrc.0: USB controller at e1b60000 using DMA, IRQ 60
[ 2.419665] .(1)[1:swapper/0]BOOTPROF: 2419.660928:probe: probe=platform_drv_probe drv=musbfsh-hdrc(c0a8c210) 65.953538ms
[ 2.421219] .(1)[1:swapper/0]BOOTPROF: 2421.215390:initcall: musbfsh_init 69.701462ms
[ 2.422654] .(1)[1:swapper/0]ALSA device list:
[ 2.423261] .(1)[1:swapper/0] #0: mt-snd-card
[ 2.424579] .(1)[1:swapper/0]EXT4-fs (mmcblk0p7): couldn't mount as ext3 due to feature incompatibilities
[ 2.426189] .(1)[1:swapper/0]EXT4-fs (mmcblk0p7): couldn't mount as ext2 due to feature incompatibilities
[ 2.429468] .(1)[1:swapper/0]EXT4-fs (mmcblk0p7): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: (null)
[ 2.430747] .(1)[1:swapper/0]VFS: Mounted root (ext4 filesystem) readonly on device 179:7.
[ 2.432853] .(1)[1:swapper/0]devtmpfs: mounted
[ 2.433850] .(1)[1:swapper/0]Freeing unused kernel memory: 308K (c0a13000 - c0a60000)
[ 2.434914] .(1)[1:swapper/0]This architecture does not have kernel memory protection.
[ 2.435967] .(1)[1:swapper/0]BOOTPROF: 2435.962774:Kernel_init_done
[ 2.472592] .(2)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: System time before build time, advancing clock.
[ 2.481036] .(2)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: systemd 229 running in system mode. (+PAM -AUDIT -SELINUX +IMA -APPARMOR +SMACK +SYSVINIT +UTMP -LIBCRYPTSETUP -GCRYPT -GNUTLS -ACL -XZ -LZ4 -SECCOMP +BLKID -ELFUTILS -KMOD -IDN)
[ 2.483771] .(2)[1:systemd]Dump cpuinfo
[ 2.484471] .(2)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Detected architecture arm.
[ 2.504797] .(2)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Set hostname to <aiv8167-rockman-emmc>.
[ 2.506452] .(2)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Initializing machine ID from random generator.
[ 2.507592] .(2)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Installed transient /etc/machine-id file.
[ 2.514440] -(1)[123:kworker/1:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_hub_control 565: port status 00000100,devctl=0x19
[ 2.515782] .(1)[123:kworker/1:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_bus_suspend 2666: musbfsh_bus_suspend++,power=0x61
[ 2.537694] -(0)[0:swapper/0][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_stage0_irq 539: CONNECT ! devctl 0x5d
[ 2.538778] .(0)[31:kworker/0:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_bus_resume 2712: musbfsh_bus_resume++,power=0x61
[ 2.540014] -(0)[31:kworker/0:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_hub_control 565: port status 00010101,devctl=0x5d
[ 2.616308] .(1)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Configuration file /lib/systemd/system/thermal-manager.service is marked executable. Please remove executable permission bits. Proceeding anyway.
[ 2.627520] .(1)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Reached target Remote File Systems.
[ 2.644432] -(0)[31:kworker/0:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_hub_control 565: port status 00000101,devctl=0x5d
[ 2.644622] .(1)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Listening on Journal Socket (/dev/log).
[ 2.646640] -(0)[31:kworker/0:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_port_reset 261: reset=1 power=0x61
[ 2.664614] .(1)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Started Forward Password Requests to Wall Directory Watch.
[ 2.684778] .(3)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Created slice User and Session Slice.
[ 2.704418] -(0)[31:kworker/0:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_port_reset 261: reset=0 power=0x78
[ 2.704594] .(3)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Listening on Syslog Socket.
[ 2.706284] -(0)[31:kworker/0:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_hub_control 565: port status 00120503,devctl=0x5d
[ 2.724546] .(3)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Listening on udev Kernel Socket.
[ 2.751023] .(3)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Listening on Process Core Dump Socket.
[ 2.764487] .(0)[31:kworker/0:1]usb 2-1: new high-speed USB device number 2 using musbfsh-hdrc
[ 2.765120] .(3)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Listening on Journal Audit Socket.
[ 2.767742] -(0)[31:kworker/0:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_port_reset 261: reset=1 power=0x70
[ 2.785023] .(3)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Listening on /dev/initctl Compatibility Named Pipe.
[ 2.804640] .(3)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Reached target Swap.
[ 2.824480] -(0)[31:kworker/0:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_port_reset 261: reset=0 power=0x78
[ 2.825019] .(3)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Created slice System Slice.
[ 2.826450] -(0)[31:kworker/0:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_hub_control 565: port status 00120503,devctl=0x5d
[ 2.828895] .(3)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Created slice system-systemd\x2dfsck.slice.
[ 2.845012] .(3)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Created slice system-serial\x2dgetty.slice.
[ 2.864928] .(0)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Listening on udev Control Socket.
[ 2.884618] .(0)[31:kworker/0:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_h_disable 2563: musbfsh_h_disable++: ep: 0x0
[ 2.885070] .(1)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Created slice system-getty.slice.
[ 2.886759] -(0)[31:kworker/0:1]MTK_ICUSB [DBG], <musbfsh_h_disable(), 2568> qh == NULL
[ 2.886782] .(0)[31:kworker/0:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_h_disable 2563: musbfsh_h_disable++: ep: 0x0
[ 2.886792] -(0)[31:kworker/0:1]MTK_ICUSB [DBG], <musbfsh_h_disable(), 2568> qh == NULL
[ 2.904871] .(2)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Listening on Journal Socket.
[ 2.909285] .(2)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Mounting Debug File System...
[ 2.916669] .(0)[31:kworker/0:1]hub 2-1:1.0: USB hub found
[ 2.918158] .(0)[31:kworker/0:1]hub 2-1:1.0: 2 ports detected
[ 2.919174] .(0)[31:kworker/0:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_h_disable 2563: musbfsh_h_disable++: ep: 0x81
[ 2.920429] -(0)[31:kworker/0:1]MTK_ICUSB [DBG], <musbfsh_h_disable(), 2568> qh == NULL
[ 2.923135] -(0)[31:kworker/0:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_hub_control 565: port status 00020503,devctl=0x5d
[ 2.927587] .(3)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Starting Journal Service...
[ 2.947528] .(3)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Starting Create Static Device Nodes in /dev...
[ 2.966116] .(2)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Mounting FUSE Control File System...
[ 2.985825] .(2)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Starting udev Coldplug all Devices...
[ 3.005976] .(2)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Mounting POSIX Message Queue File System...
[ 3.014623] -(0)[31:kworker/0:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_cleanup_urb 2454: abort RX5 DMA for urb df377300 --> 0
[ 3.019145] -(0)[31:kworker/0:1]MTK_ICUSB [DBG], <musbfsh_port_suspend(), 183>
[ 3.020130] -(0)[31:kworker/0:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_port_suspend 189: Root port suspended, power 0x72
[ 3.025994] .(0)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Starting Remount Root and Kernel File Systems...
[ 3.034927] .(0)[31:kworker/0:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_bus_suspend 2666: musbfsh_bus_suspend++,power=0x72
[ 3.046340] .(2)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Mounting Temporary Directory...
[ 3.065940] .(2)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Starting Setup Virtual Console...
[ 3.086119] .(2)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Mounting Configuration File System...
[ 3.104601] .(0)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Reached target Slices.
[ 3.126806] .(0)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Starting Apply Kernel Variables...
[ 3.145037] .(1)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Started Dispatch Password Requests to Console Directory Watch.
[ 3.164794] .(1)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Reached target Paths.
[ 3.173319] .(2)[209:mount]EXT4-fs (dm-0): recovery complete
[ 3.175045] .(2)[209:mount]EXT4-fs (dm-0): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: (null)
[ 3.191463] .(3)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Mounted POSIX Message Queue File System.
[ 3.204724] .(3)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Mounted Debug File System.
[ 3.224712] .(3)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Mounted Configuration File System.
[ 3.244718] .(3)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Mounted FUSE Control File System.
[ 3.264710] .(3)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Mounted Temporary Directory.
[ 3.267013] .(3)[1:systemd]systemd[1]: Started Journal Service.
[ 3.312826] .(0)[219:mount]EXT4-fs (mmcblk0p7): re-mounted. Opts: (null)
[ 3.626553] .(2)[246:v4l_id][MTK_V4L2][ERROR] fops_vcodec_open:152: Invalid vcu firmware, should be 0.2.14!
[ 3.643238] .(0)[158:systemd-journal]systemd-journald[158]: Received request to flush runtime journal from PID 1
[ 3.653308] .(0)[247:v4l_id][MTK_V4L2] level=0 fops_vcodec_open(),170: encoder capability 0
[ 3.655454] .(0)[247:v4l_id][MTK_V4L2] level=0 fops_vcodec_open(),180: 15009000.codec encoder [0]
[ 3.956733] .(2)[294:mount]EXT4-fs (mmcblk0p10): mounted filesystem with ordered data mode. Opts: commit=1
[ 4.126344] .(1)[330:sonyapp-launch][drm] [mtkdrm_dbg] debug:0x0
[ 4.126344]
[ 4.127393] .(1)[330:sonyapp-launch][drm] set mtk_drm_debug to 0x0
[ 4.498525] .(0)[331:start_pman]PM: suspend entry 2018-09-01 14:56:37.026092230 UTC
[ 4.499557] .(1)[108:kworker/u8:1]PM: Syncing filesystems ...
[ 4.500147] .(1)[108:kworker/u8:1]++
[ 4.500585] .(1)[108:kworker/u8:1]--
[ 4.604398] .(0)[331:start_pman]done.
[ 4.604912] .(0)[331:start_pman]PM: Preparing system for sleep (mem)
[ 4.605621] .(3)[224:systemd-udevd]Freezing user space processes ...
[ 4.606636] .(3)[224:systemd-udevd][224:systemd-udevd] fork fail retval:0xfffffdff
[ 4.607666] .(3)[224:systemd-udevd][224:systemd-udevd] fork fail:[fffffdff, -513]
[ 4.609582] .(0)[331:start_pman](elapsed 0.003 seconds) done.
[ 4.610108] .(0)[331:start_pman]Freezing remaining freezable tasks ... (elapsed 0.001 seconds) done.
[ 4.612247] .(0)[331:start_pman]PM: Suspending system (mem)
[ 4.612257] .(0)[331:start_pman][SLP] @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Chip_pm_begin(1)(1) @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
[ 4.614024] .(0)[108:kworker/u8:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_bus_resume 2712: musbfsh_bus_resume++,power=0x72
[ 4.615268] -(0)[108:kworker/u8:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_hub_control 565: port status 00000507,devctl=0x5d
[ 4.616515] -(1)[108:kworker/u8:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_hub_control 565: port status 00000507,devctl=0x5d
[ 4.617749] -(1)[108:kworker/u8:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_port_suspend 244: Root port resuming, power 0x74
[ 4.664400] -(1)[108:kworker/u8:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_hub_control 538: Root port resume stopped, power 0x70
[ 4.665650] -(1)[108:kworker/u8:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_hub_control 565: port status 00040503,devctl=0x5d
[ 4.684878] -(1)[108:kworker/u8:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_cleanup_urb 2454: abort RX5 DMA for urb df377300 --> 0
[ 4.686189] .(0)[6:kworker/u8:0][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_bus_suspend 2666: musbfsh_bus_suspend++,power=0x70
[ 4.687404] .(1)[331:start_pman][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_suspend 1822: ++
[ 4.689157] -(0)[0:swapper/0][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_stage0_irq 543: DISCONNECT !devctl 19
[ 4.714441] .(1)[331:start_pman][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_suspend 1835: -
[ 4.746135] .(1)[331:start_pman]mtk-afe-pcm mt8167_afe_suspend >>
[ 4.747297] .(1)[331:start_pman]mtk-afe-pcm mt8167_afe_suspend <<
[ 4.751308] .(1)[331:start_pman]PM: suspend of devices complete after 137.391 msecs
[ 4.752330] .(1)[331:start_pman][SLP] @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Chip_pm_prepare @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
[ 4.754217] .(0)[331:start_pman]PM: late suspend of devices complete after 0.733 msecs
[ 4.756115] .(2)[331:start_pman]PM: noirq suspend of devices complete after 0.824 msecs
[ 4.757180] .(2)[331:start_pman]Disabling non-boot CPUs ...
[ 4.758488] .(2)[331:start_pman]CPU1: shutdown
[ 4.759126] .(2)[331:start_pman]CPU1 killed.
[ 4.760774] .(0)[331:start_pman]CPU2: shutdown
[ 4.761411] .(0)[331:start_pman]CPU2 killed.
[ 4.762848] .(0)[331:start_pman]CPU3: shutdown
[ 4.763485] .(0)[331:start_pman]CPU3 killed.
[ 4.764578] -(0)[331:start_pman][SLP] @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Chip_pm_enter @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
[ 4.764578] -(0)[331:start_pman][SPM] CANNOT GET PERIOD FROM FUEL GAUGE
[ 4.764578] -(0)[331:start_pman][SPM] settle = 128
[ 4.764578] -(0)[331:start_pman][SPM] sec = 600, wakesrc = 0x301c464 (1)(1)
[ 4.764578] -(0)[331:start_pman]CANNOT GET UART0 WAKE ACK
[ 4.764578] -(0)[331:start_pman][SPM] wake up byEINT, timer_out = 0, r13 = 0xfc060000, debug_flag = 0xff3f8000, apsrc_cnt = 1
[ 4.764578] -(0)[331:start_pman][SPM] r12 = 0x20, raw_sta = 0x20, idle_sta = 0x9bf, event_reg = 0x90100000, isr = 0x0
[ 4.764578] -(0)[331:start_pman][SPM] suspend dormant state = 0
[ 4.764578] -(0)[331:start_pman][SPM] log_wakesta_index = 1
[ 4.764597] -(0)[331:start_pman]wakeuped by irq 87
[ 4.765248] -(0)[331:start_pman]wakeuped by dev sleep
[ 4.765973] .(0)[331:start_pman]Enabling non-boot CPUs ...
[ 4.767037] -(1)[0:swapper/1]CPU1: update cpu_capacity 1024
[ 4.767781] -(1)[0:swapper/1]CPU1: thread -1, cpu 1, socket 0, mpidr 80000001
[ 4.768975] .(0)[331:start_pman]CPU1 is up
[ 4.769878] -(2)[0:swapper/2]CPU2: update cpu_capacity 1024
[ 4.770621] -(2)[0:swapper/2]CPU2: thread -1, cpu 2, socket 0, mpidr 80000002
[ 4.771834] .(0)[331:start_pman]CPU2 is up
[ 4.772738] -(3)[0:swapper/3]CPU3: update cpu_capacity 1024
[ 4.773481] -(3)[0:swapper/3]CPU3: thread -1, cpu 3, socket 0, mpidr 80000003
[ 4.774696] .(1)[331:start_pman]CPU3 is up
[ 4.776886] .(1)[331:start_pman]PM: noirq resume of devices complete after 1.582 msecs
[ 4.778755] .(1)[331:start_pman]PM: early resume of devices complete after 0.603 msecs
[ 4.779809] .(1)[331:start_pman][SLP] @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Chip_pm_finish @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
[ 4.783718] .(1)[205:kworker/1:2]mtk-afe-pcm mt8167_afe_resume >>
[ 4.784876] .(0)[331:start_pman]mediatek-drm 14000000.mmsys: [mtk_plane_atomic_check] fb is null
[ 4.784912] .(1)[205:kworker/1:2]mtk-afe-pcm mt8167_afe_resume <<
[ 4.787151] .(0)[331:start_pman]mediatek-drm 14000000.mmsys: [mtk_plane_atomic_check] fb is null
[ 4.788313] .(0)[331:start_pman]mediatek-drm 14000000.mmsys: [mtk_plane_atomic_check] fb is null
[ 4.789474] .(0)[331:start_pman]mediatek-drm 14000000.mmsys: [mtk_plane_atomic_check] fb is null
[ 4.790761] .(0)[331:start_pman][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_resume 1846: ++
[ 4.793344] -(0)[331:start_pman][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_stage0_irq 436: SESSION_REQUEST
[ 4.794364] .(0)[331:start_pman][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_resume 1856: -
[ 4.795185] .(3)[522:kworker/u8:4][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_bus_resume 2712: musbfsh_bus_resume++,power=0x70
[ 4.807426] -(3)[522:kworker/u8:4][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_hub_control 565: port status 00010100,devctl=0x99
[ 4.914407] -(3)[523:kworker/u8:5][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_hub_control 565: port status 00000100,devctl=0x19
[ 4.915961] -(3)[523:kworker/u8:5][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_hub_control 565: port status 00000100,devctl=0x19
[ 4.917511] -(3)[523:kworker/u8:5][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_hub_control 565: port status 00000100,devctl=0x19
[ 4.919061] -(3)[523:kworker/u8:5][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_hub_control 565: port status 00000100,devctl=0x19
[ 4.920349] .(0)[331:start_pman]PM: resume of devices complete after 139.398 msecs
[ 4.922114] .(0)[331:start_pman][SLP] @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Chip_pm_end @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
[ 4.923225] .(0)[331:start_pman]PM: Finishing wakeup.
[ 4.923231] -(1)[205:kworker/1:2]Restarting tasks ...
[ 4.923783] -(1)[205:kworker/1:2][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_hub_control 565: port status 00000100,devctl=0x19
[ 4.924095] .(0)[331:start_pman]done.
[ 4.925685] .(1)[205:kworker/1:2]usb 2-1: USB disconnect, device number 2
[ 4.925986] .(1)[205:kworker/1:2][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_h_disable 2563: musbfsh_h_disable++: ep: 0x0
[ 4.925991] -(1)[205:kworker/1:2]MTK_ICUSB [DBG], <musbfsh_h_disable(), 2568> qh == NULL
[ 4.925996] .(1)[205:kworker/1:2][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_h_disable 2563: musbfsh_h_disable++: ep: 0x0
[ 4.926000] -(1)[205:kworker/1:2]MTK_ICUSB [DBG], <musbfsh_h_disable(), 2568> qh == NULL
[ 4.926005] .(1)[205:kworker/1:2][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_h_disable 2563: musbfsh_h_disable++: ep: 0x81
[ 4.926009] -(1)[205:kworker/1:2]MTK_ICUSB [DBG], <musbfsh_h_disable(), 2568> qh == NULL
[ 4.926370] .(1)[205:kworker/1:2][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_bus_suspend 2666: musbfsh_bus_suspend++,power=0x60
[ 4.929580] .(1)[331:start_pman]PM: suspend exit 2018-09-01 14:56:51.419692307 UTC
[ 4.931530] .(1)[125:mmcqd/0]mtk-msdc 11120000.mmc: Regulator set error -22: 3300000 - 3300000
[ 4.965763] -(0)[0:swapper/0][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_stage0_irq 539: CONNECT ! devctl 0x5d
[ 4.966828] .(0)[31:kworker/0:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_bus_resume 2712: musbfsh_bus_resume++,power=0x60
[ 4.968037] -(0)[31:kworker/0:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_hub_control 565: port status 00010101,devctl=0x5d
[ 4.992035] .(2)[125:mmcqd/0]mtk-msdc 11120000.mmc: phase: [map:3fffff] [maxlen:22] [final:7]
[ 4.993168] .(2)[125:mmcqd/0]mtk-msdc 11120000.mmc: Final cmd pad delay: 7
[ 4.995244] .(2)[125:mmcqd/0]mtk-msdc 11120000.mmc: phase: [map:1ffffff] [maxlen:25] [final:8]
[ 4.996389] .(2)[125:mmcqd/0]mtk-msdc 11120000.mmc: Final data pad delay: 8
[ 5.074466] -(0)[31:kworker/0:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_hub_control 565: port status 00000101,devctl=0x5d
[ 5.075787] -(0)[31:kworker/0:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_port_reset 261: reset=1 power=0x60
[ 5.134412] -(0)[31:kworker/0:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_port_reset 261: reset=0 power=0x78
[ 5.135467] -(0)[31:kworker/0:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_hub_control 565: port status 00120503,devctl=0x5d
[ 5.194417] .(0)[31:kworker/0:1]usb 2-1: new high-speed USB device number 3 using musbfsh-hdrc
[ 5.196785] -(0)[31:kworker/0:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_port_reset 261: reset=1 power=0x70
[ 5.254396] -(0)[31:kworker/0:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_port_reset 261: reset=0 power=0x78
[ 5.255451] -(0)[31:kworker/0:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_hub_control 565: port status 00120503,devctl=0x5d
[ 5.314511] .(0)[31:kworker/0:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_h_disable 2563: musbfsh_h_disable++: ep: 0x0
[ 5.315716] -(0)[31:kworker/0:1]MTK_ICUSB [DBG], <musbfsh_h_disable(), 2568> qh == NULL
[ 5.316793] .(0)[31:kworker/0:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_h_disable 2563: musbfsh_h_disable++: ep: 0x0
[ 5.317969] -(0)[31:kworker/0:1]MTK_ICUSB [DBG], <musbfsh_h_disable(), 2568> qh == NULL
[ 5.327736] .(1)[562:weston][drm:drm_mode_getencoder] *ERROR* can not find encoder 0
[ 5.345161] .(0)[31:kworker/0:1]hub 2-1:1.0: USB hub found
[ 5.346572] .(0)[31:kworker/0:1]hub 2-1:1.0: 2 ports detected
[ 5.347510] .(0)[31:kworker/0:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_h_disable 2563: musbfsh_h_disable++: ep: 0x81
[ 5.348673] -(0)[31:kworker/0:1]MTK_ICUSB [DBG], <musbfsh_h_disable(), 2568> qh == NULL
[ 5.350585] -(0)[31:kworker/0:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_hub_control 565: port status 00020503,devctl=0x5d
[ 5.360725] .(1)[562:weston][drm:drm_mode_getblob_ioctl] *ERROR* can not find out blob 0
[ 5.431692] .(1)[205:kworker/1:2]mtk_smi_enable 14017000.smi
[ 5.432520] .(1)[205:kworker/1:2]mtk_smi_enable 14016000.larb
[ 5.433402] .(1)[205:kworker/1:2]mediatek-ddp 14015000.mm_mutex: Failed to prepare mutex clock
[ 5.434604] .(1)[205:kworker/1:2][drm:mtk_crtc_ddp_hw_init] ddp_path_setup comp_nr 9 last comp_id 19 1280x720@60hz 1280x720
[ 5.435112] .(0)[562:weston]mediatek-drm 14000000.mmsys: [mtk_plane_atomic_check] fb is null
[ 5.440612] .(1)[205:kworker/1:2]mtk_hdmi_bridge_pre_enable
[ 5.441374] .(1)[205:kworker/1:2]mediatek-dpi 14019000.disp_dpi1: mtk_dpi_encoder_enable 14019000.disp_dpi1
[ 5.442071] .(3)[83:irq/35-hdmi hpd]mediatek-hdmi-ddc 11011000.i2c: i2c ack err!
[ 5.442111] .(0)[83:irq/35-hdmi hpd]mediatek-hdmi-ddc 11011000.i2c: ddc failed!
[ 5.444631] -(0)[31:kworker/0:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_cleanup_urb 2454: abort RX5 DMA for urb de05b600 --> 0
[ 5.447829] -(0)[31:kworker/0:1]MTK_ICUSB [DBG], <musbfsh_port_suspend(), 183>
[ 5.448814] -(0)[31:kworker/0:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_port_suspend 189: Root port suspended, power 0x72
[ 5.450719] .(1)[205:kworker/1:2]mediatek-drm-hdmi 1401b000.hdmi: Want PLL 74250000 Hz, got 74250000 Hz
[ 5.464434] .(0)[31:kworker/0:1][MUSBFSH] musbfsh_bus_suspend 2666: musbfsh_bus_suspend++,power=0x72
[ 5.473477] .(1)[83:irq/35-hdmi hpd]mediatek-cec 1001a000.cec: phy_addr is 0x1000
[ 5.474505] .(1)[83:irq/35-hdmi hpd]mediatek-drm-hdmi 1401b000.hdmi: Connecter mode is hdmi: 1
[ 5.614358] .(0)[0:swapper/0][XO] xocap_timer_func
[ 5.615055] .(0)[31:kworker/0:1][XO] xocap_work_func
[ 5.615787] .(0)[31:kworker/0:1][xo] nvram read ret is -1!
[ 5.616525] .(0)[31:kworker/0:1][xo] xocap_work retry time: 1!
[ 5.784376] -(2)[525:kworker/u8:7]do_connection_work: 37 callbacks suppressed
[ 6.834439] -(3)[523:kworker/u8:5]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 7.684430] -(3)[614:SDLAudioDev1]mtk-afe-pcm mt8167_afe_dais_trigger HDMI cmd = 1
[ 7.884368] -(3)[523:kworker/u8:5]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 8.934385] -(1)[526:kworker/u8:8]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 9.984398] -(0)[523:kworker/u8:5]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 10.624382] .(0)[0:swapper/0][XO] xocap_timer_func
[ 10.625154] .(0)[31:kworker/0:1][XO] xocap_work_func
[ 10.625919] .(0)[31:kworker/0:1][xo] nvram read ret is -1!
[ 10.626660] .(0)[31:kworker/0:1][xo] xocap_work retry time: 2!
[ 11.034377] -(3)[526:kworker/u8:8]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 11.846028] .(3)[82:hwrng]hwrng: no data available
[ 12.084368] -(0)[525:kworker/u8:7]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 13.134387] -(0)[525:kworker/u8:7]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 14.184368] -(0)[525:kworker/u8:7]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 15.234370] -(2)[525:kworker/u8:7]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 15.634347] .(0)[0:swapper/0][XO] xocap_timer_func
[ 15.635039] .(0)[31:kworker/0:1][XO] xocap_work_func
[ 15.635738] .(0)[31:kworker/0:1][xo] nvram read ret is -1!
[ 15.636478] .(0)[31:kworker/0:1][xo] xocap_work retry time: 3!
[ 16.184298] -(0)[0:swapper/0]mtk-afe-pcm mt8167_afe_dais_trigger HDMI cmd = 0
[ 16.268745] -(1)[653:SDLAudioDev1]mtk-afe-pcm mt8167_afe_dais_trigger HDMI cmd = 1
[ 16.284396] -(0)[525:kworker/u8:7]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 17.334379] -(1)[526:kworker/u8:8]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 18.384376] -(1)[526:kworker/u8:8]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 19.434381] -(0)[523:kworker/u8:5]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 20.484375] -(1)[525:kworker/u8:7]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 20.644368] .(0)[0:swapper/0][XO] xocap_timer_func
[ 20.645073] .(0)[155:kworker/0:2][XO] xocap_work_func
[ 20.645812] .(0)[155:kworker/0:2][xo] nvram read ret is -1!
[ 20.666700] .(0)[155:kworker/0:2]current cap code(after nvram):0x26
[ 21.534379] -(0)[526:kworker/u8:8]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 21.854396] .(3)[82:hwrng]hwrng: no data available
[ 22.584369] -(0)[523:kworker/u8:5]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 23.634382] -(1)[526:kworker/u8:8]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 24.684375] -(2)[526:kworker/u8:8]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 25.734376] -(0)[526:kworker/u8:8]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 26.784377] -(0)[525:kworker/u8:7]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 27.834387] -(1)[523:kworker/u8:5]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 28.884363] -(0)[525:kworker/u8:7]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 29.934376] -(3)[526:kworker/u8:8]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 30.984378] -(2)[526:kworker/u8:8]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 31.864405] .(3)[82:hwrng]hwrng: no data available
[ 32.034372] -(3)[523:kworker/u8:5]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 33.084375] -(3)[526:kworker/u8:8]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 34.134366] -(2)[523:kworker/u8:5]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 35.184375] -(2)[525:kworker/u8:7]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 36.234370] -(0)[525:kworker/u8:7]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 37.284380] -(0)[525:kworker/u8:7]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 38.334370] -(3)[526:kworker/u8:8]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 39.384380] -(0)[525:kworker/u8:7]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 40.434378] -(1)[526:kworker/u8:8]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 41.484382] -(0)[526:kworker/u8:8]do_connection_work: 39 callbacks suppressed
[ 41.874436] .(3)[82:hwrng]hwrng: no data available
This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
c0008280 T _stext
c0008280 T __turn_mmu_on
c0008280 T __idmap_text_start
c00082a0 T cpu_resume_mmu
c00082a0 t __turn_mmu_on_end
c00082c4 T cpu_ca8_reset
c00082c4 T cpu_ca9mp_reset
c00082c4 T cpu_v7_reset
c00082d8 T __idmap_text_end
c0009000 T asm_do_IRQ
c0009000 T __exception_text_start
c0009000 T __hyp_idmap_text_end
c0009000 T __hyp_idmap_text_start
c0009004 T do_undefinstr
c000922c T handle_fiq_as_nmi
c00092d0 T do_IPI
c00092d4 T do_DataAbort
c00093fc T do_PrefetchAbort
c00094f8 t gic_handle_irq
c000958c t gic_handle_irq
c000969c T __exception_text_end
c00096a0 T secondary_startup
c00096a0 T secondary_startup_arm
c0009714 T __secondary_switched
c0009720 t __secondary_data
c000972c t __enable_mmu
c0009740 t __do_fixup_smp_on_up
c0009754 T fixup_smp
c000976c t __fixup_a_pv_table
c00097c0 T fixup_pv_table
c00097d8 t __lookup_processor_type
c0009810 t __lookup_processor_type_data
c000981c t __error_lpae
c0009820 t __error
c0009820 t __error_p
c0009828 t run_init_process
c0009850 t try_to_run_init_process
c0009888 T do_one_initcall
c0009a84 t match_dev_by_uuid
c0009ab4 T name_to_dev_t
c0009e34 t rootfs_mount
c0009ea4 T calibrate_delay
c000a384 T kernel_neon_end
c000a3cc t vfp_raise_sigfpe
c000a438 t vfp_enable
c000a478 t vfp_cpu_pm_notifier
c000a51c t vfp_hotplug
c000a560 t vfp_emulate_instruction.constprop.4
c000a5dc t vfp_raise_exceptions
c000a750 T kernel_neon_begin
c000a7d8 T VFP_bounce
c000a918 T vfp_disable
c000a964 T vfp_sync_hwstate
c000a9ec t vfp_notifier
c000ab68 T vfp_flush_hwstate
c000abf8 T vfp_preserve_user_clear_hwstate
c000ad20 T vfp_restore_user_hwstate
c000ae30 T vfp_kmode_exception
c000ae4c T do_vfp
c000ae68 T vfp_null_entry
c000ae84 T vfp_support_entry
c000aec4 t vfp_reload_hw
c000af08 t vfp_hw_state_valid
c000af34 t look_for_VFP_exceptions
c000af58 t skip
c000af70 t process_exception
c000af7c T vfp_save_state
c000afb8 t vfp_current_hw_state_address
c000afbc T vfp_get_float
c000b0c4 T vfp_put_float
c000b1cc T vfp_get_double
c000b2e0 T vfp_put_double
c000b3e8 t vfp_propagate_nan
c000b4e4 t vfp_single_fneg
c000b4fc t vfp_single_fabs
c000b514 t vfp_single_fcpy
c000b52c t vfp_single_dump
c000b578 t vfp_single_normalise_denormal
c000b5d4 t vfp_single_fcvtd
c000b730 t vfp_single_multiply
c000b880 t vfp_single_ftosi
c000ba8c t vfp_single_ftosiz
c000ba94 t vfp_single_ftoui
c000bc8c t vfp_single_ftouiz
c000bc94 t vfp_single_add
c000be84 t vfp_compare.constprop.2
c000bf6c t vfp_single_fcmp
c000bf74 t vfp_single_fcmpe
c000bf7c t vfp_single_fcmpz
c000bf88 t vfp_single_fcmpez
c000bf94 T __vfp_single_normaliseround
c000c174 t vfp_single_fdiv
c000c444 t vfp_single_fnmul
c000c56c t vfp_single_fadd
c000c688 t vfp_single_fsub
c000c690 t vfp_single_fmul
c000c7ac t vfp_single_fsito
c000c7ec t vfp_single_fuito
c000c81c t vfp_single_multiply_accumulate.constprop.1
c000c9f4 t vfp_single_fmac
c000ca0c t vfp_single_fmsc
c000ca24 t vfp_single_fnmac
c000ca3c t vfp_single_fnmsc
c000ca54 T vfp_estimate_sqrt_significand
c000cb14 t vfp_single_fsqrt
c000cd58 T vfp_single_cpdo
c000cfb8 t vfp_propagate_nan
c000d0cc t vfp_double_fneg
c000d0f4 t vfp_double_fabs
c000d118 t vfp_double_fcpy
c000d138 t vfp_double_ftoui
c000d394 t vfp_double_ftouiz
c000d39c t vfp_double_dump
c000d3f0 t vfp_double_normalise_denormal
c000d464 t vfp_double_fcvts
c000d5b8 t vfp_double_multiply
c000d7e8 t vfp_double_add
c000da4c t vfp_double_ftosi
c000dcb8 t vfp_double_ftosiz
c000dcc0 t vfp_compare.constprop.1
c000de40 t vfp_double_fcmp
c000de48 t vfp_double_fcmpe
c000de50 t vfp_double_fcmpz
c000de5c t vfp_double_fcmpez
c000de68 T vfp_double_normaliseround
c000e19c t vfp_double_fdiv
c000e71c t vfp_double_fsub
c000e854 t vfp_double_fnmul
c000e98c t vfp_double_multiply_accumulate
c000eb5c t vfp_double_fnmsc
c000eb80 t vfp_double_fnmac
c000eba4 t vfp_double_fmsc
c000ebc8 t vfp_double_fmac
c000ebec t vfp_double_fadd
c000ed18 t vfp_double_fmul
c000ee44 t vfp_double_fsito
c000eea8 t vfp_double_fuito
c000eefc t vfp_double_fsqrt
c000f3b4 T vfp_double_cpdo
c000f680 T elf_set_personality
c000f6f4 T elf_check_arch
c000f778 T arm_elf_read_implies_exec
c000f7a0 t ret_fast_syscall
c000f7dc t fast_work_pending
c000f7e8 t slow_work_pending
c000f808 t ret_slow_syscall
c000f808 T ret_to_user
c000f80c T ret_to_user_from_irq
c000f818 t no_work_pending
c000f844 T ret_from_fork
c000f880 T vector_swi
c000f8d0 t local_restart
c000f904 t __sys_trace
c000f93c t __sys_trace_return
c000f94c t __sys_trace_return_nosave
c000f960 t __cr_alignment
c000f964 T sys_call_table
c000ff84 t sys_syscall
c000ffac t sys_sigreturn_wrapper
c000ffb8 t sys_rt_sigreturn_wrapper
c000ffc4 t sys_statfs64_wrapper
c000ffd0 t sys_fstatfs64_wrapper
c000ffdc t sys_mmap2
c000ffe4 T arch_show_interrupts
c001002c T handle_IRQ
c0010040 T migrate_irqs
c00101d4 T arm_check_condition
c0010200 T dump_fpu
c001023c t show_data.constprop.2
c0010300 T arch_cpu_idle
c0010338 T arch_cpu_idle_prepare
c0010340 T arch_cpu_idle_enter
c0010348 T arch_cpu_idle_exit
c0010350 T __show_regs
c00106b0 T show_regs
c00106c0 T exit_thread
c00106dc T flush_thread
c001074c T release_thread
c0010750 T copy_thread
c001081c T dump_task_regs
c0010844 T get_wchan
c00108f0 T arch_randomize_brk
c0010914 T get_gate_vma
c0010920 T in_gate_area
c0010950 T in_gate_area_no_mm
c001095c T arch_vma_name
c001097c T arch_setup_additional_pages
c0010a9c t ptrace_hbptriggered
c0010b24 t gpr_set
c0010c1c t fpa_set
c0010cbc t vfp_set
c0010e24 t gpr_get
c0010ebc t fpa_get
c0010f54 t vfp_get
c00110a8 t ptrace_hbp_create
c0011124 t ptrace_sethbpregs
c0011280 T regs_query_register_offset
c00112c4 T regs_query_register_name
c00112f4 T regs_within_kernel_stack
c0011310 T regs_get_kernel_stack_nth
c0011334 T ptrace_disable
c0011338 T ptrace_break
c0011378 t break_trap
c001139c T clear_ptrace_hw_breakpoint
c00113a8 T flush_ptrace_hw_breakpoint
c00113dc T task_user_regset_view
c00113e8 T arch_ptrace
c001186c T syscall_trace_enter
c0011968 T syscall_trace_exit
c0011a10 t __soft_restart
c0011a6c T _soft_restart
c0011aa8 T soft_restart
c0011adc T machine_shutdown
c0011ae0 T machine_halt
c0011af4 T machine_power_off
c0011b1c T arm_machine_flush_console
c0011b20 T machine_restart
c0011ba4 t return_address
c0011bac t c_start
c0011bc4 t c_next
c0011bdc t c_stop
c0011be0 T cpu_architecture
c0011bfc t c_show
c0011eb0 T cpu_init
c0011f3c t restore_sigframe
c0012344 t setup_sigframe
c0012798 t setup_return
c0012908 t do_signal
c0012cb0 T sys_sigreturn
c0012d30 T sys_rt_sigreturn
c0012dc4 T do_work_pending
c0012e68 T get_signal_page
c0012f04 T walk_stackframe
c0012f3c T sys_arm_fadvise64_64
c0012f5c t dummy_clock_access
c0012f74 T profile_pc
c0012fe0 T read_persistent_clock64
c0012ff0 T read_boot_clock64
c0013000 t dump_mem
c0013144 T __readwrite_bug
c0013160 T abort
c0013168 T __div0
c0013180 T dump_backtrace_entry
c00131f4 T show_stack
c0013208 T die
c00135e4 T arm_notify_die
c0013638 t bad_syscall
c00136c8 T is_valid_bugaddr
c0013704 T register_undef_hook
c0013748 T unregister_undef_hook
c0013788 T bad_mode
c00137e4 T arm_syscall
c0013a0c T baddataabort
c0013a60 T __pte_error
c0013a8c T __pmd_error
c0013ab8 T __pgd_error
c0013b00 t __pabt_invalid
c0013b10 t __dabt_invalid
c0013b20 t __irq_invalid
c0013b30 t __und_invalid
c0013b3c t common_invalid
c0013b60 t __dabt_svc
c0013bc0 t __irq_svc
c0013c50 t svc_preempt
c0013c68 t __und_fault
c0013c80 t __und_svc
c0013cd8 t __und_svc_fault
c0013ce0 t __und_svc_finish
c0013d00 t __pabt_svc
c0013d80 t __fiq_svc
c0013e20 t __fiq_abt
c0013ec0 t __dabt_usr
c0013f00 t __irq_usr
c0013f80 t __und_usr
c0013fe8 t __und_usr_thumb
c0014028 t call_fpe
c0014130 t do_fpe
c001413c T no_fp
c0014140 t __und_usr_fault_32
c0014148 t __und_usr_fault_16_pan
c0014154 t __und_usr_fault_16
c0014180 t __pabt_usr
c00141c8 T ret_from_exception
c00141e0 t __fiq_usr
c001425c T __switch_to
c001429c T arm_cpuidle_simple_enter
c00142bc T arm_cpuidle_suspend
c00142f0 t find_mod_section
c0014350 T module_alloc
c00143a0 T apply_relocate
c0014604 T module_finalize
c0014854 T module_arch_cleanup
c0014880 T __cpu_suspend
c00148f0 t cpu_suspend_abort
c0014920 t cpu_resume_after_mmu
c001492c T cpu_resume
c001492c T cpu_resume_arm
c00149ac t _sleep_save_sp
c00149b0 t mpidr_hash_ptr
c00149b4 t cpu_suspend_alloc_sp
c0014a54 T cpu_suspend
c0014b1c T __cpu_suspend_save
c0014bc8 t smp_cross_call
c0014bd8 t cpufreq_callback
c0014ce8 t smp_store_cpu_info
c0014d1c t raise_nmi
c0014d70 T __cpu_up
c0014ea0 T platform_can_secondary_boot
c0014eb8 T platform_can_cpu_hotplug
c0014ed0 T platform_can_hotplug_cpu
c0014f10 T __cpu_disable
c0014f94 T __cpu_die
c0015004 T arch_cpu_idle_dead
c0015084 T secondary_start_kernel
c00151cc T show_ipi_list
c0015294 T smp_irq_stat_cpu
c00152c8 T arch_send_call_function_ipi_mask
c00152d0 T arch_send_wakeup_ipi_mask
c00152d8 T arch_send_call_function_single_ipi
c0015300 T arch_irq_work_raise
c0015348 T tick_broadcast
c0015350 T register_ipi_completion
c0015370 T handle_IPI
c0015514 T smp_send_reschedule
c001553c T smp_send_stop
c00155e8 T setup_profiling_timer
c00155f0 T arch_trigger_all_cpu_backtrace
c00155fc t ipi_flush_tlb_all
c0015630 t ipi_flush_tlb_mm
c0015668 t ipi_flush_tlb_page
c00156c8 t ipi_flush_tlb_kernel_page
c0015704 t ipi_flush_tlb_range
c001571c t ipi_flush_tlb_kernel_range
c0015730 t ipi_flush_bp_all
c0015760 T flush_tlb_all
c00157cc T flush_tlb_mm
c0015838 T flush_tlb_page
c00158dc T flush_tlb_kernel_page
c001595c T flush_tlb_range
c00159d8 T flush_tlb_kernel_range
c0015a38 T flush_bp_all
c0015aa0 t arch_timer_read_counter_long
c0015ab8 T __aeabi_unwind_cpp_pr2
c0015abc t unwind_pop_register
c0015af8 t unwind_find_origin
c0015b94 t search_index
c0015c58 t unwind_get_byte
c0015cbc T __aeabi_unwind_cpp_pr1
c0015cc0 T __aeabi_unwind_cpp_pr0
c0015cc4 T unwind_frame
c0016284 T unwind_backtrace
c00163a0 T unwind_table_add
c0016474 T unwind_table_del
c00164bc T arch_match_cpu_phys_id
c00164e0 t set_segfault
c00165c8 t proc_status_open
c00165ec t proc_status_show
c0016658 t swp_handler
c00168dc t write_wb_reg
c0016c0c t read_wb_reg
c0016f38 t reset_ctrl_regs
c0016f3c t dbg_cpu_pm_notify
c0016f5c t debug_reg_trap
c0016fa8 t get_debug_arch
c0016ff8 t dbg_reset_notify
c0017030 t core_has_mismatch_brps
c0017058 t get_num_brps
c001707c T arch_get_debug_arch
c001708c T hw_breakpoint_slots
c0017114 T arch_get_max_wp_len
c0017124 T arch_install_hw_breakpoint
c00172a4 T arch_uninstall_hw_breakpoint
c0017378 t hw_breakpoint_pending
c0017784 T arch_check_bp_in_kernelspace
c00177f4 T arch_bp_generic_fields
c0017888 T arch_validate_hwbkpt_settings
c0017b0c T hw_breakpoint_pmu_read
c0017b10 T hw_breakpoint_exceptions_notify
c0017b18 T perf_reg_value
c0017b68 T perf_reg_validate
c0017b9c T perf_reg_abi
c0017ba8 T perf_get_regs_user
c0017bd8 t callchain_trace
c0017c20 T perf_callchain_user
c0017dd0 T perf_callchain_kernel
c0017e44 T perf_instruction_pointer
c0017e88 T perf_misc_flags
c0017ee8 t armv7pmu_read_counter
c0017f54 t armv7pmu_write_counter
c0017fbc t armv7pmu_set_event_filter
c0017ff8 t armv7pmu_reset
c0018044 t armv7pmu_init
c00180c0 t armv7_read_num_pmnc_events
c00180d4 t clear_pmresrn_group
c00180ec t armv7pmu_stop
c0018134 t armv7pmu_start
c0018180 t scorpion_map_event
c0018198 t krait_map_event
c00181b4 t krait_map_event_no_branch
c00181d0 t armv7_a5_map_event
c00181e8 t armv7_a7_map_event
c0018200 t armv7_a8_map_event
c0018218 t armv7_a9_map_event
c0018234 t armv7_a12_map_event
c0018250 t armv7_a15_map_event
c001826c t armv7pmu_disable_event
c0018308 t armv7pmu_enable_event
c00183c8 t armv7pmu_handle_irq
c00184fc t armv7_probe_num_events
c0018514 t scorpion_mp_pmu_init
c0018578 t scorpion_pmu_init
c00185dc t armv7_a5_pmu_init
c0018604 t armv7_a7_pmu_init
c0018638 t armv7_a8_pmu_init
c0018660 t armv7_a9_pmu_init
c0018688 t armv7_a12_pmu_init
c00186bc t armv7_a17_pmu_init
c00186d8 t armv7_a15_pmu_init
c001870c t krait_pmu_init
c00187a8 t armv7_pmu_device_probe
c00187c4 t armv7pmu_get_event_idx
c0018828 t scorpion_pmu_get_event_idx
c00188e4 t krait_pmu_get_event_idx
c00189b8 t venum_pre_pmresr
c0018a0c t krait_read_pmresrn.part.5
c0018a0c t krait_write_pmresrn.part.6
c0018a0c t scorpion_read_pmresrn.part.3
c0018a0c t scorpion_write_pmresrn.part.4
c0018a14 t krait_read_pmresrn
c0018a4c t scorpion_write_pmresrn
c0018a90 t scorpion_read_pmresrn
c0018ad4 t krait_write_pmresrn
c0018b0c t scorpion_pmu_clear_event_idx
c0018b68 t krait_pmu_clear_event_idx
c0018bc4 t venum_post_pmresr
c0018c04 t scorpion_pmu_disable_event
c0018cd4 t scorpion_pmu_enable_event
c0018e1c t scorpion_pmu_reset
c0018e84 t krait_pmu_disable_event
c0018f54 t krait_pmu_enable_event
c001908c t krait_pmu_reset
c00190f0 t cpu_cpu_mask
c0019100 T cpu_coregroup_mask
c0019118 T cpu_cluster_energy
c0019168 T cpu_core_energy
c00191b8 t cpu_corepower_flags
c00191c0 T arch_scale_cpu_capacity
c00191f4 T arch_scale_set_curr_freq
c0019238 T arch_scale_set_max_freq
c0019254 T arch_scale_freq_capacity
c0019278 T arch_get_max_cpu_capacity
c0019294 T arch_scale_get_max_freq
c00192b0 T arch_get_cur_cpu_capacity
c00192e8 T cpu_corepower_mask
c0019300 T store_cpu_topology
c001951c T arch_cpu_is_big
c0019568 T arch_cpu_is_little
c001957c T arch_is_smp
c00195bc T arch_get_nr_clusters
c0019640 T arch_is_multi_cluster
c0019658 T arch_get_cluster_id
c0019674 T arch_get_cluster_cpus
c00196f4 T arch_better_capacity
c0019720 T get_cpu_orig_capacity
c0019760 T arm_install_vdso
c00197f4 T update_vsyscall
c00198dc T update_vsyscall_tz
c0019918 T atomic_io_modify_relaxed
c001995c T _memcpy_fromio
c0019980 T atomic_io_modify
c00199d0 T _memcpy_toio
c0019a04 T _memset_io
c0019a40 T __hyp_stub_install
c0019a54 T __hyp_stub_install_secondary
c0019ae0 t __hyp_stub_do_trap
c0019af0 T __hyp_get_vectors
c0019af4 T __hyp_set_vectors
c0019b00 t __hyp_stub_reset
c0019b00 t __hyp_stub_vectors
c0019b04 t __hyp_stub_und
c0019b08 t __hyp_stub_svc
c0019b0c t __hyp_stub_pabort
c0019b10 t __hyp_stub_dabort
c0019b14 t __hyp_stub_trap
c0019b18 t __hyp_stub_irq
c0019b1c t __hyp_stub_fiq
c0019b20 T __invoke_psci_fn_hvc
c0019b28 T __invoke_psci_fn_smc
c0019b30 t psci_boot_secondary
c0019b98 T psci_cpu_disable
c0019bc4 T psci_cpu_die
c0019bf8 T psci_cpu_kill
c0019ec0 t arm_coherent_dma_map_page
c0019ef4 t dma_cache_maint_page
c0019ffc t __dma_page_cpu_to_dev
c001a088 t arm_dma_sync_single_for_device
c001a0cc t arm_dma_map_page
c001a13c t __dma_page_dev_to_cpu
c001a240 t arm_dma_sync_single_for_cpu
c001a284 t __dma_clear_buffer
c001a36c T arm_dma_map_sg
c001a4ac T arm_dma_unmap_sg
c001a524 T arm_dma_sync_sg_for_cpu
c001a590 T arm_dma_sync_sg_for_device
c001a5fc T arm_iommu_sync_sg_for_cpu
c001a644 T arm_iommu_sync_sg_for_device
c001a68c t __iommu_remove_mapping
c001a758 T arm_iommu_unmap_sg
c001a7d4 t arm_coherent_iommu_unmap_page
c001a8a0 t extend_iommu_mapping
c001a904 t __map_sg_chunk
c001ac14 t __iommu_map_sg
c001adcc T arm_coherent_iommu_map_sg
c001adec T arm_iommu_map_sg
c001ae0c t arm_coherent_iommu_map_page
c001b06c t arm_iommu_map_page
c001b0d0 t __iommu_create_mapping
c001b370 t arm_iommu_sync_single_for_device
c001b3d4 t arm_iommu_sync_single_for_cpu
c001b438 t arm_iommu_unmap_page
c001b568 T arm_iommu_create_mapping
c001b67c t release_iommu_mapping
c001b6c8 T arm_iommu_release_mapping
c001b700 t arm_dma_unmap_page
c001b758 t __alloc_from_pool
c001b7dc t __arm_iommu_attach_device.part.5
c001b87c t __arm_iommu_detach_device
c001b920 t arm_dma_get_sgtable.part.3
c001b920 t arm_iommu_attach_device.part.6
c001b920 t arm_iommu_detach_device.part.8
c001b928 T arm_dma_get_sgtable
c001b9b8 T arm_iommu_detach_device
c001b9dc t __iommu_free_buffer.constprop.9
c001ba4c t __arm_dma_mmap.constprop.11
c001baf0 T arm_dma_mmap
c001bb34 t arm_coherent_dma_mmap
c001bb38 t __dma_alloc_buffer.constprop.12
c001bbb8 t __dma_alloc
c001bdf4 t arm_coherent_dma_alloc
c001be28 T arm_dma_alloc
c001be7c T arm_coherent_iommu_unmap_sg
c001bec8 t __free_from_pool
c001bf0c t arm_iommu_alloc_attrs
c001c1d8 t __iommu_get_pages
c001c274 T arm_iommu_free_attrs
c001c354 t arm_iommu_get_sgtable
c001c3ac t arm_iommu_mmap_attrs
c001c470 T arm_iommu_attach_device
c001c4c0 T dma_supported
c001c540 T arm_dma_set_mask
c001c578 t __arm_dma_free
c001c630 t arm_coherent_dma_free
c001c650 T arm_dma_free
c001c670 T arch_setup_dma_ops
c001c754 T arch_teardown_dma_ops
c001c774 T fixup_exception
c001c79c t do_bad
c001c7a4 t __do_user_fault.part.0
c001c7ec T show_pte
c001c8d8 t do_page_fault
c001cc10 T do_bad_area
c001cc9c t do_sect_fault
c001ccac t do_translation_fault
c001cd54 T pfn_valid
c001cd5c T free_tcmmem
c001cd60 T free_initmem
c001cdb0 T ioport_map
c001cdb8 T ioport_unmap
c001cdbc T arm_heavy_mb
c001ce08 T flush_kernel_dcache_page
c001ce0c t flush_icache_alias
c001ceb4 T flush_cache_mm
c001ceb8 T flush_cache_range
c001ced4 T flush_cache_page
c001cf04 T flush_uprobe_xol_access
c001cf4c T copy_to_user_page
c001d050 T __flush_dcache_page
c001d130 T flush_dcache_page
c001d19c T __sync_icache_dcache
c001d224 T __flush_anon_page
c001d314 T setup_mm_for_reboot
c001d390 T iounmap
c001d3a0 T ioremap_page
c001d3b0 t __arm_ioremap_pfn_caller
c001d530 T __arm_ioremap_caller
c001d584 T __arm_ioremap_pfn
c001d598 T ioremap
c001d5bc T ioremap_cache
c001d5e0 T ioremap_wc
c001d604 T find_static_vm_vaddr
c001d650 T __iounmap
c001d678 T __check_vmalloc_seq
c001d6dc T __arm_ioremap_exec
c001d6f8 T arch_get_unmapped_area
c001d7c0 T arch_get_unmapped_area_topdown
c001d8bc T arch_mmap_rnd
c001d8e0 T arch_pick_mmap_layout
c001d9a8 T valid_phys_addr_range
c001d9f0 T valid_mmap_phys_addr_range
c001da04 T pgd_alloc
c001db48 T pgd_free
c001dbfc T get_mem_type
c001dc18 t pte_offset_late_fixmap
c001dc34 T phys_mem_access_prot
c001dc74 T tcm_init
c001dc78 T __set_fixmap
c001dd54 t change_page_range
c001dd88 t change_memory_common
c001de4c T set_memory_ro
c001de58 T set_memory_rw
c001de64 T set_memory_nx
c001de70 T set_memory_x
c001de7c t do_alignment_ldrhstrh
c001df8c t do_alignment_ldrdstrd
c001e1f4 t do_alignment_ldrstr
c001e348 t cpu_is_v6_unaligned
c001e36c t do_alignment_ldmstm
c001e5cc t alignment_proc_open
c001e5e0 t alignment_proc_show
c001e6b0 t alignment_proc_write
c001e750 t do_alignment
c001edfc T kmap
c001ee18 T __kunmap_atomic
c001ef20 T kunmap
c001ef64 T kmap_atomic
c001f0b8 T kmap_atomic_pfn
c001f200 T v7_early_abort
c001f220 T v7_pabort
c001f22c T v7_invalidate_l1
c001f290 T v7_flush_icache_all
c001f29c T v7_flush_dcache_louis
c001f2cc T v7_flush_dcache_all
c001f2e0 t start_flush_levels
c001f2e4 t flush_levels
c001f32c t loop1
c001f330 t loop2
c001f34c t skip
c001f358 t finished
c001f36c T v7_flush_kern_cache_all
c001f384 T v7_flush_kern_cache_louis
c001f39c T v7_flush_user_cache_all
c001f39c T v7_flush_user_cache_range
c001f3a0 T v7_coherent_kern_range
c001f3a0 T v7_coherent_user_range
c001f414 T v7_flush_kern_dcache_area
c001f44c t v7_dma_inv_range
c001f494 t v7_dma_clean_range
c001f4c8 T v7_dma_flush_range
c001f4fc T v7_dma_map_area
c001f50c T v7_dma_unmap_area
c001f51c t v6_copy_user_highpage_nonaliasing
c001f558 t v6_clear_user_highpage_nonaliasing
c001f578 T check_and_switch_context
c001f9a0 T v7wbi_flush_user_tlb_range
c001f9d8 T v7wbi_flush_kern_tlb_range
c001fa20 T cpu_ca8_switch_mm
c001fa28 T cpu_ca9mp_switch_mm
c001fa28 T cpu_v7_switch_mm
c001fa44 T cpu_ca8_set_pte_ext
c001fa44 T cpu_ca9mp_set_pte_ext
c001fa44 T cpu_v7_set_pte_ext
c001fa9c t v7_crval
c001faa4 T cpu_ca8_proc_init
c001faa4 T cpu_ca9mp_proc_init
c001faa4 T cpu_v7_proc_init
c001faa8 T cpu_ca8_proc_fin
c001faa8 T cpu_ca9mp_proc_fin
c001faa8 T cpu_v7_proc_fin
c001fac0 T cpu_ca8_do_idle
c001fac0 T cpu_ca9mp_do_idle
c001fac0 T cpu_v7_do_idle
c001facc T cpu_ca8_dcache_clean_area
c001facc T cpu_ca9mp_dcache_clean_area
c001facc T cpu_v7_dcache_clean_area
c001fb00 t cpu_v7_name
c001fb10 T cpu_ca8_do_suspend
c001fb10 T cpu_v7_do_suspend
c001fb40 T cpu_ca8_do_resume
c001fb40 T cpu_v7_do_resume
c001fba4 T cpu_ca9mp_do_suspend
c001fbbc T cpu_ca9mp_do_resume
c001fbdc t __v7_ca5mp_setup
c001fbdc t __v7_ca9mp_setup
c001fbdc t __v7_cr7mp_setup
c001fbe4 t __v7_b15mp_setup
c001fbe4 t __v7_ca12mp_setup
c001fbe4 t __v7_ca15mp_setup
c001fbe4 t __v7_ca17mp_setup
c001fbe4 t __v7_ca7mp_setup
c001fc10 t __ca8_errata
c001fc14 t __ca9_errata
c001fc18 t __ca15_errata
c001fc1c t __v7_pj4b_setup
c001fc1c t __v7_setup
c001fc2c t __v7_setup_cont
c001fc6c t __errata_finish
c001fce0 t __v7_setup_stack
c001fd10 T outer_disable
c001fd78 t l2c_write_sec
c001fdb8 t __l2c_op_way
c001fddc t l2c_unlock
c001fe08 t l2c_configure
c001fe20 t l2c_enable
c001febc t l2c_disable
c001fef4 t l2c_save
c001ff0c t l2c_resume
c001ff30 t l2c210_inv_range
c001ff94 t l2c220_op_way
c001ffe0 t l2c220_op_pa_range
c0020058 t l2c220_inv_range
c0020110 t l2c220_clean_range
c00201a4 t l2c220_flush_range
c0020238 t l2c220_flush_all
c002024c t l2c220_sync
c0020294 t l2c220_enable
c00202ac t l2c310_disable
c00202d4 t aurora_pa_range
c002035c t aurora_inv_range
c0020364 t aurora_clean_range
c0020380 t aurora_flush_range
c002039c t aurora_flush_all
c00203dc t aurora_cache_sync
c00203f4 t aurora_disable
c0020448 t aurora_save
c0020464 t tauros3_configure
c002048c t l2c310_configure
c002051c t l2c310_cpu_enable_flz
c0020554 t l2c310_resume
c0020584 t l2c220_unlock.part.0
c0020584 t l2c310_unlock.part.4
c00205b0 t l2c220_unlock
c00205c0 t l2c310_unlock
c00205d0 t bcm_clean_range.part.7
c00205d0 t bcm_inv_range.part.8
c00205d0 t l2c210_flush_all.part.5
c00205d8 t bcm_inv_range
c0020634 t l2c210_sync
c002065c t l2c210_clean_range
c00206a0 t bcm_clean_range
c00206fc t l2c210_flush_range
c0020740 t bcm_flush_range
c00207c8 t l2c210_flush_all
c0020810 T l2c310_early_resume
c0020870 T __enable_icache
c0020880 T __disable_icache
c0020890 T __enable_dcache
c00208ac T __disable_dcache
c00208d4 T __enable_cache
c00208e8 T __disable_cache
c0020904 T __inner_flush_dcache_all
c0020920 t all_loop1
c002095c t all_loop2
c0020960 t all_loop3
c002097c t all_skip
c0020988 t all_finished
c00209a0 T __inner_flush_dcache_L1
c00209bc t L1_loop1
c00209f8 t L1_loop2
c00209fc t L1_loop3
c0020a18 t L1_finished
c0020a18 t L1_skip
c0020a30 T __inner_flush_dcache_L2
c0020a4c t L2_loop1
c0020a88 t L2_loop2
c0020a8c t L2_loop3
c0020aa8 t L2_finished
c0020aa8 t L2_skip
c0020ac0 T __inner_clean_dcache_all
c0020adc t all_cl_loop1
c0020b18 t all_cl_loop2
c0020b1c t all_cl_loop3
c0020b38 t all_cl_skip
c0020b44 t all_cl_finished
c0020b5c T __inner_clean_dcache_L1
c0020b78 t L1_cl_loop1
c0020bb4 t L1_cl_loop2
c0020bb8 t L1_cl_loop3
c0020bd4 t L1_cl_finished
c0020bd4 t L1_cl_skip
c0020bec T __inner_clean_dcache_L2
c0020c08 t L2_cl_loop1
c0020c44 t L2_cl_loop2
c0020c48 t L2_cl_loop3
c0020c64 t L2_cl_finished
c0020c64 t L2_cl_skip
c0020c7c T __inner_inv_dcache_all
c0020c98 t all_inv_loop1
c0020cd4 t all_inv_loop2
c0020cd8 t all_inv_loop3
c0020cf4 t all_inv_skip
c0020d00 t all_inv_finished
c0020d18 T __inner_inv_dcache_L1
c0020d34 t L1_inv_loop1
c0020d70 t L1_inv_loop2
c0020d74 t L1_inv_loop3
c0020d90 t L1_inv_finished
c0020d90 t L1_inv_skip
c0020da8 T __inner_inv_dcache_L2
c0020dc4 t L2_inv_loop1
c0020e00 t L2_inv_loop2
c0020e04 t L2_inv_loop3
c0020e20 t L2_inv_finished
c0020e20 t L2_inv_skip
c0020e38 T __disable_dcache__inner_flush_dcache_L1
c0020e78 t DF1_L1_loop1
c0020eb4 t DF1_L1_loop2
c0020eb8 t DF1_L1_loop3
c0020ed8 t DF1_L1_finished
c0020ed8 t DF1_L1_skip
c0020ef0 T __disable_dcache__inner_flush_dcache_L1__inner_flush_dcache_L2
c0020f30 t DF1F2_L1_loop1
c0020f6c t DF1F2_L1_loop2
c0020f70 t DF1F2_L1_loop3
c0020f90 t DF1F2_L1_finished
c0020f90 t DF1F2_L1_skip
c0020fbc t DF1F2_L2_loop1
c0020ff8 t DF1F2_L2_loop2
c0020ffc t DF1F2_L2_loop3
c0021018 t DF1F2_L2_finished
c0021018 t DF1F2_L2_skip
c0021030 T __disable_dcache__inner_flush_dcache_L1__inner_clean_dcache_L2
c0021070 t DF1C2_L1_loop1
c00210ac t DF1C2_L1_loop2
c00210b0 t DF1C2_L1_loop3
c00210d0 t DF1C2_L1_finished
c00210d0 t DF1C2_L1_skip
c00210fc t DF1C2_L2_cl_loop1
c0021138 t DF1C2_L2_cl_loop2
c002113c t DF1C2_L2_cl_loop3
c0021158 t DF1C2_L2_cl_finished
c0021158 t DF1C2_L2_cl_skip
c0021170 T d_i_dis_flush_all
c00211b4 t DIF1F2_L1_loop1
c00211f0 t DIF1F2_L1_loop2
c00211f4 t DIF1F2_L1_loop3
c0021214 t DIF1F2_L1_finished
c0021214 t DIF1F2_L1_skip
c0021240 t DIF1F2_L2_loop1
c002127c t DIF1F2_L2_loop2
c0021280 t DIF1F2_L2_loop3
c002129c t DIF1F2_L2_finished
c002129c t DIF1F2_L2_skip
c00212bc t __do_kernel_fault.part.1
c00214c0 t K256
c00215e0 T sha256_block_data_order
c00223c0 T sha256_block_data_order_neon
c0023000 t sha224_base_init
c002307c t sha256_base_init
c00230f0 T crypto_sha256_arm_update
c00231a4 t sha256_final
c0023288 T crypto_sha256_arm_finup
c0023348 t sha224_base_init
c00233c4 t sha256_base_init
c0023438 t sha256_update
c0023554 t sha256_finup
c0023710 t sha256_final
c0023740 t aes_encrypt
c0023800 t aes_decrypt
c00238c0 t aes_encrypt_3x
c0023a80 t aes_decrypt_3x
c0023c30 T ce_aes_ecb_encrypt
c0023c84 T ce_aes_ecb_decrypt
c0023cd8 T ce_aes_cbc_encrypt
c0023d10 T ce_aes_cbc_decrypt
c0023d94 T ce_aes_ctr_encrypt
c0023ed0 t ce_aes_xts_init
c0023f04 T ce_aes_xts_encrypt
c0023fe8 T ce_aes_xts_decrypt
c00240d0 T ce_aes_sub
c00240e4 T ce_aes_invert
c00240f4 t xts_decrypt
c00241a8 t xts_encrypt
c002425c t ce_aes_expandkey
c0024408 t xts_set_key
c002445c t ce_aes_setkey
c0024484 t ctr_encrypt
c00245ac t cbc_decrypt
c0024648 t cbc_encrypt
c00246e4 t ecb_decrypt
c0024778 t ecb_encrypt
c0024940 T sha2_ce_transform
c0024b20 t sha224_base_init
c0024b9c t sha256_base_init
c0024c10 t sha2_ce_update
c0024d2c t sha2_ce_finup
c0024ee8 t sha2_ce_final
c0024ef8 t mtk_boot_secondary
c0024f68 T get_task_mm
c0024fc8 t account_kernel_stack
c0025000 T task_free_register
c0025010 T task_free_unregister
c0025020 t set_max_threads
c00250ac T get_mm_exe_file
c0025114 T get_task_exe_file
c0025160 t unshare_fd
c00251cc t sighand_ctor
c00251f0 T __mmdrop
c0025288 t mm_init.constprop.5
c00253ac T nr_processes
c0025418 W arch_release_task_struct
c002541c W arch_release_thread_info
c0025420 T free_task
c0025470 T __put_task_struct
c0025550 W arch_dup_task_struct
c0025564 T set_task_stack_end_magic
c0025578 T mm_alloc
c00255b0 T set_mm_exe_file
c0025610 T mmput
c00256d8 T mm_access
c0025768 T mm_release
c0025870 T __cleanup_sighand
c00258bc t copy_process.constprop.4
c0026e40 T SyS_set_tid_address
c0026e40 T sys_set_tid_address
c0026e64 T fork_idle
c0026ed8 T _do_fork
c0027270 T do_fork
c0027290 T kernel_thread
c00272c0 T sys_fork
c00272e8 T sys_vfork
c0027310 T SyS_clone
c0027310 T sys_clone
c0027334 T SyS_unshare
c0027334 T sys_unshare
c002760c T unshare_files
c0027688 T sysctl_max_threads
c0027740 t execdomains_proc_open
c0027754 t execdomains_proc_show
c002776c T SyS_personality
c002776c T sys_personality
c0027790 t no_blink
c0027798 T test_taint
c00277c4 t spin_msec
c0027800 T add_taint
c0027860 t do_oops_enter_exit.part.0
c002791c t init_oops_id
c002795c W panic_smp_self_stop
c0027960 T print_tainted
c00279f8 T get_taint
c0027a08 T oops_may_print
c0027a20 T oops_enter
c0027a44 T print_oops_end_marker
c0027a68 t warn_slowpath_common
c0027b14 T warn_slowpath_fmt
c0027b50 T warn_slowpath_fmt_taint
c0027b8c T warn_slowpath_null
c0027bac T oops_exit
c0027bd8 T cpu_hotplugging
c0027bf4 T cpu_maps_update_begin
c0027c00 T cpu_maps_update_done
c0027c0c T cpu_hotplug_disable
c0027c30 T get_online_cpus
c0027c88 T cpu_hotplug_enable
c0027cc4 t cpu_hotplug_pm_callback
c0027d04 T put_online_cpus
c0027db4 T register_cpu_notifier
c0027e44 T __register_cpu_notifier
c0027e54 T unregister_cpu_notifier
c0027e78 T __unregister_cpu_notifier
c0027e88 t __cpu_notify
c0027ec0 t cpu_notify
c0027ecc t smpboot_thread_call
c0027efc T idle_notifier_register
c0027f0c T idle_notifier_unregister
c0027f1c T idle_notifier_call_chain
c0027f30 t take_cpu_down
c0027f64 t cpu_notify_nofail
c0027f7c T cpu_hotplug_begin
c0028024 T cpu_hotplug_done
c002803c t _cpu_down
c00286f8 T cpu_down
c00289f8 t _cpu_up
c0028e20 T cpu_up
c002918c T clear_tasks_mm_cpumask
c0029228 T smpboot_thread_init
c0029234 T disable_nonboot_cpus
c0029324 W arch_enable_nonboot_cpus_begin
c0029328 W arch_enable_nonboot_cpus_end
c002932c T enable_nonboot_cpus
c0029434 T notify_cpu_starting
c002946c T set_cpu_possible
c0029484 T set_cpu_present
c002949c T set_cpu_online
c00294d4 T set_cpu_active
c00294ec T init_cpu_present
c0029500 T init_cpu_possible
c0029514 T init_cpu_online
c0029528 t will_become_orphaned_pgrp
c00295bc t find_alive_thread
c00295f0 t delayed_put_task_struct
c0029640 t kill_orphaned_pgrp
c00296f0 t wait_noreap_copyout
c0029900 t task_stopped_code
c0029944 t child_wait_callback
c00299a4 T release_task
c0029d38 T do_exit
c002a5a8 T complete_and_exit
c002a5c4 t wait_consider_task
c002b2b8 t do_wait
c002b464 T is_current_pgrp_orphaned
c002b4ac T SyS_exit
c002b4ac T sys_exit
c002b4bc T do_group_exit
c002b57c T SyS_exit_group
c002b57c T sys_exit_group
c002b58c T __wake_up_parent
c002b5a4 T SyS_waitid
c002b5a4 T sys_waitid
c002b7e4 T SyS_wait4
c002b7e4 T sys_wait4
c002b8a0 T tasklet_init
c002b8bc t __local_bh_enable
c002b908 T _local_bh_enable
c002b95c t ksoftirqd_should_run
c002b974 t wakeup_softirqd
c002b9b0 T tasklet_kill
c002ba30 T tasklet_hrtimer_init
c002ba7c t __tasklet_hrtimer_trampoline
c002bac0 T __do_softirq
c002bcd4 t run_ksoftirqd
c002bd18 T do_softirq
c002bd6c T __local_bh_enable_ip
c002be48 T irq_enter
c002bea0 T irq_exit
c002bf88 T raise_softirq_irqoff
c002bfbc T __raise_softirq_irqoff
c002bfe4 T __tasklet_schedule
c002c068 T __tasklet_hi_schedule
c002c0ec t __hrtimer_tasklet_trampoline
c002c118 t cpu_callback
c002c2a0 T raise_softirq
c002c2e0 T __tasklet_hi_schedule_first
c002c33c t tasklet_hi_action
c002c470 t tasklet_action
c002c5a4 T open_softirq
c002c5b4 T tasklet_kill_immediate
c002c674 W arch_dynirq_lower_bound
c002c678 t r_stop
c002c684 t __request_resource
c002c6f8 t __is_ram
c002c700 t simple_align_resource
c002c708 T adjust_resource
c002c7dc t devm_resource_match
c002c7f0 t devm_region_match
c002c830 t iomem_open
c002c860 t ioports_open
c002c890 t r_show
c002c92c t __release_child_resources
c002c988 t __insert_resource
c002cabc T resource_list_create_entry
c002caf4 T resource_list_free
c002cb38 t r_next
c002cb74 t r_start
c002cbdc t alloc_resource
c002cc58 t free_resource
c002ccc4 T __request_region
c002ce04 T __devm_request_region
c002ce8c T __release_region
c002cf6c t devm_region_release
c002cf74 T devm_release_resource
c002cfac T __devm_release_region
c002d004 t find_next_iomem_res
c002d128 T release_resource
c002d18c t devm_resource_release
c002d194 T release_child_resources
c002d1c0 T request_resource_conflict
c002d1fc T request_resource
c002d214 T devm_request_resource
c002d2a8 T walk_iomem_res
c002d330 T walk_system_ram_res
c002d3c4 T walk_system_ram_range
c002d480 W page_is_ram
c002d4a8 T region_intersects
c002d5b8 W arch_remove_reservations
c002d5bc t __find_resource
c002d748 T allocate_resource
c002d934 T lookup_resource
c002d97c T insert_resource_conflict
c002d9b8 T insert_resource
c002d9d0 T insert_resource_expand_to_fit
c002da54 T resource_alignment
c002da90 T iomem_map_sanity_check
c002db5c T iomem_is_exclusive
c002dc24 t proc_put_long
c002dcf4 t proc_skip_spaces
c002dd14 t proc_put_char
c002dd88 t do_proc_dointvec_conv
c002ddf0 t do_proc_dointvec_minmax_conv
c002de74 t do_proc_dointvec_jiffies_conv
c002deec t validate_coredump_safety.part.4
c002df10 t warn_sysctl_write
c002df50 T proc_dostring
c002e1ec t proc_dostring_coredump
c002e228 t do_proc_dointvec_userhz_jiffies_conv
c002e284 t do_proc_dointvec_ms_jiffies_conv
c002e2ec t proc_get_long.constprop.8
c002e414 t __do_proc_doulongvec_minmax
c002e76c T proc_doulongvec_ms_jiffies_minmax
c002e7a4 t __do_proc_dointvec
c002eb14 t proc_do_cad_pid
c002ebcc T proc_dointvec_minmax
c002ec18 t proc_dointvec_minmax_sysadmin
c002ec68 T proc_dointvec
c002ec9c T proc_doulongvec_minmax
c002ecd0 t proc_taint
c002edb0 T proc_dointvec_jiffies
c002edec T proc_dointvec_userhz_jiffies
c002ee28 T proc_dointvec_ms_jiffies
c002ee64 t proc_dointvec_minmax_coredump
c002eea0 T proc_do_large_bitmap
c002f320 t bin_dir
c002f328 t bin_intvec
c002f518 t bin_ulongvec
c002f708 t bin_string
c002f830 t bin_dn_node_address
c002f9dc t bin_uuid
c002fb18 T SyS_sysctl
c002fb18 T sys_sysctl
c0030028 t cap_validate_magic
c003018c T file_ns_capable
c00301e0 t ns_capable_common.part.0
c00301fc T ns_capable
c003025c T capable
c003026c T capable_wrt_inode_uidgid
c0030278 T ns_capable_noaudit
c00302d8 T SyS_capget
c00302d8 T sys_capget
c00304a4 T SyS_capset
c00304a4 T sys_capset
c00306b0 T has_ns_capability
c00306e8 T has_capability
c00306f8 T has_ns_capability_noaudit
c0030730 T has_capability_noaudit
c0030740 t ptrace_peek_siginfo
c003093c t ptrace_resume
c00309f8 t ptrace_has_cap
c0030a30 t __ptrace_may_access
c0030b70 t __ptrace_detach.part.2
c0030c1c T __ptrace_link
c0030c54 T __ptrace_unlink
c0030d38 T ptrace_may_access
c0030d78 T exit_ptrace
c0030e0c T ptrace_readdata
c0030ee4 T ptrace_writedata
c0030fd0 T SyS_ptrace
c0030fd0 T sys_ptrace
c00314a8 T generic_ptrace_peekdata
c0031514 T generic_ptrace_pokedata
c0031548 T ptrace_request
c0031c30 t uid_hash_find
c0031c90 T find_user
c0031ce0 T free_uid
c0031d5c T alloc_uid
c0031e28 t sig_handler_ignored
c0031e58 t do_sigaltstack
c0032080 t recalc_sigpending_tsk
c00320f0 t __sigqueue_alloc
c003221c T recalc_sigpending
c0032284 t __sigqueue_free
c00322d8 t __flush_itimer_signals
c00323a0 t collect_signal
c0032464 t flush_sigqueue_mask
c0032508 T kernel_sigaction
c00325e4 t check_kill_permission
c00326e8 t ptrace_notify.part.7
c00326e8 t ptrace_trap_notify.part.3
c00326e8 t task_clear_jobctl_pending.part.4
c00326f0 T next_signal
c0032748 T dequeue_signal
c00328b0 T task_set_jobctl_pending
c0032934 T task_clear_jobctl_trapping
c0032954 T task_clear_jobctl_pending
c0032984 t task_participate_group_stop
c0032a44 T flush_sigqueue
c0032a84 T flush_signals
c0032ad8 T flush_itimer_signals
c0032b2c T ignore_signals
c0032b54 T flush_signal_handlers
c0032ba0 T unhandled_signal
c0032be8 T signal_wake_up_state
c0032c20 t retarget_shared_pending
c0032cb4 t __set_task_blocked
c0032d34 T recalc_sigpending_and_wake
c0032d58 t ptrace_trap_notify
c0032dd8 t prepare_signal
c0033000 t complete_signal
c0033200 t __send_signal
c0033454 t send_signal
c00334d8 T __group_send_sig_info
c00334e0 t do_notify_parent_cldstop
c0033630 t ptrace_stop
c00338b4 t ptrace_do_notify
c0033944 t do_signal_stop
c0033b94 T force_sig_info
c0033c70 T force_sig
c0033c7c T zap_other_threads
c0033ce4 T __lock_task_sighand
c0033d5c T kill_pid_info_as_cred
c0033e68 T do_send_sig_info
c0033ecc T send_sig_info
c0033ee4 T send_sig
c0033ef8 t do_send_specific
c0033fa0 t do_tkill
c0034038 T group_send_sig_info
c003409c T __kill_pgrp_info
c0034118 T kill_pgrp
c0034160 T kill_pid_info
c00341c4 T kill_pid
c00341dc T kill_proc_info
c0034218 T force_sigsegv
c0034268 T sigqueue_alloc
c00342a4 T sigqueue_free
c003431c T send_sigqueue
c0034454 T do_notify_parent
c003463c T ptrace_notify
c00346c8 T get_signal
c0034ba4 T exit_signals
c0034e0c T sys_restart_syscall
c0034e28 T do_no_restart_syscall
c0034e30 T __set_current_blocked
c0034e74 T set_current_blocked
c0034e88 T signal_setup_done
c0034f4c t sigsuspend
c0034fe0 T sigprocmask
c0035090 T SyS_rt_sigprocmask
c0035090 T sys_rt_sigprocmask
c00351e0 T SyS_rt_sigpending
c00351e0 T sys_rt_sigpending
c00352e0 T copy_siginfo_to_user
c00358ec T do_sigtimedwait
c0035b04 T SyS_rt_sigtimedwait
c0035b04 T sys_rt_sigtimedwait
c0035c48 T SyS_kill
c0035c48 T sys_kill
c0035dd4 T SyS_tgkill
c0035dd4 T sys_tgkill
c0035dec T SyS_tkill
c0035dec T sys_tkill
c0035e08 T SyS_rt_sigqueueinfo
c0035e08 T sys_rt_sigqueueinfo
c0035ee0 T SyS_rt_tgsigqueueinfo
c0035ee0 T sys_rt_tgsigqueueinfo
c0035fd4 T do_sigaction
c0036158 T SyS_sigaltstack
c0036158 T sys_sigaltstack
c003616c T restore_altstack
c0036194 T __save_altstack
c0036274 T SyS_sigpending
c0036274 T sys_sigpending
c003627c T SyS_sigprocmask
c003627c T sys_sigprocmask
c00363e4 T SyS_rt_sigaction
c00363e4 T sys_rt_sigaction
c0036508 T SyS_sigaction
c0036508 T sys_sigaction
c003674c T sys_pause
c003678c T SyS_rt_sigsuspend
c003678c T sys_rt_sigsuspend
c0036818 T SyS_sigsuspend
c0036818 T sys_sigsuspend
c0036840 t set_one_prio
c00368fc t set_user
c003697c t prctl_set_auxv
c0036a68 t prctl_set_mm
c0036fb8 T SyS_setpriority
c0036fb8 T sys_setpriority
c00371c8 T SyS_getpriority
c00371c8 T sys_getpriority
c00373b0 T SyS_setregid
c00373b0 T sys_setregid
c00374b0 T SyS_setgid
c00374b0 T sys_setgid
c0037554 T SyS_setreuid
c0037554 T sys_setreuid
c00376a0 T SyS_setuid
c00376a0 T sys_setuid
c0037774 T SyS_setresuid
c0037774 T sys_setresuid
c00378c0 T SyS_getresuid
c00378c0 T sys_getresuid
c00379c8 T SyS_setresgid
c00379c8 T sys_setresgid
c0037ad4 T SyS_getresgid
c0037ad4 T sys_getresgid
c0037bdc T SyS_setfsuid
c0037bdc T sys_setfsuid
c0037cac T SyS_setfsgid
c0037cac T sys_setfsgid
c0037d60 T sys_getpid
c0037d7c T sys_gettid
c0037d98 T sys_getppid
c0037dd0 T sys_getuid
c0037dfc T sys_geteuid
c0037e28 T sys_getgid
c0037e54 T sys_getegid
c0037e80 T do_sys_times
c0037ef8 T SyS_times
c0037ef8 T sys_times
c0037f80 T SyS_setpgid
c0037f80 T sys_setpgid
c00380ec T SyS_getpgid
c00380ec T sys_getpgid
c0038168 T sys_getpgrp
c0038170 T SyS_getsid
c0038170 T sys_getsid
c00381ec T sys_setsid
c00382c4 T SyS_newuname
c00382c4 T sys_newuname
c0038460 T SyS_sethostname
c0038460 T sys_sethostname
c003859c T SyS_gethostname
c003859c T sys_gethostname
c0038650 T SyS_setdomainname
c0038650 T sys_setdomainname
c0038794 T do_prlimit
c003891c T SyS_getrlimit
c003891c T sys_getrlimit
c00389b4 T SyS_prlimit64
c00389b4 T sys_prlimit64
c0038c84 T SyS_setrlimit
c0038c84 T sys_setrlimit
c0038d1c T getrusage
c0038ff4 T SyS_getrusage
c0038ff4 T sys_getrusage
c0039028 T SyS_umask
c0039028 T sys_umask
c0039064 T SyS_prctl
c0039064 T sys_prctl
c0039818 T SyS_getcpu
c0039818 T sys_getcpu
c00398d0 T SyS_sysinfo
c00398d0 T sys_sysinfo
c0039a58 t free_modprobe_argv
c0039a78 t call_usermodehelper_freeinfo
c0039a9c T call_usermodehelper_setup
c0039b24 T usermodehelper_read_unlock
c0039b30 T usermodehelper_read_trylock
c0039c20 T usermodehelper_read_lock_wait
c0039ce4 t umh_complete
c0039d1c t call_usermodehelper_exec_async
c0039e7c T call_usermodehelper_exec
c0039fe0 T __request_module
c003a1ec T call_usermodehelper
c003a248 t call_usermodehelper_exec_work
c003a2ec t proc_cap_handler.part.1
c003a40c t proc_cap_handler
c003a478 T __usermodehelper_set_disable_depth
c003a4b4 T __usermodehelper_disable
c003a59c t get_work_pwq
c003a5ac t too_many_workers
c003a5e8 t find_worker_executing_work
c003a63c t move_linked_works
c003a6b8 t pwq_activate_delayed_work
c003a6f8 t work_for_cpu_fn
c003a714 t set_work_pool_and_clear_pending
c003a768 t get_pwq
c003a7b8 t get_work_pool
c003a818 T work_busy
c003a868 t wake_up_worker
c003a884 t insert_work
c003a918 t __queue_work
c003ab3c T queue_work_on
c003ab88 T delayed_work_timer_fn
c003ab98 t destroy_worker
c003ac20 t __queue_delayed_work
c003ad68 T queue_delayed_work_on
c003adbc t flush_workqueue_prep_pwqs
c003af54 t wq_barrier_func
c003af5c t worker_detach_from_pool
c003afd0 T flush_work
c003b0dc T work_on_cpu
c003b154 T flush_workqueue
c003b58c T drain_workqueue
c003b69c t pr_cont_pool_info
c003b6f0 t cwt_wakefn
c003b708 T flush_delayed_work
c003b744 t apply_wqattrs_lock
c003b75c t apply_wqattrs_unlock
c003b774 t wq_device_release
c003b77c t idle_worker_timeout
c003b7dc t worker_enter_idle
c003b924 t worker_pool_assign_id
c003b964 t worker_attach_to_pool
c003b9c8 t put_unbound_pool
c003bb30 t pwq_unbound_release_workfn
c003bbf4 t rcu_free_pwq
c003bc08 t wq_clamp_max_active
c003bc88 t wq_unbind_fn
c003bd4c T workqueue_congested
c003bde0 t wq_unbound_cpumask_show
c003be3c t max_active_show
c003be5c t per_cpu_show
c003be84 t wq_numa_show
c003bed0 t wq_cpumask_show
c003bf2c t wq_nice_show
c003bf74 t wq_pool_ids_show
c003c014 T execute_in_process_context
c003c088 t wq_calc_node_cpumask
c003c098 t put_pwq
c003c108 t put_pwq_unlocked
c003c130 T destroy_workqueue
c003c288 t pwq_dec_nr_in_flight
c003c348 t process_one_work
c003c644 t process_scheduled_works
c003c670 t try_to_grab_pending
c003c7ac T mod_delayed_work_on
c003c810 T cancel_delayed_work
c003c878 t alloc_worker.constprop.8
c003c8c8 t create_worker
c003ca2c t pwq_adjust_max_active
c003cac8 t link_pwq
c003cb0c t apply_wqattrs_commit
c003cb90 T workqueue_set_max_active
c003cc08 t max_active_store
c003cc5c t need_to_create_worker
c003cc94 t pool_mayday_timeout
c003cd5c t rescuer_thread
c003d010 t worker_thread
c003d3d4 t __cancel_work_timer
c003d560 T cancel_work_sync
c003d568 T cancel_delayed_work_sync
c003d570 T wq_worker_waking_up
c003d5ec T wq_worker_sleeping
c003d6b8 T schedule_on_each_cpu
c003d7b0 T free_workqueue_attrs
c003d7bc t rcu_free_pool
c003d7e4 t rcu_free_wq
c003d824 t apply_wqattrs_cleanup.part.7
c003d850 T alloc_workqueue_attrs
c003d8ac t init_worker_pool
c003d9bc t alloc_unbound_pwq
c003dc54 t wq_update_unbound_numa
c003dc58 t workqueue_cpu_up_callback
c003df28 t workqueue_cpu_down_callback
c003dfcc t apply_wqattrs_prepare
c003e150 t apply_workqueue_attrs_locked
c003e1b8 t wq_sysfs_prep_attrs
c003e1f4 t wq_numa_store
c003e27c t wq_cpumask_store
c003e320 t wq_nice_store
c003e3a8 T apply_workqueue_attrs
c003e3d4 T current_is_workqueue_rescuer
c003e41c T set_worker_desc
c003e47c T print_worker_info
c003e5b4 T show_workqueue_state
c003ea58 T freeze_workqueues_begin
c003eb18 T freeze_workqueues_busy
c003ec80 T thaw_workqueues
c003ed10 T workqueue_set_unbound_cpumask
c003ee3c t wq_unbound_cpumask_store
c003eeb8 T workqueue_sysfs_register
c003efd4 T __alloc_workqueue_key
c003f3bc T find_pid_ns
c003f444 T pid_task
c003f46c T pid_nr_ns
c003f4a4 T task_tgid_nr_ns
c003f4b0 T task_active_pid_ns
c003f4c8 T find_vpid
c003f4f4 T pid_vnr
c003f520 T put_pid
c003f584 t delayed_put_pid
c003f58c t free_pidmap
c003f5c8 T get_task_pid
c003f61c T get_pid_task
c003f668 T find_get_pid
c003f6a8 T __task_pid_nr_ns
c003f718 T next_pidmap
c003f794 T free_pid
c003f8a8 t __change_pid
c003f90c T alloc_pid
c003fd20 T disable_pid_allocation
c003fd50 T attach_pid
c003fd94 T detach_pid
c003fd9c T change_pid
c003fdbc T transfer_pid
c003fe18 T find_task_by_pid_ns
c003fe2c T find_task_by_vpid
c003fe58 T find_ge_pid
c003fe94 T task_work_add
c003ff24 T task_work_cancel
c003ffa0 T task_work_run
c004004c T search_exception_tables
c0040080 T core_kernel_text
c00400ec T core_kernel_data
c004011c T __kernel_text_address
c0040174 T kernel_text_address
c004019c T func_ptr_is_kernel_text
c00401c4 t param_array_free
c004021c t module_attr_show
c0040240 t module_attr_store
c0040270 t uevent_filter
c004028c T param_set_byte
c0040298 T param_get_byte
c00402b0 T param_get_short
c00402c8 T param_get_ushort
c00402e0 T param_get_int
c00402f8 T param_get_uint
c0040310 T param_get_long
c0040328 T param_get_ulong
c0040340 T param_get_ullong
c0040368 T param_get_charp
c0040380 T param_set_short
c004038c T param_set_ushort
c0040398 T param_set_int
c00403a4 T param_set_uint
c00403b0 T param_set_long
c00403bc T param_set_ulong
c00403c8 T param_set_ullong
c00403d4 T param_set_copystring
c0040428 t maybe_kfree_parameter
c004048c T param_free_charp
c0040494 t free_module_param_attrs
c00404c4 t param_array_get
c0040590 T param_set_bool
c00405a8 T param_set_bool_enable_only
c0040618 T param_set_invbool
c0040650 T param_set_bint
c004069c T param_get_bool
c00406bc T param_get_invbool
c00406dc T param_get_string
c00406ec T kernel_param_lock
c0040700 T kernel_param_unlock
c0040714 t add_sysfs_param
c00408c8 t param_attr_show
c004093c t module_kobj_release
c0040944 T param_set_charp
c0040a18 t param_array_set
c0040b44 t param_attr_store
c0040bd4 T parameqn
c0040c28 T parameq
c0040c4c T parse_args
c0041038 T module_param_sysfs_setup
c00410d0 T module_param_sysfs_remove
c00410fc T destroy_params
c004113c T __modver_version_show
c0041158 T kthread_should_stop
c0041178 T kthread_should_park
c0041198 T __init_kthread_worker
c00411b4 T kthread_freezable_should_stop
c004120c t kthread_flush_work_fn
c0041214 t __kthread_parkme
c0041290 T kthread_parkme
c00412ac T kthread_create_on_node
c00413fc T kthread_worker_fn
c0041534 t kthread
c004161c t insert_kthread_work
c004164c T queue_kthread_work
c0041698 T flush_kthread_worker
c004170c T flush_kthread_work
c00417e4 t __kthread_bind_mask
c004184c t __kthread_unpark
c00418c0 T kthread_stop
c004195c T kthread_unpark
c0041974 T kthread_park
c00419e8 T kthread_bind
c0041a10 T kthread_data
c0041a1c T probe_kthread_data
c0041a48 T tsk_fork_get_node
c0041a50 T kthread_bind_mask
c0041a58 T kthread_create_on_cpu
c0041aa4 T kthreadd
c0041be4 T sys_ni_syscall
c0041be4 W compat_sys_epoll_pwait
c0041be4 W compat_sys_fanotify_mark
c0041be4 W compat_sys_futex
c0041be4 W compat_sys_get_mempolicy
c0041be4 W compat_sys_get_robust_list
c0041be4 W compat_sys_getsockopt
c0041be4 W compat_sys_ipc
c0041be4 W compat_sys_kexec_load
c0041be4 W compat_sys_keyctl
c0041be4 W compat_sys_lookup_dcookie
c0041be4 W compat_sys_mbind
c0041be4 W compat_sys_migrate_pages
c0041be4 W compat_sys_move_pages
c0041be4 W compat_sys_mq_getsetattr
c0041be4 W compat_sys_mq_notify
c0041be4 W compat_sys_mq_open
c0041be4 W compat_sys_mq_timedreceive
c0041be4 W compat_sys_mq_timedsend
c0041be4 W compat_sys_msgctl
c0041be4 W compat_sys_msgrcv
c0041be4 W compat_sys_msgsnd
c0041be4 W compat_sys_open_by_handle_at
c0041be4 W compat_sys_process_vm_readv
c0041be4 W compat_sys_process_vm_writev
c0041be4 W compat_sys_recv
c0041be4 W compat_sys_recvfrom
c0041be4 W compat_sys_recvmmsg
c0041be4 W compat_sys_recvmsg
c0041be4 W compat_sys_s390_ipc
c0041be4 W compat_sys_semctl
c0041be4 W compat_sys_semtimedop
c0041be4 W compat_sys_sendmmsg
c0041be4 W compat_sys_sendmsg
c0041be4 W compat_sys_set_mempolicy
c0041be4 W compat_sys_set_robust_list
c0041be4 W compat_sys_setsockopt
c0041be4 W compat_sys_shmat
c0041be4 W compat_sys_shmctl
c0041be4 W compat_sys_signalfd
c0041be4 W compat_sys_signalfd4
c0041be4 W compat_sys_socketcall
c0041be4 W compat_sys_sysctl
c0041be4 W compat_sys_timerfd_gettime
c0041be4 W compat_sys_timerfd_settime
c0041be4 W ppc_rtas
c0041be4 W sys32_quotactl
c0041be4 W sys_acct
c0041be4 W sys_add_key
c0041be4 W sys_bpf
c0041be4 W sys_delete_module
c0041be4 W sys_fadvise64
c0041be4 W sys_fanotify_init
c0041be4 W sys_fanotify_mark
c0041be4 W sys_get_mempolicy
c0041be4 W sys_ipc
c0041be4 W sys_kcmp
c0041be4 W sys_kexec_file_load
c0041be4 W sys_kexec_load
c0041be4 W sys_keyctl
c0041be4 W sys_mbind
c0041be4 W sys_migrate_pages
c0041be4 W sys_modify_ldt
c0041be4 W sys_move_pages
c0041be4 W sys_pciconfig_iobase
c0041be4 W sys_pciconfig_read
c0041be4 W sys_pciconfig_write
c0041be4 W sys_request_key
c0041be4 W sys_s390_pci_mmio_read
c0041be4 W sys_s390_pci_mmio_write
c0041be4 W sys_set_mempolicy
c0041be4 W sys_sgetmask
c0041be4 W sys_socketcall
c0041be4 W sys_spu_create
c0041be4 W sys_spu_run
c0041be4 W sys_ssetmask
c0041be4 W sys_subpage_prot
c0041be4 W sys_userfaultfd
c0041be4 W sys_vm86
c0041be4 W sys_vm86old
c0041bec t create_new_namespaces
c0041d88 T copy_namespaces
c0041e2c T free_nsproxy
c0041f0c T unshare_nsproxy_namespaces
c0041f98 T switch_task_namespaces
c0042000 T exit_task_namespaces
c0042008 T SyS_setns
c0042008 T sys_setns
c00420c0 t notifier_chain_register
c00420f8 t notifier_chain_unregister
c0042130 T atomic_notifier_chain_register
c0042168 T raw_notifier_chain_register
c004216c T raw_notifier_chain_unregister
c0042170 T atomic_notifier_chain_unregister
c00421ac T unregister_die_notifier
c00421bc t notifier_call_chain
c0042414 T __raw_notifier_call_chain
c0042418 T raw_notifier_call_chain
c0042434 T __atomic_notifier_call_chain
c004247c T atomic_notifier_call_chain
c0042498 T blocking_notifier_chain_register
c00424ec T blocking_notifier_chain_unregister
c0042540 T blocking_notifier_chain_cond_register
c00425a0 T __blocking_notifier_call_chain
c00425f8 T blocking_notifier_call_chain
c0042614 T srcu_notifier_chain_register
c0042668 T srcu_notifier_chain_unregister
c00426c4 T __srcu_notifier_call_chain
c004275c T srcu_notifier_call_chain
c0042778 T register_die_notifier
c0042798 T srcu_init_notifier_head
c00427d8 T notify_die
c0042814 t notes_read
c004283c t uevent_helper_store
c004289c t rcu_expedited_store
c00428c8 t rcu_expedited_show
c00428e4 t profiling_show
c0042900 t uevent_helper_show
c0042918 t uevent_seqnum_show
c0042934 t fscaps_show
c0042950 t profiling_store
c0042998 T override_creds
c00429e4 t put_cred_rcu
c0042a78 T set_security_override
c0042a7c T set_security_override_from_ctx
c0042abc T set_create_files_as
c0042afc T __put_cred
c0042b48 T commit_creds
c0042d44 T revert_creds
c0042d94 T abort_creds
c0042dd4 T prepare_creds
c0042e8c T exit_creds
c0042f08 T get_task_cred
c0042f6c T prepare_kernel_cred
c00430d8 T cred_alloc_blank
c004312c T prepare_exec_creds
c0043130 T copy_creds
c0043244 T emergency_restart
c004325c T register_reboot_notifier
c004326c T unregister_reboot_notifier
c004327c T register_restart_handler
c004328c T unregister_restart_handler
c004329c T orderly_poweroff
c00432cc T orderly_reboot
c00432e8 t run_cmd
c0043338 T kernel_restart_prepare
c0043370 T do_kernel_restart
c004338c T migrate_to_reboot_cpu
c0043424 T kernel_restart
c0043474 t deferred_cad
c004347c t reboot_work_func
c00434b0 T kernel_halt
c0043504 T kernel_power_off
c0043574 t poweroff_work_func
c00435bc T SyS_reboot
c00435bc T sys_reboot
c0043778 T ctrl_alt_del
c00437bc t lowest_in_progress
c004380c t async_run_entry_fn
c00439ac t __async_schedule
c0043b44 T async_schedule
c0043b50 T async_schedule_domain
c0043b54 T async_unregister_domain
c0043ba8 T async_synchronize_cookie_domain
c0043d10 T async_synchronize_full_domain
c0043d20 T async_synchronize_full
c0043d28 T async_synchronize_cookie
c0043d34 T current_is_async
c0043d84 t cmp_range
c0043db0 T add_range
c0043df8 T add_range_with_merge
c0043f20 T subtract_range
c004403c T clean_sort_range
c004410c T sort_range
c0044130 t smpboot_thread_fn
c0044394 t smpboot_unpark_thread
c00443b8 t smpboot_destroy_threads
c0044470 T smpboot_unregister_percpu_thread
c00444bc T smpboot_update_cpumask_percpu_thread
c00445c8 t __smpboot_create_thread.part.0
c00446a8 T smpboot_register_percpu_thread_cpumask
c00447b0 T idle_thread_get
c00447ec T smpboot_create_threads
c0044868 T smpboot_unpark_threads
c00448e8 T smpboot_park_threads
c004495c T cpu_report_state
c0044978 T cpu_check_up_prepare
c00449d0 T cpu_set_state_online
c0044a0c T cpu_wait_death
c0044b08 T cpu_report_death
c0044b80 T groups_free
c0044bcc T set_groups
c0044cf8 T groups_alloc
c0044db4 T set_current_groups
c0044de4 T groups_search
c0044e48 T in_group_p
c0044e7c T in_egroup_p
c0044eb0 T SyS_getgroups
c0044eb0 T sys_getgroups
c0044f78 T may_setgroups
c0044f88 T SyS_setgroups
c0044f88 T sys_setgroups
c0045090 t cpu_cpu_mask
c00450a8 t cpu_core_flags
c00450b8 T tg_nop
c00450c8 t set_load_weight
c0045110 T get_cpu_load
c0045138 t __balance_callback
c0045194 T single_task_running
c00451c0 t put_prev_task_fake
c00451cc t sched_domains_numa_masks_update
c00451dc t cpu_shares_read_u64
c00451f0 t cpu_rt_runtime_read
c0045260 t cpu_rt_period_read_uint
c00452b8 t sched_feat_open
c00452dc t sched_feat_show
c0045358 t sched_feat_write
c00454bc t set_cpu_rq_start_time
c00454f0 t __hrtick_restart
c0045530 t __hrtick_start
c0045560 t check_same_owner
c00455b4 t ttwu_stat
c00456e4 t sd_degenerate
c004573c t finish_task_switch
c0045960 t __schedule_bug
c0045a14 t find_process_by_pid
c0045a44 t get_group
c0045abc t sched_cpu_inactive
c0045aec t sched_cpu_active
c0045b50 t sd_free_ctl_entry
c0045bb0 t free_sched_domain
c0045c80 t free_rootdomain
c0045cb0 t init_rootdomain
c0045d18 t sched_free_group
c0045d40 t sched_free_group_rcu
c0045d58 t cpu_cgroup_css_free
c0045d6c t cpu_shares_write_u64
c0045d84 t cpu_cgroup_can_attach
c0045de0 t set_rq_online
c0045e40 t set_rq_offline
c0045e9c t rq_attach_root
c0045fbc T preempt_count_sub
c00460a0 t cpu_attach_domain
c004666c t register_sched_domain_sysctl
c0046a9c t hotplug_hrtick
c0046b04 T update_rq_clock
c0046b58 t hrtick
c0046bdc T hrtick_start
c0046ca0 T wake_q_add
c0046d0c T resched_curr
c0046d60 T set_user_nice
c0046f08 T resched_cpu
c0046f64 T wake_up_nohz_cpu
c0046fb4 T sched_avg_update
c0047038 T walk_tg_tree_from
c00470d8 t tg_set_rt_bandwidth
c0047228 t cpu_rt_period_write_uint
c004725c t cpu_rt_runtime_write
c0047298 T activate_task
c0047320 T deactivate_task
c00473f0 T task_curr
c004742c T check_preempt_curr
c00474ac t ttwu_do_wakeup
c004755c T __cond_resched_lock
c00475e0 t ttwu_do_activate.constprop.18
c0047644 T set_cpus_allowed_common
c004766c T do_set_cpus_allowed
c0047744 t select_fallback_rq
c00478d4 T set_task_cpu
c00479d4 t move_queued_task
c0047b08 t __set_cpus_allowed_ptr
c0047ce0 T set_cpus_allowed_ptr
c0047cf8 t __migrate_task
c0047d5c t __migrate_swap_task.part.9
c0047dd4 t migrate_swap_stop
c0047f68 T migrate_swap
c0048058 T wait_task_inactive
c00481c0 T sched_ttwu_pending
c004824c t migration_cpu_stop
c00482e8 t migration_call
c00485d8 T wake_up_if_idle
c004864c T cpus_share_cache
c0048684 t try_to_wake_up
c0048948 T wake_up_process
c0048964 T wake_up_q
c00489e0 T default_wake_function
c00489f8 T wake_up_state
c0048a10 T __dl_clear_params
c0048a50 T to_ratio
c0048aa8 t __setscheduler_params
c0048b6c t tg_rt_schedulable
c0048cd8 T dl_bw_of
c0048d04 T wake_up_new_task
c0048e80 T schedule_tail
c0048f38 T nr_running
c0048fb0 T nr_context_switches
c0049034 T nr_iowait
c00490ac T nr_iowait_cpu
c00490d4 T get_iowait_load
c0049114 T sched_exec
c00491e4 T task_sched_runtime
c00492cc T get_parent_ip
c00492f8 T preempt_count_add
c004940c T kick_process
c00494a4 T sched_fork
c00496cc T rt_mutex_setprio
c00499dc T can_nice
c0049a0c t __sched_setscheduler.constprop.16
c004a330 T sched_setattr
c004a348 t _sched_setscheduler
c004a3c4 T sched_setscheduler
c004a3dc t do_sched_setscheduler
c004a4b0 T sched_setscheduler_nocheck
c004a4c8 T sched_set_stop_task
c004a554 T SyS_nice
c004a554 T sys_nice
c004a5fc T task_prio
c004a610 T idle_cpu
c004a664 T scheduler_ipi
c004a790 T get_nohz_timer_target
c004a838 T scheduler_tick
c004a8c4 T idle_task
c004a8ec T SyS_sched_setscheduler
c004a8ec T sys_sched_setscheduler
c004a918 T SyS_sched_setparam
c004a918 T sys_sched_setparam
c004a934 T SyS_sched_setattr
c004a934 T sys_sched_setattr
c004ab74 T SyS_sched_getscheduler
c004ab74 T sys_sched_getscheduler
c004abd4 T SyS_sched_getparam
c004abd4 T sys_sched_getparam
c004acb4 T SyS_sched_getattr
c004acb4 T sys_sched_getattr
c004ae40 T sched_setaffinity
c004b0ac T SyS_sched_setaffinity
c004b0ac T sys_sched_setaffinity
c004b158 T sched_getaffinity
c004b258 T SyS_sched_getaffinity
c004b258 T sys_sched_getaffinity
c004b310 T sys_sched_yield
c004b398 T SyS_sched_get_priority_max
c004b398 T sys_sched_get_priority_max
c004b3d8 T SyS_sched_get_priority_min
c004b3d8 T sys_sched_get_priority_min
c004b418 T SyS_sched_rr_get_interval
c004b418 T sys_sched_rr_get_interval
c004b5a4 T sched_show_task
c004b684 T show_state_filter
c004b710 T init_idle_bootup_task
c004b728 T init_idle
c004b8a8 T cpuset_cpumask_can_shrink
c004b9a8 T task_can_attach
c004bb64 T idle_task_exit
c004bc30 T group_balance_cpu
c004bc54 T set_sched_topology
c004bc6c T build_sched_domain
c004bee8 t build_sched_domains
c004ca7c W arch_update_cpu_topology
c004ca8c T alloc_sched_domains
c004caac T free_sched_domains
c004cac0 T partition_sched_domains
c004ce04 t cpuset_cpu_active
c004ce5c t cpuset_cpu_inactive
c004cfc8 T in_sched_functions
c004d010 T sched_create_group
c004d078 T sched_online_group
c004d120 t cpu_cgroup_css_alloc
c004d164 T sched_destroy_group
c004d184 T sched_offline_group
c004d22c t cpu_cgroup_css_released
c004d240 T sched_move_task
c004d3d0 t cpu_cgroup_fork
c004d3e4 t cpu_cgroup_attach
c004d420 T sched_rt_handler
c004d758 T sched_rr_handler
c004d7f0 T dump_cpu_task
c004d834 t calc_load_n
c004d884 T get_avenrun
c004d8c0 T calc_load_fold_active
c004d8e8 T calc_load_enter_idle
c004d96c T calc_load_exit_idle
c004d9d4 T calc_global_load
c004db90 T calc_global_load_tick
c004dc1c T cpu_clock
c004dc20 T local_clock
c004dc24 T sched_clock_init
c004dc38 T sched_clock_cpu
c004dc5c W running_clock
c004dc60 t cputime_adjust
c004dd44 T task_cputime_adjusted
c004dd98 T account_user_time
c004de58 T account_system_time
c004e038 T account_steal_time
c004e070 T account_idle_time
c004e0e0 T thread_group_cputime
c004e1cc T account_process_tick
c004e264 T account_steal_ticks
c004e268 T account_idle_ticks
c004e26c T thread_group_cputime_adjusted
c004e2a4 t select_task_rq_idle
c004e2b0 t pick_next_task_idle
c004e2d8 t task_tick_idle
c004e2dc t get_rr_interval_idle
c004e2e4 t update_curr_idle
c004e2e8 t prio_changed_idle
c004e2f0 t switched_to_idle
c004e2f8 t put_prev_task_idle
c004e2fc t check_preempt_curr_idle
c004e300 t dequeue_task_idle
c004e328 t set_curr_task_idle
c004e330 t update_min_vruntime
c004e3b0 t account_entity_enqueue
c004e42c t account_entity_dequeue
c004e4a0 t clear_buddies
c004e548 t source_load
c004e598 t target_load
c004e5e8 t task_waking_fair
c004e67c t effective_load
c004e6fc t cpu_overutilized
c004e758 t get_update_sysctl_factor
c004e7ac t update_sysctl
c004e7e4 t rq_offline_fair
c004e7e8 t __calc_delta
c004e8a4 t sched_slice
c004e94c t get_rr_interval_fair
c004e980 t set_next_buddy
c004e9b4 t update_curr
c004eac4 t update_cfs_shares
c004eb78 t update_curr_fair
c004eb84 t yield_task_fair
c004ebf4 t yield_to_task_fair
c004ec28 t select_max_spare_capacity_cpu
c004edb8 t __enqueue_entity
c004ee34 t __update_cpu_load
c004ef2c t __compute_runnable_contrib
c004eff4 t prio_changed_fair
c004f030 t sched_ilb_notifier
c004f0ec t attach_task
c004f148 t hrtick_start_fair
c004f1f0 t hrtick_update
c004f284 t wakeup_preempt_entity
c004f2ec t check_preempt_wakeup
c004f488 t rq_online_fair
c004f48c t task_fork_fair
c004f620 T hmp_fork_balance
c004f668 t attach_entity_load_avg
c004f984 t attach_task_cfs_rq
c004f9ec t switched_to_fair
c004fa38 t detach_task_cfs_rq
c004ff80 t switched_from_fair
c004ff88 t task_move_group_fair
c004ffec t set_next_entity
c0050c38 t set_curr_task_fair
c0050c64 t put_prev_entity
c00517c0 t put_prev_task_fair
c00517e8 t update_blocked_averages
c0051ec4 t dequeue_task_fair
c00537bc t enqueue_task_fair
c0055234 T sched_init_granularity
c0055238 T task_of
c0055240 T cfs_rq_of
c0055248 T group_cfs_rq
c0055250 T __pick_first_entity
c0055260 t task_tick_fair
c0055ef0 T __pick_next_entity
c0055f08 t pick_next_entity
c005600c T __pick_last_entity
c0056024 T sched_proc_update_handler
c00560c4 T init_entity_runnable_average
c005611c T remove_entity_load_avg
c0056420 t task_dead_fair
c0056428 t migrate_task_rq_fair
c0056450 T idle_enter_fair
c0056454 T idle_exit_fair
c0056458 T cfs_rq_clock_task
c0056468 T throttled_lb_pair
c0056470 T init_cfs_bandwidth
c0056474 T update_cpu_load_nohz
c00564dc T update_cpu_load_active
c0056514 T calc_util_delta
c0056540 t sched_group_energy
c0056978 t energy_diff
c0056ac8 t select_task_rq_fair
c0057644 T boosted_cpu_util
c0057680 T get_boosted_task_util
c0057688 T task_hot
c0057750 t can_migrate_task
c00578c8 t active_load_balance_cpu_stop
c0057ac0 T init_max_cpu_capacity
c0057ad8 T update_group_capacity
c0057d44 t find_busiest_group
c00585f0 t load_balance
c0058f94 t pick_next_task_fair
c0059414 t rebalance_domains
c00596ac t run_rebalance_domains
c0059878 T set_cpu_sd_state_idle
c00598e8 T nohz_balance_enter_idle
c0059994 T update_max_interval
c00599d8 T trigger_load_balance
c0059ca8 T init_cfs_rq
c0059cd8 T free_fair_sched_group
c0059d78 T unregister_fair_sched_group
c0059dfc T init_tg_cfs_entry
c0059e78 T alloc_fair_sched_group
c0059f8c T sched_group_set_shares
c005a084 T print_cfs_stats
c005a0f4 t get_rr_interval_rt
c005a110 t pick_next_pushable_task
c005a184 t rq_online_rt
c005a29c t find_next_push_cpu
c005a33c t find_lowest_rq
c005a5b0 t dequeue_pushable_task
c005a5e4 t set_curr_task_rt
c005a640 t update_rt_migration
c005a70c t balance_runtime
c005a8e0 t switched_from_rt
c005a938 t switched_to_rt
c005a9bc t prio_changed_rt
c005aa5c t dequeue_top_rt_rq
c005aabc t push_rt_task.part.7
c005ad54 t push_irq_work_func
c005ae48 t select_task_rq_rt
c005aed0 t pull_rt_task
c005b184 t requeue_task_rt.constprop.14
c005b21c t check_preempt_curr_rt
c005b2c0 t yield_task_rt
c005b2cc t dequeue_rt_stack
c005b56c t push_rt_tasks
c005b594 t task_woken_rt
c005b5e8 t __enqueue_rt_entity
c005b85c t enqueue_top_rt_rq
c005b908 t enqueue_rt_entity
c005b948 t enqueue_task_rt
c005b9dc t sched_rt_rq_enqueue
c005ba4c t sched_rt_period_timer
c005bdf8 t rq_offline_rt
c005c0a8 t dequeue_rt_entity
c005c0fc t update_curr_rt
c005c5bc t task_tick_rt
c005c6a8 t pick_next_task_rt
c005c870 t put_prev_task_rt
c005c8f4 t dequeue_task_rt
c005c91c T init_rt_bandwidth
c005c954 T init_rt_rq
c005ca0c T free_rt_sched_group
c005caa8 T init_tg_rt_entry
c005cb20 T alloc_rt_sched_group
c005cc50 T sched_rt_bandwidth_account
c005cc8c T unthrottle_offline_rt_rqs
c005cd08 T is_rt_throttle
c005cd74 T print_rt_stats
c005cde8 t task_fork_dl
c005cdec t pick_next_pushable_dl_task
c005ce5c t replenish_dl_entity
c005cf80 t check_preempt_curr_dl
c005d034 t find_later_rq
c005d1ec t find_lock_later_rq
c005d37c t dequeue_pushable_dl_task
c005d3c8 t set_curr_task_dl
c005d3dc t start_dl_timer
c005d510 t task_dead_dl
c005d550 t rq_offline_dl
c005d5d8 t update_dl_migration
c005d69c t switched_to_dl
c005d718 t switched_from_dl
c005d794 t prio_changed_dl
c005d834 t push_dl_task.part.6
c005d9c8 t select_task_rq_dl
c005dab0 t rq_online_dl
c005db48 t set_cpus_allowed_dl
c005dbe0 t pull_dl_task
c005deac t push_dl_tasks
c005ded4 t task_woken_dl
c005df50 t pick_next_earliest_dl_task
c005dfa8 t __dequeue_dl_entity
c005e110 t enqueue_pushable_dl_task
c005e1a8 t enqueue_task_dl
c005e57c t dl_task_timer
c005e85c t update_curr_dl
c005ea3c t yield_task_dl
c005ea8c t dequeue_task_dl
c005eab4 T pick_next_task_dl
c005ec18 t task_tick_dl
c005ecc8 t put_prev_task_dl
c005ed04 T init_dl_bandwidth
c005ed1c T init_dl_bw
c005ed98 T init_dl_rq
c005edc4 T init_dl_task_timer
c005edec T print_dl_stats
c005ee0c t select_task_rq_stop
c005ee18 t pick_next_task_stop
c005ee5c t task_tick_stop
c005ee60 t set_curr_task_stop
c005ee74 t get_rr_interval_stop
c005ee7c t update_curr_stop
c005ee80 t prio_changed_stop
c005ee88 t switched_to_stop
c005ee90 t yield_task_stop
c005ee98 t put_prev_task_stop
c005ef40 t dequeue_task_stop
c005ef68 t enqueue_task_stop
c005efa8 t check_preempt_curr_stop
c005efac T __init_waitqueue_head
c005efc4 T add_wait_queue
c005f00c T add_wait_queue_exclusive
c005f054 T remove_wait_queue
c005f094 t __wake_up_common
c005f108 T __wake_up
c005f150 T __wake_up_locked
c005f168 T __wake_up_locked_key
c005f184 T prepare_to_wait
c005f1f0 T prepare_to_wait_exclusive
c005f25c T finish_wait
c005f2c8 T abort_exclusive_wait
c005f354 T __wake_up_bit
c005f388 T bit_waitqueue
c005f3e0 T wake_up_bit
c005f400 T wake_up_atomic_t
c005f420 T prepare_to_wait_event
c005f4fc T __wake_up_sync_key
c005f558 T __wake_up_sync
c005f560 T woken_wake_function
c005f57c T wait_woken
c005f614 T autoremove_wake_function
c005f648 T wake_bit_function
c005f6a0 t wake_atomic_t_function
c005f6e0 T complete
c005f724 T complete_all
c005f768 T try_wait_for_completion
c005f7b4 T completion_done
c005f7e8 T sched_idle_set_state
c005f828 T cpu_idle_poll_ctrl
c005f8b4 T default_idle_call
c005f8d8 t call_cpuidle
c005f924 T cpu_startup_entry
c005fb4c T cpupri_find
c005fc34 T cpupri_set
c005fd2c T cpupri_init
c005fde4 T cpupri_cleanup
c005fdec t cpudl_exchange
c005fe60 t cpudl_heapify
c005fefc t cpudl_change_key
c005ffe0 T cpudl_find
c00600d8 T cpudl_set
c00602b4 T cpudl_set_freecpu
c00602c4 T cpudl_clear_freecpu
c00602d4 T cpudl_init
c0060380 T cpudl_cleanup
c0060388 t schedstat_stop
c006038c t schedstat_open
c006039c t show_schedstat
c0060588 t schedstat_start
c0060604 t schedstat_next
c0060628 t nsec_low
c006068c t sched_debug_stop
c0060690 t task_group_path
c00606a8 t sched_debug_release
c00606b8 t sched_debug_open
c00606c8 t sched_debug_start
c0060744 t sched_debug_next
c0060764 t nsec_high
c00607f8 t sched_debug_header
c0060ccc t print_cpu
c0061594 t sched_debug_show
c0061604 t raw_spin_trylock_n_irqsave.part.2
c0061604 t read_trylock_n_irqsave.part.1
c0061604 t spin_trylock_n_irqsave.part.3
c0061620 T print_cfs_rq
c0062234 T print_rt_rq
c0062400 T print_dl_rq
c006245c T sysrq_sched_debug_show
c00624d8 T proc_sched_show_task
c0063348 T proc_sched_set_task
c0063354 T read_trylock_n_irqsave
c00633f0 T raw_spin_trylock_n_irqsave
c006348c T spin_trylock_n_irqsave
c0063528 T print_cfs_rq_at_AEE
c0063bfc T print_cfs_stats_at_AEE
c0063c3c T print_rt_rq_at_AEE
c0063de0 T print_rt_stats_at_AEE
c0063e24 T print_dl_rq_at_AEE
c0063e78 T print_dl_stats_at_AEE
c0063e98 T sysrq_sched_debug_show_at_AEE
c00647c8 t cpuacct_stats_show
c0064920 t cpuacct_percpu_seq_show
c00649d8 t cpuacct_css_free
c00649fc t cpuacct_css_alloc
c0064a84 t cpuusage_write
c0064b1c t cpuusage_read
c0064bbc T cpuacct_charge
c0064c14 T cpuacct_account_field
c0064c80 T __mutex_init
c0064ca8 t mutex_spin_on_owner
c0064d04 t mutex_optimistic_spin
c0064ec8 T atomic_dec_and_mutex_lock
c0064f54 T down_trylock
c0064f80 T down
c0064fbc T down_interruptible
c0065004 T down_killable
c006504c T down_timeout
c006509c T up
c00650e0 T down_read_trylock
c0065128 T up_read
c006515c T up_write
c0065194 T downgrade_write
c00651c4 T down_write_trylock
c0065214 T __percpu_init_rwsem
c0065284 T percpu_free_rwsem
c00652b0 T __percpu_up_read
c00652f4 t readers_active_check
c0065370 T percpu_up_write
c0065398 T __percpu_down_read
c0065474 T percpu_down_write
c00654fc T in_lock_functions
c006552c T osq_lock
c00656b4 T osq_unlock
c00657c0 T lg_lock_init
c00657c4 T lg_local_lock_cpu
c006582c T lg_local_lock
c0065898 T lg_local_unlock
c0065900 T lg_local_unlock_cpu
c0065964 T lg_global_lock
c0065a08 T lg_global_unlock
c0065ab4 T __rt_mutex_init
c0065acc t rt_mutex_dequeue
c0065b10 t rt_mutex_dequeue_pi
c0065b5c t rt_mutex_enqueue
c0065c04 t rt_mutex_enqueue_pi
c0065cb4 t try_to_take_rt_mutex
c0065dd4 T rt_mutex_destroy
c0065df0 T rt_mutex_getprio
c0065e1c t __rt_mutex_adjust_prio
c0065e4c t rt_mutex_adjust_prio_chain
c0066294 t task_blocks_on_rt_mutex
c006642c t remove_waiter
c0066590 T rt_mutex_timed_lock
c00665e8 T rt_mutex_get_top_task
c0066600 T rt_mutex_get_effective_prio
c0066628 T rt_mutex_adjust_prio
c0066658 T rt_mutex_adjust_pi
c00666f0 T rt_mutex_timed_futex_lock
c0066700 T rt_mutex_init_proxy_locked
c0066718 T rt_mutex_proxy_unlock
c006672c T rt_mutex_start_proxy_lock
c00667b4 T rt_mutex_next_owner
c00667e8 T rt_mutex_finish_proxy_lock
c0066860 T __init_rwsem
c0066884 t __rwsem_do_wake
c00669f0 T rwsem_wake
c0066a68 T rwsem_downgrade_wake
c0066ab0 t rwsem_spin_on_owner
c0066b30 T pm_qos_request
c0066b48 T pm_qos_request_active
c0066b58 T pm_qos_add_notifier
c0066b70 T pm_qos_remove_notifier
c0066b88 t pm_qos_dbg_open
c0066ba0 t pm_qos_dbg_show_requests
c0066d50 t pm_qos_power_read
c0066e48 T pm_qos_read_value
c0066e50 T pm_qos_update_target
c0066fdc T pm_qos_add_request
c0067088 t pm_qos_power_open
c0067134 T pm_qos_update_request
c00671a8 t pm_qos_power_write
c0067258 T pm_qos_remove_request
c00672c8 t pm_qos_power_release
c00672e8 t pm_qos_work_fn
c0067318 T pm_qos_update_flags
c006745c T pm_qos_update_request_timeout
c0067504 t pm_wakeup_irq_store
c006750c T register_pm_notifier
c006751c T unregister_pm_notifier
c006752c t suspend_stats_open
c0067540 t pm_async_store
c006758c t pm_print_times_store
c00675dc t pm_freeze_timeout_store
c0067618 t pm_freeze_timeout_show
c0067634 t pm_wakeup_irq_show
c0067660 t pm_print_times_show
c006767c t pm_test_show
c00676f0 t pm_async_show
c006770c t state_show
c0067768 t decode_state
c0067808 t pm_test_store
c00678ec t wake_unlock_store
c0067908 t wake_unlock_show
c0067914 t wake_lock_show
c0067920 t wake_lock_store
c006793c t autosleep_store
c00679a8 t autosleep_show
c0067a20 t wakeup_count_show
c0067a5c t wakeup_count_store
c0067acc t state_store
c0067b34 t suspend_stats_show
c0067d38 T pm_notifier_call_chain
c0067d64 t pm_vt_switch
c0067dd0 T pm_vt_switch_required
c0067e58 T pm_vt_switch_unregister
c0067ebc T pm_prepare_console
c0067f08 T pm_restore_console
c0067f40 t try_to_freeze_tasks
c0068284 T thaw_processes
c00683cc T freeze_processes
c00684bc T thaw_kernel_threads
c0068568 T freeze_kernel_threads
c00685e4 t valid_state
c0068620 T suspend_valid_only_mem
c0068630 T suspend_set_ops
c00686e8 T freeze_wake
c0068740 t pm_suspend_marker
c00687b8 t suspend_test
c0068830 t suspend_sys_sync
c0068890 T freeze_set_ops
c00688f8 W arch_suspend_disable_irqs
c0068900 W arch_suspend_enable_irqs
c0068908 t suspend_enter
c0068cc8 T suspend_devices_and_enter
c0068e44 T suspend_syssync_enqueue
c0068f18 T pm_suspend
c0069194 T queue_up_suspend_work
c00691bc t try_to_suspend
c006927c T pm_autosleep_state
c006928c T pm_autosleep_lock
c0069298 T pm_autosleep_unlock
c00692a4 T pm_autosleep_set_state
c0069318 t wakelock_lookup_add
c006945c t __wakelocks_gc
c006958c T pm_show_wakelocks
c0069634 T pm_wake_lock
c00697ac T pm_wake_unlock
c00698a4 t last_resume_reason_show
c006996c t last_suspend_time_show
c0069a0c t wakeup_reason_pm_event
c0069ab0 T log_wakeup_reason
c0069b54 T check_wakeup_reason
c0069bac T log_suspend_abort_reason
c0069c10 t log_from_idx
c0069c30 t log_next
c0069c54 t devkmsg_llseek
c0069d00 t devkmsg_poll
c0069d88 T kmsg_dump_register
c0069dfc t devkmsg_release
c0069e20 T check_syslog_permissions
c0069ed8 T console_lock
c0069f08 T __printk_ratelimit
c0069f18 T printk_timed_ratelimit
c0069f68 T kmsg_dump_unregister
c0069fbc t print_time.part.1
c006a058 t devkmsg_open
c006a0f0 t __add_preferred_console.constprop.9
c006a188 t msg_print_ext_header.constprop.10
c006a254 t call_console_drivers.constprop.13
c006a6fc t log_make_free_space
c006a794 t log_store
c006aaac t cont_flush
c006ab54 t cont_add
c006ac38 T console_trylock
c006ac90 t msg_print_ext_body
c006ade4 t devkmsg_read
c006b034 t print_prefix
c006b140 t msg_print_text
c006b298 t syslog_print
c006b624 t syslog_print_all
c006b8e0 T kmsg_dump_get_buffer
c006bad4 T mt_get_uartlog_status
c006bae8 T set_uartlog_status
c006baec T mt_disable_uart
c006bb10 T mt_enable_uart
c006bb40 T is_logbuf_lock
c006bb64 T log_buf_addr_get
c006bb74 T log_buf_len_get
c006bb84 T do_syslog
c006be9c T SyS_syslog
c006be9c T sys_syslog
c006bea4 T add_preferred_console
c006bea8 T suspend_console
c006beec T is_console_locked
c006befc T wake_up_klogd
c006bf9c T console_unlock
c006c3d8 T vprintk_emit
c006c8d0 t devkmsg_write
c006c9c8 T vprintk_default
c006c9ec T vprintk
c006c9f0 T resume_console
c006ca28 T console_unblank
c006caac T console_flush_on_panic
c006cacc T console_device
c006cb24 T console_stop
c006cb44 T console_start
c006cb64 T unregister_console
c006cc44 T register_console
c006cfcc t console_cpu_notify
c006d008 t wake_up_klogd_work_func
c006d06c T kmsg_dump
c006d128 T kmsg_dump_get_line_nolock
c006d1dc T kmsg_dump_get_line
c006d23c T kmsg_dump_rewind_nolock
c006d26c T kmsg_dump_rewind
c006d29c T dump_stack_print_info
c006d360 T show_regs_print_info
c006d39c T get_kernel_log_buffer
c006d3c4 T irq_to_desc
c006d3d4 T generic_handle_irq
c006d3fc t free_desc
c006d454 T irq_free_descs
c006d4c8 t alloc_desc
c006d604 T irq_lock_sparse
c006d610 T irq_unlock_sparse
c006d61c T __handle_domain_irq
c006d6fc T irq_get_next_irq
c006d718 T __irq_get_desc_lock
c006d798 T __irq_put_desc_unlock
c006d7d0 T irq_set_percpu_devid
c006d840 T kstat_incr_irq_this_cpu
c006d894 T kstat_irqs_cpu
c006d8c8 T kstat_irqs
c006d94c T kstat_irqs_usr
c006d970 T no_action
c006d978 T handle_bad_irq
c006dbac T __irq_wake_thread
c006dc10 T handle_irq_event_percpu
c006dd38 T handle_irq_event
c006dd94 t __synchronize_hardirq
c006dde0 t irq_default_primary_handler
c006dde8 T synchronize_hardirq
c006de14 t set_irq_wake_real
c006de5c T synchronize_irq
c006ded4 T irq_set_affinity_notifier
c006dfac t irq_affinity_notify
c006e050 T irq_set_vcpu_affinity
c006e0c0 T irq_get_irqchip_state
c006e13c T irq_set_irqchip_state
c006e1b8 T irq_set_irq_wake
c006e2a8 t irq_nested_primary_handler
c006e2d0 t irq_forced_secondary_handler
c006e2f8 T irq_wake_thread
c006e380 t setup_irq_thread
c006e444 t __free_irq
c006e69c T remove_irq
c006e6e4 T free_irq
c006e74c T disable_percpu_irq
c006e798 t __free_percpu_irq
c006e8ac T free_percpu_irq
c006e914 t __irq_can_set_affinity
c006e950 t irq_finalize_oneshot
c006ea3c t irq_thread_fn
c006ea70 t irq_forced_thread_fn
c006eabc t irq_thread_check_affinity.part.2
c006eb10 t wake_threads_waitq
c006eb4c t irq_thread_dtor
c006ebf8 t irq_thread
c006edd0 T irq_can_set_affinity
c006ede0 T irq_set_thread_affinity
c006ee14 T irq_do_set_affinity
c006ee5c t setup_affinity.part.4
c006eedc T irq_set_affinity_locked
c006efa8 T __irq_set_affinity
c006effc T irq_set_affinity_hint
c006f05c T irq_select_affinity_usr
c006f0ac T __disable_irq
c006f0c4 t __disable_irq_nosync
c006f104 T disable_irq_nosync
c006f108 T disable_irq
c006f128 T disable_hardirq
c006f150 T __enable_irq
c006f1c8 T enable_irq
c006f230 T can_request_irq
c006f2a0 T __irq_set_trigger
c006f41c t __setup_irq
c006f9d4 T setup_irq
c006fa58 T request_threaded_irq
c006fb94 T request_any_context_irq
c006fc00 T request_percpu_irq
c006fcd4 T enable_percpu_irq
c006fd5c T irq_set_parent
c006fd9c T remove_percpu_irq
c006fdd0 T setup_percpu_irq
c006fe48 T noirqdebug_setup
c006fe70 t try_one_irq
c006ff38 t poll_spurious_irqs
c0070004 t __report_bad_irq
c00700c4 T irq_wait_for_poll
c0070184 T note_interrupt
c0070404 t resend_irqs
c0070468 T check_irq_resend
c0070520 t irq_state_clr_masked
c0070534 t irq_state_set_masked
c0070548 t bad_chained_irq
c007058c T irq_set_chip
c00705dc T irq_set_handler_data
c007061c T irq_set_chip_data
c007065c T irq_modify_status
c0070740 T irq_set_irq_type
c007078c T irq_get_irq_data
c00707a0 T handle_nested_irq
c0070894 t irq_may_run
c00708e0 T handle_simple_irq
c0070990 T irq_set_msi_desc_off
c00709f4 T irq_set_msi_desc
c0070a00 T irq_shutdown
c0070a6c T irq_enable
c0070ab4 T irq_startup
c0070b2c T irq_percpu_enable
c0070b6c T irq_percpu_disable
c0070bac T mask_irq
c0070bd8 T irq_disable
c0070c28 T unmask_irq
c0070c54 T handle_level_irq
c0070d7c T handle_fasteoi_irq
c0070eb4 T handle_edge_irq
c0071020 T unmask_threaded_irq
c0071064 T handle_percpu_irq
c00710e4 T handle_percpu_devid_irq
c0071180 T __irq_do_set_handler
c00712b4 T __irq_set_handler
c0071304 T irq_set_chip_and_handler_name
c0071330 T irq_set_chained_handler_and_data
c0071380 T irq_cpu_online
c0071420 T irq_cpu_offline
c00714c0 T irq_chip_enable_parent
c00714e0 T irq_chip_disable_parent
c0071500 T irq_chip_ack_parent
c0071510 T irq_chip_mask_parent
c0071520 T irq_chip_unmask_parent
c0071530 T irq_chip_eoi_parent
c0071540 T irq_chip_set_affinity_parent
c0071560 T irq_chip_set_type_parent
c0071580 T irq_chip_retrigger_hierarchy
c00715ac T irq_chip_set_vcpu_affinity_parent
c00715cc T irq_chip_set_wake_parent
c00715ec T irq_chip_compose_msi_msg
c0071644 t noop
c0071648 t noop_ret
c0071650 t ack_bad
c0071844 t devm_irq_match
c007186c t devm_irq_release
c0071874 T devm_request_threaded_irq
c0071908 T devm_request_any_context_irq
c0071994 T devm_free_irq
c00719e8 T probe_irq_on
c0071b94 T probe_irq_mask
c0071c38 T probe_irq_off
c0071ce4 T irq_domain_xlate_onecell
c0071d24 T irq_domain_xlate_twocell
c0071d6c T irq_domain_xlate_onetwocell
c0071db8 T irq_find_matching_fwnode
c0071e68 T irq_set_default_host
c0071ea4 T irq_domain_remove
c0071f44 t irq_domain_free_irq_data
c0071f94 T irq_domain_associate
c0072120 T irq_domain_associate_many
c00721c0 T irq_create_strict_mappings
c0072214 T irq_create_direct_mapping
c00722e8 t virq_debug_open
c0072300 t virq_debug_show
c0072644 t irq_domain_alloc_descs
c00726dc T __irq_domain_add
c00727c8 T irq_domain_add_simple
c0072858 T irq_domain_add_legacy
c00728b4 t irq_domain_free_irqs_recursive
c00728fc t irq_domain_alloc_irqs_recursive
c0072998 T irq_domain_alloc_fwnode
c0072a14 T irq_domain_free_fwnode
c0072a4c T irq_domain_disassociate
c0072b34 T irq_dispose_mapping
c0072b84 T irq_domain_create_hierarchy
c0072bd4 T irq_domain_get_irq_data
c0072c04 T irq_find_mapping
c0072ca4 T irq_create_mapping
c0072e5c T irq_domain_set_hwirq_and_chip
c0072ea4 T irq_domain_set_info
c0072eec T irq_domain_reset_irq_data
c0072f08 T __irq_domain_alloc_irqs
c00731ac T irq_create_fwspec_mapping
c007334c T irq_create_of_mapping
c00733a0 T irq_domain_free_irqs
c00734ec T irq_domain_alloc_irqs_parent
c0073518 T irq_domain_free_irqs_parent
c0073534 T irq_domain_free_irqs_common
c0073598 T irq_domain_free_irqs_top
c00735f4 T irq_domain_activate_irq
c007363c T irq_domain_deactivate_irq
c007367c t irq_spurious_proc_open
c00736a0 t irq_node_proc_open
c00736c4 t irq_affinity_list_proc_open
c00736e8 t irq_affinity_hint_proc_open
c007370c t irq_affinity_proc_open
c0073730 t default_affinity_open
c0073754 t irq_spurious_proc_show
c007379c t irq_node_proc_show
c00737c8 t irq_affinity_hint_proc_show
c0073838 t default_affinity_show
c0073864 t default_affinity_write
c00738c8 t write_irq_affinity.constprop.1
c0073998 t irq_affinity_proc_write
c00739ac t irq_affinity_list_proc_write
c00739c0 t irq_affinity_list_proc_show
c00739f8 t irq_affinity_proc_show
c0073a30 T register_handler_proc
c0073b14 T register_irq_proc
c0073c4c T unregister_irq_proc
c0073cf8 T unregister_handler_proc
c0073d00 T init_irq_proc
c0073d9c T show_interrupts
c00740e4 T suspend_device_irqs
c00741e0 t resume_irqs
c00742b0 t irq_pm_syscore_resume
c00742b8 T resume_device_irqs
c00742c0 T irq_pm_check_wakeup
c0074348 T irq_pm_install_action
c0074428 T irq_pm_remove_action
c0074478 T rcu_gp_is_expedited
c00744ac T rcu_expedite_gp
c00744d0 T rcu_unexpedite_gp
c00744f4 T __rcu_read_lock
c0074514 T do_trace_rcu_torture_read
c0074518 t rcu_panic
c0074530 T __rcu_read_unlock
c007457c T wakeme_after_rcu
c0074584 T __wait_rcu_gp
c0074670 T rcu_end_inkernel_boot
c0074674 T rcu_jiffies_till_stall_check
c00746a8 T rcu_sysrq_start
c00746c4 T rcu_sysrq_end
c00746e0 T rcu_early_boot_tests
c00746e4 t rcu_sync_func
c007478c T rcu_sync_init
c00747c0 T rcu_sync_enter_start
c00747d8 T rcu_sync_enter
c00748e4 T rcu_sync_exit
c0074964 T rcu_sync_dtor
c00749e0 T __srcu_read_unlock
c0074a0c T srcu_batches_completed
c0074a14 T init_srcu_struct
c0074ac0 t srcu_readers_seq_idx
c0074b38 t try_check_zero
c0074c18 t srcu_advance_batches
c0074d18 T cleanup_srcu_struct
c0074db8 T __srcu_read_lock
c0074e24 T call_srcu
c0074e94 t srcu_reschedule
c0074f58 T process_srcu
c0075034 t __synchronize_srcu
c0075130 T synchronize_srcu
c0075154 T srcu_barrier
c0075158 T synchronize_srcu_expedited
c0075160 T rcu_batches_started
c0075170 T rcu_batches_started_sched
c0075180 T rcu_batches_started_bh
c0075190 T rcu_batches_completed
c00751a0 T rcu_batches_completed_sched
c00751b0 T rcu_batches_completed_bh
c00751c0 T rcutorture_record_test_transition
c00751e0 T rcutorture_get_gp_data
c0075234 T rcutorture_record_progress
c007524c T get_state_synchronize_rcu
c0075264 T get_state_synchronize_sched
c007527c t sync_rcu_preempt_exp_done
c0075298 t rcu_barrier_func
c00752dc t rcu_momentary_dyntick_idle
c00753a0 T rcu_all_qs
c00753e8 t __rcu_report_exp_rnp
c00754bc t rcu_report_exp_cpu_mult
c0075514 T show_rcu_gp_kthreads
c0075568 t print_cpu_stall_info
c00756ac t rcu_check_gp_kthread_starvation
c0075714 t rcu_dump_cpu_stacks
c00757ac t invoke_rcu_core
c00757f0 t sync_exp_work_done
c0075854 t exp_funnel_lock
c0075964 t sync_rcu_exp_select_cpus
c0075cac t synchronize_sched_expedited_wait
c0075fdc t rcu_barrier_callback
c0076014 t cpu_needs_another_gp
c00760c0 t rcu_cleanup_dead_rnp.part.3
c0076118 t dyntick_save_progress_counter
c0076178 t rcu_preempt_qs
c00761d0 t rcu_gp_kthread_wake
c0076218 t force_quiescent_state
c007630c T rcu_force_quiescent_state
c0076318 T rcu_bh_force_quiescent_state
c0076324 T rcu_sched_force_quiescent_state
c0076330 t rcu_report_qs_rsp
c00763a0 t rcu_report_qs_rnp
c0076480 t rcu_seq_start
c00764d0 t rcu_seq_end
c0076520 t _rcu_barrier
c0076698 T rcu_barrier_bh
c00766a4 T rcu_barrier_sched
c00766b0 T rcu_barrier
c00766bc t rcu_report_unblock_qs_rnp
c0076758 t force_qs_rnp
c00768b0 t sync_sched_exp_handler
c0076928 t rcu_implicit_dynticks_qs
c0076ac0 t rcu_pm_notify
c0076b1c t rcu_eqs_exit_common.constprop.25
c0076b64 T rcu_idle_exit
c0076bc4 t rcu_eqs_enter_common.constprop.27
c0076c34 T rcu_idle_enter
c0076c98 t sync_rcu_exp_handler
c0076d04 T synchronize_rcu_expedited
c0076d6c T synchronize_rcu
c0076dc0 T cond_synchronize_rcu
c0076de0 T synchronize_sched_expedited
c0076e50 T synchronize_rcu_bh
c0076ef0 T synchronize_sched
c0076f90 T cond_synchronize_sched
c0076fb0 t rcu_accelerate_cbs
c007719c t rcu_advance_cbs
c007725c t rcu_start_gp
c00772c8 t __note_gp_changes
c00773b4 t note_gp_changes
c0077444 t rcu_gp_kthread
c0077cbc t rcu_prepare_cpu
c0077e0c t rcu_process_callbacks
c0078300 T rcu_cpu_notify
c0078700 T rcu_rnp_online_cpus
c0078708 T rcu_sched_qs
c00787cc T rcu_bh_qs
c0078810 T rcu_irq_exit
c0078858 T rcu_irq_enter
c00788a0 T rcu_nmi_enter
c0078970 T rcu_nmi_exit
c0078a6c T __rcu_is_watching
c0078a94 T rcu_is_watching
c0078af4 t __call_rcu.constprop.19
c0078d20 T call_rcu
c0078d30 T kfree_call_rcu
c0078d40 T call_rcu_bh
c0078d50 T call_rcu_sched
c0078d60 T rcu_cpu_stall_reset
c0078da0 T rcu_check_callbacks
c0079550 T rcu_scheduler_starting
c00795b0 T rcu_read_unlock_special
c0079808 T rcu_note_context_switch
c0079abc T exit_rcu
c0079aec T rcu_needs_cpu
c0079b54 T freezing_slow_path
c0079bb8 T __refrigerator
c0079cf4 T set_freezable
c0079d68 T freeze_task
c0079e38 T __thaw_task
c0079e74 t profile_nop
c0079e78 T profile_setup
c0079ff8 T task_handoff_register
c007a008 T task_handoff_unregister
c007a018 t __profile_flip_buffers
c007a048 t prof_cpu_mask_proc_open
c007a05c t prof_cpu_mask_proc_show
c007a088 t prof_cpu_mask_proc_write
c007a0cc t read_profile
c007a354 t profile_cpu_callback
c007a520 T profile_event_register
c007a550 T profile_event_unregister
c007a580 t write_profile
c007a70c T profile_hits
c007a8e4 T profile_task_exit
c007a8f8 T profile_handoff_task
c007a920 T profile_munmap
c007a934 T profile_tick
c007a9c4 T create_prof_cpu_mask
c007a9f0 T jiffies_to_msecs
c007a9fc T jiffies_to_usecs
c007aa08 T mktime64
c007aac8 T set_normalized_timespec
c007ab40 T set_normalized_timespec64
c007abc8 T __msecs_to_jiffies
c007abe8 T __usecs_to_jiffies
c007ac14 T timespec64_to_jiffies
c007ac94 T jiffies_to_timespec64
c007ad08 T jiffies_to_timeval
c007ad8c T jiffies_to_clock_t
c007ad90 T clock_t_to_jiffies
c007ad94 T jiffies_64_to_clock_t
c007ad98 T nsecs_to_jiffies64
c007ade0 T nsecs_to_jiffies
c007adec T timespec_trunc
c007ae70 T current_fs_time
c007aeb4 T ns_to_timespec
c007af14 T ns_to_timeval
c007af48 T ns_to_timespec64
c007afb4 T timeval_to_jiffies
c007b028 T SyS_gettimeofday
c007b028 T sys_gettimeofday
c007b110 T SyS_adjtimex
c007b110 T sys_adjtimex
c007b1fc T nsec_to_clock_t
c007b200 T timespec_add_safe
c007b26c W notify_time_update
c007b270 T do_sys_settimeofday
c007b36c T SyS_settimeofday
c007b36c T sys_settimeofday
c007b4d0 t round_jiffies_common
c007b52c T __round_jiffies
c007b534 T __round_jiffies_relative
c007b558 T round_jiffies
c007b570 T round_jiffies_relative
c007b584 T __round_jiffies_up
c007b58c T __round_jiffies_up_relative
c007b5b0 T round_jiffies_up
c007b5c8 T round_jiffies_up_relative
c007b5dc T set_timer_slack
c007b5e4 t __internal_add_timer
c007b66c t detach_if_pending
c007b6f8 t lock_timer_base
c007b758 T del_timer
c007b7ac T try_to_del_timer_sync
c007b804 t cascade
c007b858 T del_timer_sync
c007b8ac t process_timeout
c007b8b0 t internal_add_timer
c007b93c t migrate_timer_list
c007b99c t timer_cpu_notify
c007baf4 t call_timer_fn.constprop.3
c007bb84 t run_timer_softirq
c007bd78 T init_timer_key
c007bdb4 T timers_update_migration
c007bed0 T timer_migration_handler
c007bf44 T __timer_stats_timer_set_start_info
c007bf94 T mod_timer_pending
c007c0a0 T mod_timer
c007c20c T add_timer
c007c228 T mod_timer_pinned
c007c334 T add_timer_on
c007c3f4 T msleep_interruptible
c007c438 T msleep
c007c458 T get_next_timer_interrupt
c007c718 T run_local_timers
c007c72c T update_process_times
c007c788 t ktime_get_real
c007c7a0 t ktime_get_boottime
c007c7b8 t ktime_get_clocktai
c007c7d0 T ktime_add_safe
c007c810 t __hrtimer_get_next_event
c007c888 T hrtimer_init_sleeper
c007c89c t init_hrtimers_cpu
c007c8fc T hrtimer_active
c007c960 t lock_hrtimer_base
c007c9b0 T __hrtimer_get_remaining
c007ca0c t enqueue_hrtimer
c007ca40 T __ktime_divns
c007cab4 T hrtimer_forward
c007cc10 t __hrtimer_init
c007cc9c T hrtimer_init
c007cca0 t hrtimer_wakeup
c007ccd0 t update_rmtp
c007cd94 t hrtimer_force_reprogram
c007cdfc t __remove_hrtimer
c007ce68 T hrtimer_try_to_cancel
c007cf14 T hrtimer_cancel
c007cf30 t retrigger_next_event
c007cfa4 t __hrtimer_run_queues
c007d124 T hrtimer_start_range_ns
c007d480 T clock_was_set_delayed
c007d49c T clock_was_set
c007d4bc t clock_was_set_work
c007d4c0 T hrtimers_resume
c007d514 T hrtimer_get_next_event
c007d580 T hrtimer_interrupt
c007d778 t hrtimer_cpu_notify
c007d8fc T hrtimer_run_queues
c007d9ec T hrtimer_nanosleep
c007daf8 T SyS_nanosleep
c007daf8 T sys_nanosleep
c007dbb4 t itimer_get_remtime
c007dc18 t get_cpu_itimer
c007dca8 t set_cpu_itimer
c007de28 T do_getitimer
c007dee0 T SyS_getitimer
c007dee0 T sys_getitimer
c007df64 T it_real_fn
c007df80 T do_setitimer
c007e124 T alarm_setitimer
c007e190 T SyS_setitimer
c007e190 T sys_setitimer
c007e2f0 t __posix_timers_find
c007e338 t posix_get_hrtimer_res
c007e354 t clockid_to_kclock
c007e3b0 t posix_get_coarse_res
c007e3e8 t posix_get_boottime
c007e420 t posix_get_tai
c007e458 t posix_get_monotonic_coarse
c007e484 t posix_get_realtime_coarse
c007e4b0 t posix_get_monotonic_raw
c007e4dc t common_timer_get
c007e5f0 t common_timer_del
c007e610 t common_timer_create
c007e62c t common_timer_set
c007e784 t common_nsleep
c007e7ac t posix_ktime_get_ts
c007e7d8 t posix_clock_realtime_adj
c007e7e0 t posix_clock_realtime_get
c007e80c t posix_clock_realtime_set
c007e818 t __lock_timer
c007e8c4 T posix_timer_event
c007e920 t posix_timer_fn
c007ea10 T posix_timers_register_clock
c007ea8c t k_itimer_rcu_free
c007eaa0 t release_posix_timer
c007eb08 T do_schedule_next_timer
c007ebe8 T SyS_timer_create
c007ebe8 T sys_timer_create
c007f02c T SyS_timer_gettime
c007f02c T sys_timer_gettime
c007f130 T SyS_timer_getoverrun
c007f130 T sys_timer_getoverrun
c007f164 T SyS_timer_settime
c007f164 T sys_timer_settime
c007f350 T SyS_timer_delete
c007f350 T sys_timer_delete
c007f460 T exit_itimers
c007f534 T SyS_clock_settime
c007f534 T sys_clock_settime
c007f5e0 T SyS_clock_gettime
c007f5e0 T sys_clock_gettime
c007f678 T SyS_clock_adjtime
c007f678 T sys_clock_adjtime
c007f794 T SyS_clock_getres
c007f794 T sys_clock_getres
c007f83c T SyS_clock_nanosleep
c007f83c T sys_clock_nanosleep
c007f924 T clock_nanosleep_restart
c007f988 t bump_cpu_timer
c007fa30 t cleanup_timers_list
c007fa68 t arm_timer
c007fb78 t check_timers_list
c007fbf0 t process_cpu_nsleep_restart
c007fbf8 t sample_to_timespec
c007fc48 t posix_cpu_timer_del
c007fd60 t posix_cpu_timer_create
c007fe68 t thread_cpu_timer_create
c007fe74 t process_cpu_timer_create
c007fe80 t check_clock
c007ff04 t posix_cpu_clock_set
c007ff18 t cpu_clock_sample
c007ff78 t posix_cpu_clock_get_task
c0080074 t check_cpu_itimer
c0080134 t posix_cpu_clock_get
c008019c t thread_cpu_clock_get
c00801a4 t process_cpu_clock_get
c00801ac t posix_cpu_clock_getres
c00801e4 t thread_cpu_clock_getres
c00801ec t process_cpu_clock_getres
c00801f4 T thread_group_cputimer
c008033c t cpu_timer_sample_group
c00803ac t posix_cpu_timer_get
c00804cc T posix_cpu_timers_exit
c0080500 T posix_cpu_timers_exit_group
c0080524 T posix_cpu_timer_schedule
c0080678 t cpu_timer_fire
c00806f8 t posix_cpu_timer_set
c00809d0 t do_cpu_nanosleep
c0080b54 t posix_cpu_nsleep_restart
c0080c2c t posix_cpu_nsleep
c0080d50 t process_cpu_nsleep
c0080d58 T run_posix_cpu_timers
c0081214 T set_process_cpu_timer
c0081324 T update_rlimit_cpu
c0081378 t dummy_clock_read
c0081388 T get_seconds
c0081398 T ktime_get_mono_fast_ns
c008140c T ktime_get_raw_fast_ns
c0081480 T ktime_mono_to_any
c00814d4 T ktime_get_raw
c008158c T ktime_get_real_seconds
c00815c0 T getrawmonotonic64
c00816f4 T current_kernel_time64
c0081750 T __getnstimeofday64
c0081848 T pvclock_gtod_unregister_notifier
c008188c T ktime_get
c0081968 T ktime_get_resolution_ns
c00819cc T ktime_get_with_offset
c0081ab8 T ktime_get_ts64
c0081bf4 T ktime_get_seconds
c0081c40 t tk_set_wall_to_mono
c0081d7c t update_fast_timekeeper
c0081dec t timekeeping_update
c0081f50 T getboottime64
c0081f8c T getnstimeofday64
c0081fb0 T do_gettimeofday
c0081fe0 t timekeeping_forward_now.constprop.4
c008210c t tk_setup_internals.constprop.6
c0082274 t change_clocksource
c0082334 T timekeeping_inject_offset
c0082584 T do_settimeofday64
c0082704 T pvclock_gtod_register_notifier
c008275c t __timekeeping_inject_sleeptime.constprop.3
c00828fc T timekeeping_get_tai_offset
c0082930 T timekeeping_set_tai_offset
c00829a8 T timekeeping_notify
c00829f4 T timekeeping_valid_for_hres
c0082a30 T timekeeping_max_deferment
c0082a68 W read_persistent_clock
c0082aa4 T timekeeping_resume
c0082d08 T timekeeping_suspend
c0082f5c T timekeeping_rtc_skipresume
c0082f6c T timekeeping_rtc_skipsuspend
c0082f7c T timekeeping_inject_sleeptime64
c0082fe8 T update_wall_time
c0083898 T __current_kernel_time
c00838c8 T get_monotonic_coarse64
c008395c T do_timer
c0083978 T ktime_get_update_offsets_now
c0083a9c T do_adjtimex
c0083bdc T xtime_update
c0083c30 t ntp_update_frequency
c0083d04 T ntp_clear
c0083d64 T ntp_tick_length
c0083d74 T ntp_get_next_leap
c0083dec T second_overflow
c0084050 T ntp_notify_cmos_timer
c0084054 T ntp_validate_timex
c0084120 T __do_adjtimex
c0084600 t clocksource_max_adjustment
c0084658 t clocksource_enqueue
c00846b4 t __clocksource_select
c0084800 t sysfs_show_available_clocksources
c00848a0 t sysfs_show_current_clocksources
c00848f0 T clocksource_change_rating
c008494c T clocksource_unregister
c00849cc T clocks_calc_mult_shift
c0084a70 T clocksource_mark_unstable
c0084a74 T clocksource_suspend
c0084abc T clocksource_resume
c0084b04 T clocksource_touch_watchdog
c0084b08 T clocks_calc_max_nsecs
c0084b70 T __clocksource_update_freq_scale
c0084ce0 T __clocksource_register_scale
c0084d28 T sysfs_get_uname
c0084d84 t sysfs_unbind_clocksource
c0084e50 t sysfs_override_clocksource
c0084e9c t jiffies_read
c0084eb0 T get_jiffies_64
c0084ef0 T register_refined_jiffies
c0084fb4 t timer_list_stop
c0084fb8 t SEQ_printf
c0084ff8 t print_name_offset
c0085040 t print_tickdevice
c00852b8 t print_cpu
c00857f4 t timer_list_show_tickdevices_header
c008586c t move_iter
c00858f0 t timer_list_next
c0085918 t timer_list_start
c0085964 t timer_list_open
c0085978 t timer_list_show
c0085a38 T sysrq_timer_list_show
c0085b38 T time_to_tm
c0085dd8 T timecounter_init
c0085e30 T timecounter_read
c0085eb0 T timecounter_cyc2time
c0085f60 t delete_clock
c0085f78 t posix_clock_release
c0085fe0 T posix_clock_register
c008603c t get_posix_clock
c0086070 t posix_clock_fasync
c00860c4 t posix_clock_mmap
c0086108 t posix_clock_ioctl
c0086158 t posix_clock_poll
c00861a4 t posix_clock_read
c00861f8 t posix_clock_open
c00862b8 T posix_clock_unregister
c0086318 t get_clock_desc
c008638c t put_clock_desc
c00863ac t pc_timer_gettime
c00863f8 t pc_timer_delete
c0086448 t pc_timer_settime
c00864b0 t pc_timer_create
c0086500 t pc_clock_adjtime
c0086560 t pc_clock_gettime
c00865ac t pc_clock_settime
c008660c t pc_clock_getres
c0086658 t ktime_get_real
c0086670 t ktime_get_boottime
c0086688 T alarmtimer_get_rtcdev
c00866b4 T alarm_expires_remaining
c00866fc t alarmtimer_freezerset
c0086774 t alarm_clock_getres
c00867a4 T alarm_init
c00867f8 t alarmtimer_enqueue
c0086834 T alarm_start
c00868a8 T alarm_start_relative
c00868f4 T alarm_restart
c0086964 T alarm_forward
c0086a20 T alarm_forward_now
c0086a68 t alarmtimer_suspend
c0086be8 t alarm_timer_get
c0086c50 t alarmtimer_nsleep_wakeup
c0086c80 t update_rmtp
c0086d54 t alarm_handle_timer
c0086df4 t alarmtimer_rtc_add_device
c0086e84 t alarmtimer_fired
c0086f68 t alarm_timer_create
c0086fd4 t alarm_clock_get
c0087044 T alarm_try_to_cancel
c00870bc T alarm_cancel
c00870d8 t alarmtimer_do_nsleep
c008718c t alarm_timer_nsleep
c0087318 t alarm_timer_del
c008734c t alarm_timer_set
c0087428 t cev_delta2ns
c008753c T clockevent_delta2ns
c0087544 t clockevents_program_min_delta
c00875b4 T clockevents_register_device
c00876b0 t sysfs_show_current_tick_dev
c008773c t __clockevents_try_unbind
c0087794 t __clockevents_unbind
c0087880 t sysfs_unbind_tick_dev
c0087960 T clockevents_unbind_device
c00879b8 T clockevents_switch_state
c0087adc T clockevents_shutdown
c0087afc T clockevents_tick_resume
c0087b14 T clockevents_program_event
c0087c7c T clockevents_config
c0087cf8 T clockevents_config_and_register
c0087d18 T __clockevents_update_freq
c0087d9c T clockevents_update_freq
c0087dd0 T clockevents_handle_noop
c0087dd4 T clockevents_exchange_device
c0087e48 T clockevents_suspend
c0087e9c T clockevents_resume
c0087ef0 T tick_cleanup_dead_cpu
c0088040 t tick_periodic
c00880f4 T tick_handle_periodic
c0088180 t tick_check_percpu
c008822c T tick_broadcast_oneshot_control
c0088268 t tick_check_preferred
c00882ec T tick_get_device
c0088308 T tick_is_oneshot_available
c0088354 T tick_setup_periodic
c0088410 t tick_setup_device
c008850c T tick_install_replacement
c0088588 T tick_check_replacement
c00885c0 T tick_check_new_device
c00886ac T tick_handover_do_timer
c00886f8 T tick_shutdown
c008874c T tick_suspend_local
c0088774 T tick_resume_local
c00887cc T tick_suspend
c00887dc T tick_resume
c00887ec T tick_freeze
c0088850 T tick_unfreeze
c00888b4 t tick_broadcast_start_periodic
c00888c4 t tick_broadcast_set_event
c0088968 t broadcast_needs_cpu
c00889b4 t tick_device_setup_broadcast_func
c0088a18 t err_broadcast
c0088a40 t tick_do_broadcast.constprop.3
c0088ad0 t tick_handle_oneshot_broadcast
c0088c9c t tick_handle_periodic_broadcast
c0088d78 T tick_get_broadcast_device
c0088d84 T tick_get_broadcast_mask
c0088d90 T tick_install_broadcast_device
c0088e40 T tick_is_broadcast_device
c0088e60 T tick_broadcast_update_freq
c0088ea8 T tick_receive_broadcast
c0088ef8 T tick_set_periodic_handler
c0088f14 T tick_shutdown_broadcast
c0088f90 T tick_suspend_broadcast
c0088fcc T tick_resume_check_broadcast
c0089018 T tick_resume_broadcast
c00890a0 T tick_get_broadcast_oneshot_mask
c00890ac T tick_check_broadcast_expired
c00890e0 T tick_check_oneshot_broadcast_this_cpu
c008914c T __tick_broadcast_oneshot_control
c008937c T tick_broadcast_setup_oneshot
c008948c T tick_device_uses_broadcast
c00895f8 T tick_broadcast_control
c0089770 T tick_broadcast_switch_to_oneshot
c00897b4 T hotplug_cpu__broadcast_tick_pull
c008981c T tick_shutdown_broadcast_oneshot
c0089870 T tick_broadcast_oneshot_active
c008988c T tick_broadcast_oneshot_available
c00898a8 t bc_handler
c00898f4 t bc_shutdown
c008990c t bc_set_next
c0089994 T tick_setup_hrtimer_broadcast
c00899cc t jiffy_sched_clock_read
c00899e8 t update_clock_read_data
c0089a60 t update_sched_clock
c0089af0 t suspended_sched_clock_read
c0089b14 t sched_clock_poll
c0089b58 t sched_clock_resume
c0089ba4 t sched_clock_suspend
c0089bd4 T sched_clock
c0089c6c T tick_program_event
c0089cfc T tick_resume_oneshot
c0089d4c T tick_setup_oneshot
c0089d88 T tick_switch_to_oneshot
c0089e3c T tick_oneshot_mode_active
c0089e78 T tick_init_highres
c0089e88 t tick_init_jiffy_update
c0089efc t update_ts_time_stats
c0089fe0 T get_cpu_idle_time_us
c008a104 T get_cpu_iowait_time_us
c008a22c t tick_nohz_restart
c008a2b0 t __tick_nohz_idle_enter
c008a694 t tick_do_update_jiffies64
c008a7e4 t tick_sched_do_timer
c008a824 t tick_sched_handle
c008a878 t tick_sched_timer
c008a908 t tick_nohz_handler
c008a9b8 T tick_get_tick_sched
c008a9d4 T tick_nohz_tick_stopped
c008a9f8 T tick_nohz_idle_enter
c008aa6c T tick_nohz_irq_exit
c008aaa0 T tick_nohz_get_sleep_length
c008aad4 T tick_nohz_idle_exit
c008abf8 T tick_irq_enter
c008acb8 T tick_setup_sched_timer
c008ae18 T tick_cancel_sched_timer
c008ae58 T tick_clock_notify
c008aec8 T tick_oneshot_notify
c008aef8 T tick_check_oneshot_change
c008b034 t tstats_open
c008b048 t print_name_offset
c008b090 t tstats_show
c008b2a0 t tstats_write
c008b46c T timer_stats_update_stats
c008b688 t tk_debug_sleep_time_open
c008b69c t tk_debug_show_sleep_time
c008b720 T tk_debug_account_sleep_time
c008b74c t hash_futex
c008b7c4 t futex_top_waiter
c008b828 t cmpxchg_futex_value_locked
c008b8fc t attach_to_pi_state
c008b9a8 t fault_in_user_writeable
c008ba04 t get_futex_key_refs
c008ba58 t get_futex_key
c008bc38 t __unqueue_futex
c008bcac t mark_wake_futex
c008bd20 t get_futex_value_locked
c008bdb4 t fixup_pi_state_owner
c008bf10 t futex_wait_queue_me
c008c068 t attach_to_pi_owner
c008c248 t fixup_owner
c008c334 t refill_pi_state_cache
c008c3b8 t drop_futex_key_refs
c008c44c t futex_wait_setup
c008c5b4 t futex_wake
c008c6f0 t futex_wait
c008c8d8 t futex_wait_restart
c008c920 t free_pi_state
c008c9d8 t unqueue_me_pi
c008ca10 t futex_wait_requeue_pi.constprop.4
c008cdcc t futex_lock_pi_atomic
c008cedc t futex_requeue
c008d674 t futex_lock_pi
c008d96c T exit_pi_state_list
c008da7c T SyS_set_robust_list
c008da7c T sys_set_robust_list
c008daa0 T SyS_get_robust_list
c008daa0 T sys_get_robust_list
c008db98 T handle_futex_death
c008dc8c T exit_robust_list
c008de44 T do_futex
c008e7ec T SyS_futex
c008e7ec T sys_futex
c008e950 t csd_lock_wait
c008e968 t do_nothing
c008e96c t csd_unlock
c008e9a0 t mt_record_smp_call_func_end
c008e9e8 t flush_smp_call_function_queue
c008eb7c t hotplug_cfd
c008ec18 t timestamp_enable_proc_open
c008ec3c t cpu_lat_proc_open
c008ec60 t timestamp_enable_proc_show
c008ec84 t timestamp_enable_proc_write
c008ecc4 t cpu_lat_proc_show
c008eeec T wake_up_all_idle_cpus
c008ef8c t generic_exec_single
c008f064 T smp_call_function_single
c008f1c0 T smp_call_function_any
c008f2c4 T smp_call_function_single_async
c008f374 T smp_call_function_many
c008f600 T smp_call_function
c008f674 T on_each_cpu
c008f6f0 T kick_all_cpus_sync
c008f708 T on_each_cpu_mask
c008f7b0 T on_each_cpu_cond
c008f880 T generic_smp_call_function_single_interrupt
c008f888 W arch_disable_smp_support
c008f88c W smp_announce
c008f8bc T hotplug_get_current_time_us
c008f8e8 T SyS_chown16
c008f8e8 T sys_chown16
c008f918 T SyS_lchown16
c008f918 T sys_lchown16
c008f948 T SyS_fchown16
c008f948 T sys_fchown16
c008f978 T SyS_setregid16
c008f978 T sys_setregid16
c008f9a0 T SyS_setgid16
c008f9a0 T sys_setgid16
c008f9b8 T SyS_setreuid16
c008f9b8 T sys_setreuid16