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@odoe odoe/AboutWidget.tsx
Created Apr 25, 2019

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import WidgetBase from "@dojo/framework/widget-core/WidgetBase";
import { dom } from "@dojo/framework/widget-core/d";
import Block from "@dojo/framework/widget-core/meta/Block";
import { tsx } from "@dojo/framework/widget-core/tsx";
import fromMarkdown from "../blocks/markdown.block";
import * as css from "./styles/About.m.css";
export default class About extends WidgetBase {
protected render() {
const node = document.createElement("div");
// Use my block
const message = this.meta(Block).run(fromMarkdown)(
node.innerHTML = message;
// Create a vnode to inject my HTML
const vnode = dom({ node });
return (
<h1 classes={css.root}>About Page</h1>
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