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Last active September 8, 2019 13:43
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OAuth for Telnet

OAuth for Clients

Telnet Option


  • IAC: 255
  • WILL: 251
  • WONT: 252
  • DO: 253
  • DONT: 254
  • OAUTH: 165
Server (Game): IAC DO OAUTH
Client (Grapevine): IAC WILL OAUTH
Client: IAC SB OAUTH Start {host: ""} IAC SE
Server: IAC SB OAUTH AuthorizationRequest {response_type: "code", client_id: "...", 
  scope: "...", state: "..."} IAC SE
Client: Requests confirmation from the user, displays a standard OAuth request asking
  for scopes and the connection
User: Approves request
Client: IAC SB OAUTH AuthorizationGrant {state: "same as above", code: "..."} IAC SE

Server then goes through standard OAuth


  • Client: IAC DONT OAUTH
  • Server: IAC WONT OAUTH
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