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How to create an iOS app signing certificate without a Mac

  1. openssl genrsa -out ios_development.key 2048
  2. openssl req -new -key ios_development.key -out ios_development.csr -subj '/emailAddress=your@email.address, CN=Your Name, C=US'
  3. Go to developer portal ( -> Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles
  4. Create a new certificate, choose "Apple Development", and upload the .csr file
  5. Download the resulting .cer file
  6. Download the Apple WWDR intermediate certificate from (the one that expires in 2030:
  7. openssl x509 -inform der -in ios_development.cer -out ios_development.pem
  8. openssl x509 -inform der -in AppleWWDRCAG3.cer -out AppleWWDRCAG3.pem
  9. openssl pkcs12 -export -out ios_development.p12 -inkey ios_development.key -in ios_development.pem -certfile AppleWWDRCAG3.pem
  10. Go back to the developer portal, and under "Devices" register the UDID of each device you want to sideload apps on (you can get this using iTunes or
  11. Under "Identifiers", create a new wildcard app ID, make the bundle ID something like yourteamid.* (you can see the team ID in the top right corner next to your name), the name can be anything like "Wildcard"
  12. Under "Profiles", create a new iOS App Development provisioning profile and select the app ID created in the previous step
  13. After downloading the resulting provisioning profile, you should now have the required .p12 and .mobileprovision files.
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