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PillTimer 2.0 Release notes by Brittany Hildreth

From the developer who brought you “PillTimer 1” and “PillTimer 1.1” comes the next installment in this gripping but helpful saga...

Introducing: PillTimer 2.0!


  • Gorgeous new graphics from Andrew Ramos, sure to quicken hearts and inspire fanfics.
  • The abilites to store medicine names and dosages for longer than one day! You don’t even need radioactive spiders or metal suits for these superpowers!

And introducing to the screen:

  • Superior tracking skills! Now you can track multiple medicines simultaneously and effortlessly; no promise that this will make you a particularly good finder, or lead you to Portkeys in the center of mazes. (In-app upgrade required)
  • An archive for medicines you are no longer taking! Just in case your body goes wibbly wobbly every so often, keep medicines stored so you don’t have to re-enter them into the app! (In-app upgrade required)

App updates: ASSEMBLE!

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