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=== Sample2 class code ===
Name: Sample
Argument count: 0
Kw-only arguments: 0
Number of locals: 0
Stack size: 4
Flags: 0x0
0: 'sample_2.<locals>.Sample'
obriencj /
Created May 6, 2018
building classes in python
def sample_1(parent=object):
class Sample(parent):
def __init__(self, val=None):
self.value = val
return Sample
def sample_2(parent=object):
View sibsampl output
maybe:python-sibilant siege$ sibsampl timeit --of 1000 --times 1000
calculating fibonacci of 1000
answer is 43466557686937456435688527675040625802564660517371780402481729089536555417949051890403879840079255169295922593080322634775209689623239873322471161642996440906533187938298969649928516003704476137795166849228875
maximum recursion depth exceeded in comparison
maximum recursion depth exceeded
fibonacci with TCR over 1000 loops -> 0.6279 seconds (0.26% runtime)
fibonacci with TCO over 1000 loops -> 0.9989 seconds (0.41% runtime)
fibonacci no TC over 1000 loops -> 0.0000 seconds (0.00% runtime)
fibonacci LRU cache over 1000 loops -> 0.0000 seconds (0.00% runtime)
fibonacci loop over 1000 loops -> 0.8034 seconds (0.33% runtime)
class values(object):
def __init__(self, *args, **kwds):
self.__args = args
self.__iter__ = args.__iter__
self.__kwds = kwds
self.keys = kwds.keys
obriencj / output
Created Oct 25, 2017
timing different fibonacci functions in the sibilant compiler
View output
certainly:sample-project siege$ sibsampl timeit --fib 2000 --number 1000
calculating fibonacci of 2000
answer is 4224696333392304878706725602341482782579852840250681098010280137314308584370130707224123599639141511088446087538909603607640194711643596029271983312598737326253555802606991585915229492453904998722256795316982874482472992263901833716778060607011615497886719879858311468870876264597369086722884023654422295243347964480139515349562972087652656069529806499841977448720155612802665404554171717881930324025204312082516817125
fibonacci memoized -> maximum recursion depth exceeded
fibonacci via loop over 1000 loops -> 0.9649
fibonacci with TCO over 1000 loops -> 3.3678
fibonacci with TCR over 1000 loops -> 0.6501
certainly:sample-project siege$ sibsampl timeit --fib 300 --number 1000
calculating fibonacci of 300
answer is 222232244629420445529739893461909967206666939096499764990979600
obriencj / example
Created Sep 17, 2017
mapbind works just fine in sibilant
View example
maybe:python-sibilant siege$ sibilant
sibilant > (defimport mapbind)
sibilant > (define data (dict foo: 100 bar: 200 baz: 300 tacos: 'yum))
sibilant > data
{'tacos': <symbol 'yum'>, 'foo': 100, 'bar': 200, 'baz': 300}
sibilant > (define-values (foo bar baz) (mapbind.mapbind data))
sibilant > foo
sibilant > bar
obriencj /
Last active Sep 14, 2017
local bindings from a map
#! /usr/bin/env python3
# This is a Proof-Of-Concept, and only works in Python3.
# A Python2 port is almost certainly possible, haven't even tried.
from inspect import currentframe
from dis import get_instructions
obriencj / gist:ed947df0d8b843ff0e7f6018ae5d79de
Created Aug 17, 2017
sibilant with set-macro-character
View gist:ed947df0d8b843ff0e7f6018ae5d79de
sibilant > $100
NameError: name '$100' is not defined
sibilant > (set-macro-character "$" (lambda (stream c) `(dollars ,(read stream))) False)
sibilant > $100
NameError: name 'dollars' is not defined
sibilant > '$100
(dollars 100)
sibilant > (defun dollars (amt) (print "YOU FOUND" amt "DOLLARS!!"))
obriencj / specials.lspy
Created Aug 4, 2017
sibilant run and compile time special definition example
View specials.lspy
(defmacro pseudop (method . args)
(let ((as-name (symbol (+ "emit_" (str method))))
(method (symbol (+ "__compiler__.pseudop_" (str method)))))
(if args
`(defmacro ,as-name ,args
(cons ',method ,@args nil))
`(defmacro ,as-name ()
obriencj / output of sample_defclass
Last active Jul 29, 2017
sibilant defclass sample
View output of sample_defclass
maybe:python-sibilant siege$ sibilant sample_defclass.lspy
Tom says: Hey there, Sally
Sally says: What's up, Tom
Tom says: Good-bye!
Sally says: Good-bye!
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