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Git subtree instead of submodule
# Alternative to Git Submodules using Git Subtree:
# Remember to replace 'subtree-repo' with the repo name
# --prefix can be whatever you want to call your local copy
$ git remote add -f subtree-repo /path/to/subtree-repo
$ git merge --squash -s ours --no-commit subtree-repo/master
$ git read-tree --prefix=subtree-repo/ -u subtree-repo/master
$ git commit -m "Merge subtree-repo as a subtree."
# Then to update the external subtree repo:
$ git pull -s subtree subtree-repo master

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commented Jul 26, 2014

So far I haven't figured out how this compares/differs to "git subtree" commands. Any tips?


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commented Jan 9, 2015

@qwertie: Sorry I did not receive a notice for this comment. It is in fact a subtree, but instead of a local subtree it is calling a remote and pulling that down as a subtree. I find this more flexible than using Git submodules (and far less painful to manage). 😃

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