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Spexy had a repl, for testing purposes. The >>>> lines are my input, the --> lines are spexy letting me see the Python code it created from my input, and then following that is the result of the evaluation if any.
[siege@maybe src]$ python
>>>> (defun make_pair ()
(letrec ((value None)
(getter (lambda () value))
(setter (lambda (v) (setf value v))))
(make-list getter setter)))
--> globals().__setitem__('make_pair', (lambda : ((lambda value, getter, setter: ((value.__setitem__(0, None), getter.__setitem__(0, (lambda : value[0])), setter.__setitem__(0, (lambda v: value.__setitem__(0, v))),)[-1], [getter[0], setter[0],],)[-1])([None], [None], [None]))))
>>>> (letrec ((gs (make_pair)))
(define getter (getf gs 0))
(define setter (getf gs 1)))
--> ((lambda gs: (gs.__setitem__(0, make_pair()), globals().__setitem__('getter', gs[0].__getitem__(0)), globals().__setitem__('setter', gs[0].__getitem__(1)),)[-1])([None]))
>>>> (getter)
--> getter()
>>>> getter
--> getter
<function <lambda> at 0xb76c0df4>
>>>> setter
--> setter
<function <lambda> at 0xb76c0e2c>
>>>> (setter)
--> setter()
## <lambda>() takes exactly 1 argument (0 given)
>>>> (setter "hello world")
--> setter("hello world")
>>>> (getter)
--> getter()
'hello world'
>>>> (getter)
--> getter()
'hello world'
>>>> (setter "919")
--> setter("919")
>>>> (getter)
--> getter()

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@obriencj obriencj commented Jan 24, 2014

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