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Created May 30, 2012 14:26
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0071 git commit log
8fdd2f1 Re-enabled MoviesTask in ofQuickTimePlayer to fix multithreaded movie playback
a6d738a fixes for iphone sound stream
d549e09 updated arch install scripts, added arch to readme.linux
c6053ab ofRectangle: Added ofPoint-based constructor to be consistent with the corresponding set(ofPoint ...) function.
895b000 Replaced relative paths with OF_ROOT
c474e7c removed if statement in ofRectangle::inside()function to be consistent with the ofRectangle::== and ofRectangle::!= operators.
f1e9cc4 Added linux 32 bit fullCBP.
9115253 Fixed makefile exclude dirs.
3c0cd68 fixed vc project for advanced3d example
bcc4b07 removed unnecessary project vs2010
16d3256 Makefile: fix exclude dirs
1c7abdb fixed bug in ubuntu instell_dep script if user doesn't have the standard group name
4a738ab added the same to fedora and debian scripts
db91af0 ofxXmlSettings: use ofToString for string conversion, was crashing
48a68c5 android: OFAndroidVideoGraber: catch exception if the camera cannot start
c5c2331 adding back missing files
91191dc added getFov() to ofCamera
3852206 fixed a typo with the output setting on iphone sound
cb52cca fixed unnecessary deletion of space
7f7411a android: fix headphones receiver unregistering
e55926c OFAndroidSoundStream: set headphonesReceiver to null on pause
58211a2 ofxAndroidVideoGrabber: fix for not supported fps
01af321 android: fix some jni signatures
f1fd1db ofPolyline: added getArea & getCentroid
8526de1 ofVec*f.h: Fixed spelling of Tolerance.
f90fa0b android: fix for ofSoundShoutdown undefined symbol in some applications
779c4b3 updated fedora install scripts
eb2c016 added missing packages
0568c0d updated readme.linux
6bbe6ea android: fix menuItemcheck to run on UIThread
adf5a30 android: check string from resources != null
7928986 OFAndroid: fix setup sequence
b7b9c12 android makefile: removed mthumb instructions
8de57c0 Be more portable. Listen to what the users wants PATH to be.
4dde3e3 fix makefile libraries
5ef08ae fixed lib including
b22ef2b fix to allow ofxAssimpModelLoader to use ARB textures and non-power of 2 textures.
67d40a2 Check for WSA Connection reset in receive()
9b5693a use ofxNetworkCheckError() to check for connection reset for platform independence
5fceeb1 use ofxNetworkCheckError() to check for connection reset for platform independence
4a36b54 fixed JNI methods signatures following CheckJNI diagnostics
dbff37d fixed JNI methods signatures following CheckJNI diagnostics, fixet getCritical / releaseCritical (always CheckJNI)
7db2be5 Ignore a potential .git directory during make.
677b72d android videograbber: allow for several cameras
074846f opencv2.3 headers + libraries for linux64 + android
5de6e69 opencv2.3 headers
1390c4c ofx3dModelLoader: fixes normals
8dacae8 gitignore android paths.make
c612b6e android: fix camera deviceID
d177f21 ofVideoGrabber: added isInitialized() method
46d09eb android: don't try to dismiss non existing dialogs
02dea35 android: changed OFObject methods to app... so they don't clash with tipical names like stop/pause...
14cda78 soundPlayerExample: fixed pan for 3rd sample
49a5667 ofOpenALSoundPlayer: fixed pan
ed6a503 android: added ofSoundPlayer
8ffdbd4 android: sound player example
f41c55f opencv2.3: missing headers
11d7f38 ofOpenALSoundPlayer & OFAndroidSoundPlayer: fixed pan calculation
3ee0d2a added limit() function to ofColor, replaced all 255.fs with limit(), ofShortColor and ofFloatColor should be more intercompatible now. copyFrom is slightly cleaner. add operator<< and >> for ofColor.
5bb3de8 added swap checks back in. this was developed against upstream/develop instead of upstream/master, so i'm going to remove the other pull request. closes #712. closes #713.
4593adb ofSoundPlayer + implementations: added setPositionMS method
dd05957 ofSoundPlayer + implementations: added getPositionMS
69214df eclipse project updated
60e07d8 enabling this i2.getPixelsRef() = i1.getPixelsRef();
9fccd13 android: added checkSDCard mounted method
a5f3945 android soundStream: fix input
ab842ef ofAppAndroidWindow: touch events not threaded by default + method to change it
5de233f ofxAndroidSoundPlayer: make class reference global
23a4609 OFAndroidSoundPlayer: setPosition(int) -> setPositionMS(int)
fca449d ofxSynth: added license headers to files using Maximilian code
62b7d71 android Makefile: remove compiled java classes before install target
bcd6060 andorid videoGrabber: added setAutoFocus
2394b28 tess2: removed assert + recompiled linux64 library
bb75f7b ofxAccelerometer: added event
1576e6b android: remove alert OF title
199254b android: call app resume and reloadTextures only onCreateSurface, was being called twice
be83edd added ofDrawGrid to complement ofDrawAxis. added 'get' accessors to ofCamera's internal properties, made ofCamera's internal properties protected rather than private
c78de72 changed draw order to draw more cleanly when depth testing
233c5f0 linux: Add zlib to the system libs in the template's makefile
00550a6 kyle's suggestion of dealing with ofDataPath
9df7821 reverted definition of ofColor static types: because they're initialized as ofColor they will be converted from 255 to the native range of the templated class. also fixed operator<< which was printing ofColor as ASCII junk.
42d2860 single character syntax error was keeping OF from compiling for me
be45c48 ofGstVideoPlayer: fix video stream playback
b15d049 ofVboMesh: on update check buffer sizes and recreate buffer in case is smaller than data. Closes #746
2e58bfa ofMesh: added const versions of getVertices... so the modified flags are updated on the non const versions calls
6f96086 last color modification. this one works best, as gray was not .5,.5,.5 for floats before
98f1907 closes #606
73c0acf added ofSetBackgroundColor() and swapped it out inside ofSetStyle(). added ofBackground(200) to ofSetCurrentRenderer() which was previously setting the background via ofSetStyle(). closes #731.
9140370 changed behvaior of background() to always clear the background. closes #444.
1ddb1ce Changed saveFile methods in ofxXmlSettings to return a boolon success/failure to save the file
ea8edaf ofVideoPlayer: check pixel format for texture type
2da741d Added (fixed?) ofSoundPlayer::getVolume...also added it to the base
00b2083 Updated ofArduino to be compatible with Arduino 1.0. Updated firmataExample to demonstrate additional firmata features including servo control.
282fc11 ofxXmlSettings: use ofToInt/ofToFloat instead of atoi and atod, solves problems with locales
6d7fa1a ofFmodeSoundPlayer: remove ifdefs, didn't allowed the use of fmod in linux
8452bce ofMesh: const correct getters
d8a7625 ofURLFileLoader: use always binary mode for saving files
be2b260 ofAppRunner: notify exit before terminating resources
04f44b0 ofVideoGrabber: desiredFramerate was not being set if called before init
b6a514d correct line 982. "p4.x, p4.x" -> "p4.x, p4.y"
bfa1282 added missing image
9015fec added ofMesh::getCentroid()
e066f8c Added 3D versions of ofCurve(), ofBezier(), ofVertex() and ofBezierVertex().
d6a37e0 Fixed uses of opening braces to match OF coding style guide.
2b6f6f5 fixed opencv2 cvContourArea hole detection and extra fabs calls
7fa99f5 handle empty vertex vector case
ce9b22e ofxOsc only adds int32_t typedef for VS vers < VS2010, fixes #559
bae3ebc fixes a memory leak in opendialog on os x. cfString was not being released
91a4998 added an objective-c file so NSAutoreleasePool can be used to resolve a memory leak caused by the OSX alert dialog. And updated the xcode project to build it.
d21b630 Brought the cocoa code for NSAutoreleasePool inline ( rather than an external file ) using the -x objective-c++ compile flag. Deleted the osxUtil files and removed them from xcode.
42e1858 ofColor: >> operator had an incorrect const parameter
a7336cd move function for checking if a point is inside of a polygon from ofMath to ofPolyline a la issue #800
3caea45 add include member functions to ofPolyline and return ofInsidePoly to ofMath a la issue #800
f9e0eae Added getVolume() to ofOpenALSoundPlayer, but Xcode kept whinging about 'can't allocate abstract type ofOpenALSoundPlayer' so I had to make getVolume NOT a pure virtual function...grrr
2010957 closes #804. fixes an oversaturation bug, overbrightness bug, desaturation bug, and gray setHsb bug.
edfbadc ofClamp() instead of MIN for fixing brightness and contrast
e077887 executable permissions
cb8afbf Makefile: fix dependency generation for gcc 4.6
a3424ef android: getOFActivityObject
14dc2ad ofxAssimpModelLoader: normalization factor
736021c ofxNetwork: disconect on EABORTCONN
df9b344 makefile OF: fix dependencies in gcc 4.6
87bbe56 Reverting to pure virtual function as now there are errors on Win
f956dec android: fix ofGetLastFrameTime
fbe0167 android: fixing timing issues
b00ecff ofFbo: added option to use texture for the depth buffer instead of a render buffer
93c6076 ofShader: added option to pass a texture by id + texture target
d9a33fc Fixing ofxIphoneSoundPlayer issues
3906a1e Fixed ofxIphoneKeyboard rotation and position correction for all orientations on iPad 2; needs testing on other devices
be1ee6d Fixed setOrientation to correct values on iPad2; needs checking on other devices
1e4db9e Fixed _x value for OFXIPHONE_ORIENTATION_PORTRAIT on updateOrientation
64f4733 Simplifying init, updateOrientation and setFrame calls...little bit more to do
1c64fe3 Removed extraneous cout
4b4b126 ofFbo: added an option to not setup screen
b609d56 ofGLRenderer: fixed ofPush/PopView
a3fdd16 ofPixels: simpler, faster swapRGB
0a5f653 ofPixels: fix swapRgb Closes #812
b480735 Consistent support for playerTex in ofVideoPlayer
533968d getOriginalDirectory() added to ofDirectory
fb52134 adding window entry
c6925c7 Correct missing OF_ROOT occurences in Makefile. Fixes #826.
cf266de Fixed OF codeblocks projects for Linux that needing updating. Reenabled script as executable.
7c7051d Fixed #830 OF codeblocks projects were broken
048627a Fixed makefile cleanDebug and cleanRelease targets. Lowercase 'clean' prefix needs to be used in order for Codeblocks default clean to work.
af9614e Removed accidental debug output
763edf4 ofAppRunner: removed unused variables
48087db ofPolyline: fix getArea, was crashing on less than 2 points
9fc0d78 added changelog
b48b826 cleaning formatting for md
ff78a53 renamed changes, starting to add 007, no more markdown
dffb9a1 added 007 changes
c1cede9 rearranged the commit log, added a section for 0071... needs to be filled in.
9051c15 ofGraphics: moved texture functions to ofTexture
399ab3c Replace printf occurences by ofLog in /libs/openFrameworks. Some debatable ones still remain.
f70dec2 Update changes.txt
75a7a38 ofBuffer: fix size on empty buffers
cd7de35 vs2010 template
6ee9f51 ofPolyline: an overloaded version of bezierTo wasn't passing curveResolution. Closes #857
c305c38 Fix a small error.
6e7d325 Convert conditional printfs to oLog, too.
9cb7949 Correct applyTranslation parameters. Closes #796
fb0bae8 fixes xcode projects getting rebuilt all the time. Closes #860
bec6dd7 ofSystemSaveDialaog: linux was not returning the path. Closes #864
7a6cc05 updates to grid
6c5b168 A few small changes to eliminate compiler warnings on OS X.
3641388 disabled texture generation in ofxCvContourfinder, since its not used and makes it impossible to use multithreaded
133ec05 ofSphere no GLUT - moved into renderers
bad4355 openGL ES check for quad strip
9a44997 Corrected call to glNormalPointer
e263a9b switched from GST_STATE_PLAYING to GST_STATE_READY in get_device_data()
85eff56 poco android: update binaries to v4
871a26c ofUtils: removed poco define required for compatibility with poco 3 in android
8ca84ee ofConstants: android, added GL constant for compatibility with NDK7
f9225a2 ofFbo: allocate depth texture as ofTexture
128d81f Center fmod panning
4f7016f ofGstGrabber: priority to rgb and yuv over jpeg formats
67c692b ofPixels: mirror and rotate90 not in place versions
b00e878 Update comment specifying possible pan values
408ab5d ofPixels: faster rotateTo
1f47f82 ofPixels: rotate90 faster + reuse rotate90To
69c65c0 ofPixels: rotate90, set new width/height
2ea567a ofPixels: added check for in place call in xTo methods
89d48be ofImage::update: reallocate texture if pixels size have changed
d26c688 ofMesh: operator>> and << load and save in ply format
76dcabe ofMesh: fix color and tex coords parsing, ply saving
5d2be96 ofMesh: fix color coords parsing, ply loading
1a9d3f2 Tiny bug in closeMovie fixed by resetin width and height to 0; if we don't then re-loading a movie in the same instance doesn't work because ofPixels and memGWorld do not get reallocated
71ed8a3 ofMesh: load/save. Closes #881
9bbbf9e ofPixels: simpler, faster swapRGB
53dd099 ofPixels: fix swapRgb Closes #812
1859bee ofTween. Closes #882
2de9ffa eclipse project: set compile language to english
745eae2 added more versions of ofPixels (char,short,int,uint,long,ulong,double)
bd96cf0 also ofColor
6cf55ff ios sound stream now correctly handles multiple inputs, fixes #890
325fd8e cleaned up and commented ios sound stream
ffa5848 removed ofTween to send a pull request
c3d7454 ios sound stream max buffer size set to 4096 as before
b6d28f6 ofMain.h remove ofTween include
0e3e3af only update packages related to OF
34496e0 fixed color saving, fixed normal saving. removed operator>>/<< in favor of load/save only, and added useBinary argument to save. auto-generating indices for OF_PRIMITIVE_TRIANGLES distinguishes it from OF_PRIMITIVE_POINTS. tested most combinations of ascii/binary, colors/normals, points/triangles against meshlab. did not test texcoords.
f0070f5 little fix to set the glview transparent in iOS. Now it works correctly.
9fbaeb7 only calling MoviesTask if ofVideoPlayer::update() is called from non-main thread
0d87fc3 fixed compile errors from ofQuickTime debug messages
213dce7 added fixes for ofSerial converting OF_LOG_NOTICE to ofLogNotice()
a176e3e Moved clearMemory() call from closeMovie to the dtor to allow for rapid movie changes in threaded environments
aebf9df Changed delete(offscreenGWorldPixels) to delete [] offscreenGworldPixels to make the array deleting more explicit
8bfde75 ofFbo: solves problem with culling + stencil_depth in texture option
6102a31 ofPixels::setFromAlignedPixels: use normal setFromPixels if stride and width are the same
aa34ebc ofFbo: GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT32 was breaking openGL ES
fd469de ofFbo: remove GL_DEPTH_COMPNENT32 from renderbuffer too
5b1f22a ofFbo::Settings: added depthInternalFormat
bb5a738 ofFbo: fix incorrect openGL ES ifdef
42b1805 ofFbo: depth component as unsigned byte by default
01019af ofMesh: load was opening files as WriteOnly and overwritting
48fa4b3 ofMesh: load, return before clean routine
3025595 added ofDrawGrid to complement ofDrawAxis. added 'get' accessors to ofCamera's internal properties, made ofCamera's internal properties protected rather than private
382c079 changed draw order to draw more cleanly when depth testing
e7ce791 updates to grid
f7f8a33 updates to advanced3dExample
d3b38cc 3d additions
ba31746 fixed ambiguous log(10) in of3DUtils (visual studio)
795c219 got rid of crazy off-screen bitmap text appearing in the wrong place on the screen.
db594da ofGstVideoGrabber: avoid ffmpegcolorspace if not needed
59b8972 ofGstUtils: getMin/Max pipeline latency methods
ce94c05 don't clear the image on load so it reuses pixels and texture if it's the same size
9ff376a ofxAndroidsoundPlayer: added getVolume
2ee770e simplified ofMesh::getCentroid()
9162d26 ofCamera::setupPerspective to setup a camera with the same perspective as the default in OF
9a010ce OF eclipse project files updated
91d7683 moving apps -> examples
85cf75b remove unneded .gitkeep
0e83945 first shot at rearranging everything
1835553 project generator in dev apps
cc64cad renamed iphone to ios
3329c48 removing ds stores
2e325bd modified the scripts for the new location
c998a7a removing printfs and couts for debugging
7eeaac0 Quaternion Examples
582caf8 default log level is now OF_LOG_NOTICE, fixes #858; removed space padding to ofLog ostream operator, fixes #761
ac8ecf1 color example
4661610 removing project files
e4ba519 changed some of the gnarly maths to use ofMap; also demonstrating ::fromHsb
db6f36b initial version of ascii video
c840e4a removed iPercent/jPercent variables
b129b91 typos fixed
375f959 added ofLog::setAutoSpace, fixes #761
cefdcd4 added orientation example
13b49ae fixed bad formatting (spaces instead of tabs)
cb4512e start of fboTrailsExample
7871fdc Camera Ribbon example
4ba5df0 camera consistency w/ latest dev
fbb851d updating pull request to get rid of .gitignore and added a comment
12d2bcf restructured into same dirs as OF core
d5e6924 simple multiTexturing Shader example
88ae782 removed all project files
6d15ee4 gitignore: ignore project files
ea59b0b added vboExample that shows the difference between a ofMesh and ofVboMesh
6eb3433 now works against examples
e9f9d85 3d model loading and distortion example
5bf32ae trying to make OSX libs not get rebuilt
e89efc8 Mesh from Camera example
c7a962c added point cloud example
a34b945 fixed ofApp->testApp
74a693a Simple Color Key example
7784322 Simple example of vector of pointers
02a927a small generator changes
8f15457 ensure normalize() doesn't divide-by-zero; make setHsb conform to the always-specify-alpha rule
f57b67b added ofBackgroundGradient with three modes
cf8fa4d committed image for greenscreen
3cd3567 ofGetTargetPlatform & ofSystem
bc1aefd texture data by reference fix
c61c074 more love to vectorOfPointerExample
8a83bca ofFbo: revert flipped texture
be9445b enable/disable colors,textures,normals for ofMesh for override (i.e. my mesh has colors i want to draw in wireframe but i want to draw arbitrary color for faces)
0905f3e little changes on MultiTexturingExample: glVertex and glTextCoords replace for ofMesh
a620006 project generator now makes a new file where we want
2258830 project creator fixes
09ee85b removed cached matrices, added ofDrawBitmapStringHighlight
270cf4a added pointPicker example
5adb2a1 ofxGui!
fda46a9 better build location. less rebuilding of the lib on xcode 4
a09fc41 gitignore: ignore linux and eclipse project files
0df82c0 ofConstants: include algorithm
d320b14 added const get getTextureData()
46c6a5e typo fix
da94df2 gradients for the gui example
1d4351a guiExample: moved to addons + events example
62e8441 addons gitignore: added !ofxGui
566a867 guiExample: activate sound
a6d618e allocate can take ofPixels (not got float or unsigned short to test with so haven't added allocate for these), but this is a seriously useful function! also set loadData to const which is important in a few situations
bec3da7 add normals example
a1cba14 checkout camera class from upstream to ensure consistency
81d555e start of a cross platform cwd / path for doing the relative paths well
4f47b65 added trigonometry example and fixed a bug in ofPolyline::arc that wasn't drawing correctly when the angle was less than 360
0bcc798 updated gitignore to the new paths for apps/examples
da554f8 adding utils examples
580d608 Makefile: changed to a modular makefile system
2a8964d simple timer example
da00ae8 gl rendering example
9503fe7 adding ofSort with a compare function
05d34d7 noise field in 2d example
e95fbd1 removed unnecessary ofMesh
04235ea Add OSC chat system example
cda3c42 regularExpressionExample
c6f31d6 schemes now copied through, improved and more correct relative paths, etc
42d6397 fixed ofToDataPath for the find and replace in text file
f799875 ofFilePath: added join method to + 2 paths
6548c06 Enfeasened smoothing in ofMesh for the GL renderer.
a4d8ef4 rename to ofApp
b06a8fe [ofVec2f/ofVec3f] added isAligned() and isAlignedRad() functions, made align() call isAligned() -- seems more consistent
8daa30a trying to get forced non auto generating schemes. not sure if this can work
b3b5f4a Improve formatting.
c56d6e4 little formatfix to trigonometryExample suggested by theo.
33295d2 slight cleanup of ascci video example - better mapping
8e0c30f Revert 43dd2816c64d09c710618712e771a5c8200b6d10^..HEAD
a1c3a29 loading a text file using ofBuffer
354f0f1 added examples of ofFile/ofBuffer and ofFileDialogResult
6c65a24 rename ofApp -> testApp
fd685d1 minor change to normals example to use ofMap and to cache the camera matrices
25c2ab3 implement remove functions for ofMesh (they were already in place in the header)
af297b7 Spliting two examples alphaMask and multitexture.
1b50139 ofUtils: set linux data folder relative to the executable path so it always points to the right place.
2c99f38 ofFilePath: added methods for several useful paths
e1797bd ofxPanel: recover controls by name
1476822 ofPolyline: sinus and cosinus were incorrectly swapped on the last point in the arc function.
eff9f63 ofPolyline: the final angle was sending the line back to the origin of the arc. Fixed the final line angle to reflect the actual angleEnd.
66e429b ofPath, ofPolyline, ofCairoRenderer :: arcNegative() support (clockwise + counterclockwise arcs) added.
b1a51c1 projectGenerator: read template from OF install gui linux working
62a44e1 fix for say command
f4358db linux templates moved to platform specific directories
eae3d8d Image Sequence Example
69bcde2 all platform templates
799febd projectGenerator: ofAppNoWindow
292870c projectGenerator: linux project files
bdc4db1 fixes for .cc
c0a9b93 ofxPanel: fixed weird mouse problem
2b1a680 fix ofDrawGridPlane
3ee8aac Win32 bug fix for ofFile Utils
63fbdc4 ofxPanel: initialize variables
5fc4b19 removed _DeployExamples
f7e5d77 removed vs2010_allAddons
92f5e19 added image filtering example
0c278ff removed a residual '\n' char; added ofQuickTimeGrabber to error log headers
b3e2313 brought simple light example up to 007, but it's broken
5128dde replaced printf will ofLog
2051d2a replace \n chars as they make sense here
2122b75 moved conversionTesting to utils/conversionExample
f9acc5e moved BillboardExample to gl/billboardExample
3d215a5 updated conversion example, got billboard working
6aea577 removed extra data
423708b project generator OSX changes
8736380 projectGenerator: removed duplicated files
ba2b902 reverted the re-addition of ofCamera matrix caching
c9174b7 Adding noise1dExample and noise1dOctaveExample.
ce0908d updating billboard example
12f0f80 removed project files from color example
456b842 particle example - demos four different behaviours.
c7cd080 moved billboard rotation tester over, switched to snow, cleaned up
8eb4a00 removed goodbyeFmod
309a74f Re-enabled MoviesTask in ofQuickTimePlayer to fix multithreaded movie playback
aef1977 moved particle example from other/ to math/
0ad1dde Update for ImageSequenceExample
6e05e82 renamed particleExample to particlesExample
eed56a0 moving some examples… putting description and author name to each one
f82b543 check for zero images...
b0a13ff Replace logging printfs in ofxOSCMessage by ofLog calls.
9003c3a removed cached matrix command from 3d example
e3073ab only calling MoviesTask if ofVideoPlayer::update() is called from non-main thread
7bda9aa ofQuickTimePlayer: MoviesTask now called on windows
9d6b858 added imageLoaderWebExample and cleaned up a little
b6246bb removed loadFromWebExample leftovers
cff1752 removed ofPatheExample on arturo's suggestion
55b68ec removing ofShapeExample, super archaeological
adb9c93 opengl report example
7c373b1 removing SimpleLightExample. it's broken, and elliot is going to create a new one
272531f removing multitouchExample. i have a better version of the code locally that i'll turn into an addon at some point.
66922a2 small fix for shader example frag
3341cb4 removing QtKitMovieGrabberExample on james' suggestion
cc1889e removing openALexample on arturo's suggestion
7d1a385 brought memo3DCameraTesting up to date
348969e moved memo3DCameraTestingExample
465ea30 removed memo3DCameraTestingExample
52d4e80 customEventExample
ec5a04c less bullets
6e10013 consistency with upstream and make sure we don´t have dsstore or local graphics changeds
7a8ce6c removed out-of-date billboard example for iphone
6e058fe removed out-of-date iphone0062DevTest
37f9ead removed videoSaverTest. ofxQtVideoSaver needs to be turned into an added if it's still useful.
f2a37bd removed ofxQTKitVideoPlayer at james' suggestion
01e3cb6 added TARGET_OF_IPHONE guards where iOS needs to reload textures.
0232501 got fboTester working but it's a bit crazy
8aede87 removed DictionaryTester. it should be in a branch if it's going to eventually go into the core.
5858d4d removed meshGeneration
dbd6e9b removed meshTester in lieu of ofxAssimpLoaderExample
7f5ec3c got VboExample running again. some options (3-4) seem broken.
b30772e removed VertexAttExample, it's basically the same as the snow demo
81e0781 moved polyline testing to graphics/ examples, and got it working again
1f70dcb added trigonometric motion example
3974672 near/far clip getter methods for ofCamera
ac46ca0 added code styling scripts and prelim uncrustify config
7c0c645 removed newImageOperations, which is demoed by the blending example
e547729 removed logTester at dan's recommendation
3bba0e0 removed macPathTester
d4199c8 Added trigonometric motion example
dfa6b6c Drawing with ofMesh, added tex coords, works with lighting, removed glScale
eae58f4 ofxGui implementation moved to cpp
4e9b8f0 GPU Particle System Example
b98ad57 add helper functions for setting draw buffers in fbo (very simple, doesn't address the MRT+MSAA issue)
8d694ea fix hadamard/schur *= operator issue for ofMatrix3x3
3e9fd7c undoes previous near/far clip getters in camera, as they were already implemented after a pull
f8920c3 modify ofMatrix4x4 getRotate method to operate on a scale-invariant version of the matrix; fixes Issue #912
328ae96 fixed a warning in vs2010 about no default return type on ofGetGLTypeFromPixelFormat
7fef848 periodicSignalsExample
59e0de3 satisfaction typo
1c7fc64 typo in description
6511e57 ofxOsc: fix includes ofLog
225f0e8 ofxGui: moved static functions to static class functions. ofxPanel setup returns pointer
ed8dbfd ofCamera: recovered setupPrespective removed in some previous commit
68a9805 events: fix static deinitialization order problems,
ef9b1c7 ofImage: android/iphone sets to singletons to avoid static deinitialization problems
778f295 ofOpenALSoundPlayer: ofEvents -> ofEvents() singleton
11d7e28 ofURLFileLoader: ofEvents -> ofEvents()
6879f3c ofGstUtils: ofEvents -> ofEvents()
fa74d17 Makefile.examples: fix clean target warning
b7fc364 project generator: ofEvents -> ofEvents(), linux: don't overwrite source if .cbp doesn't exist
e414325 removed cacheMatrices call
72d46a3 rotated point cloud to illustrate principle better
a5ac94b removed ofxSynth and related examples at jonbro's suggestion. they will be re-added in the future when ofxSynth is shipped.
9b17e67 Corrected GL_NORMALIZE so it works correctly with lighting
dcd851a Android OpenGL ES 1.0 doesn't have GL_RGB5
5569ba0 Add logging example.
797e312 Replacing ofEvent for ofEvent()
dca4367 fixed iOS error due to hasty android fix for GL_RGB5
25fd168 IOS working on develop branch
39f3094 updated ofStyler with uncrustify check and better usage info; added styleAddon script; added readme
f9b8875 added ability to add comment header to files; added core and example template comment headers
2dc9fef replacing printf for ofLog
8cdd8e0 Killing verbose bool and fixing OF_LOG_VERBOSE for ERROR or WARNING
eb7e594 setActiveTextures->setActiveDrawBuffers, andd setActiveDrawBuffers(vector)
f716a54 Moved init function to constructor, added spotlight cutoff and spotlight concentration vars
b341e3e Single Light Example using pointLight with rotating spheres and color shifting
8f44499 Multiple Light Example including pointLight, spotLight and directional light with textured 3D objects
b715951 removed light init functionality from constructor to setup function
50c5f12 added setup function calls to light in examples
f2d0181 significantly clarified and sped up the instagramlike demo
b049060 fixed incorrect delete usage
52f7176 all warning removed from IOS project
b5ff63a fixing Android compilation error relating to change in events
c855642 added ofxGui .cpp files to projectGenerator
28b5b73 adding new empty android example
dfa8084 copying code from regular advanced3D example, porting some code to OpenGL ES
f52511d No call to setup function
b2249e6 removed setup calls
839c854 made the pdf example simpler with only necessary stuff easier for beginners
1504282 ofxGui: added constructors with parameters ofxParameter: moved event into Obj
48916f2 Makefile: added cairo
ecb4be8 ofxGui: replace special characters with _
2ef7c4f ofxGui: more special charactrers
6aa9d10 rewrote ofThread using Poco::Thread; added thread sleep, yeild, and getCurrentThread functions
5fe5deb added ofSemaphore: Poco::Semaphore typedef
4ea5d32 small whitespace and comment cleanup
3579d86 small whitespace and comment cleanup
ed70097 thread should be started at the end of startThread()
bd79cfa deleted long comment lines, added a line in main.cpp to make all fonts look good on screen
80dadb9 adding multiple devices for i/o to rtSoundStream
5675b6e ios project generator modifications.
208630a small fix
ae0fdf0 smalled ios fixes
e191f75 more project generator cleanup
4ca2c2d small fix to stop winCB and VS projects overwriting source files
aa9a044 fix for project generator for ios xib files
84b9510 vboiphone example moved over to ios examples
591c8fc Fixing comments and Changing ofEvents. for ofEvents()
a93128e This example need ofxOpenCV and the progectGenerator could´t find the addons.make
80291d1 closes #751 for opengl, needs to be implemented on cairo
8cac268 makefile optimizations -O3
f483b86 Makefile.examples: debug use OF debug library
da13f55 ofMesh: fix celar method
5ce25d2 added subsection drawing example
50ec557 made the fboTrailsExample easier and added comments
e6f6f4e fixed screengrab for different iphone orientations.
978d1ba changed fboTrailsExample, simpler, more comments, demonstrating the difference between RGB and RGBA fbos
bb34f89 fixed a comment
c902306 removed uneeded print on tryJoin fail, always prints on first stop
54a1c20 clarified mutex ownship in verbose prints
b528df1 added isCurrentThread)_ & isMainThread()
eb3535e reverted ofSemaphore addition
962cdfc reformatted comments to match OF code style
91aa39c fixed a major bug where spheres were getting recomputed every time you call ofPopStyle(). also formatted some code.
1b59c39 merged ofxiOS into ofxiPhone
75bf1ca added iosNativeExample to show to get OF apps running inside a native ios app.
557d258 removed Default.png and Icon.png from iosNativeExample as they will be added when the project is generated.
e52b0d7 instead of setting ofxiPhoneViewController as root view controller, ofxiPhoneViewController's view is now added to the window. this allows for other views to be added to the window over the top of the ofxiPhoneViewController's view, as is currently done by some ios OF examples.
451dbdf fixes for project generator ios crash. small cleanup of iosNativeExample
004c268 fixed a small bug with the XIB being linked to the wrong file owner.
dcc2738 fix return type issues
cc6f823 EAGLView touchesBegin was not setting numTouches.
5d16275 Update libs/openFrameworks/math/ofMatrix4x4.h
32a0404 Fix capitalisation error in ofThread includes.
43cceb3 Manually fix code style. Closes #1072.
7a4d658 Apply code style on OSC and logging examples.
7026ce9 Tweak code style a bit more.
862b33d Revert "Apply code style on OSC and logging examples."
974e951 Apply corrected code style.
918818c work on project generator -- reformatting and simplifying the inherited projects and making the base project smarter. Also, platform and target were used interchangably at the main app level, standardized this a bit by chnaging some platform variables to the more correct target
f828468 copy from to seems to have a bug with the logic of overwrite -- ie, if you don't have overwrite set to true, it woudln't warn
c0c7366 fix for ofFile and ofDirectory overwrite failing when file doesn't exist. closes #918 closes
6920a92 now passing through bRelativeToDataPath to internal calls - before this was being ignored. Closes #885
ad8a01c added missing binary flag from ofFileUtils. Closes #842
211d43f ofGLRenderer: ortho perspective near/far clip defaults where -1,1
a189b38 ofxParameter accepts min and max ofxPanel: accepts a parameter directly and creates corresponding gui element based on type
1b73f44 linux project generator fixed now, and can support creation of projects outside of the normal ../../../ path
ddbf4a1 windows project generator work
b2998a9 removed unnecessary code
584a2d6 updated ofxOpenCv to allocate when needed. also put a lot more guards against doing operations on unallocated images. Closes #839
e4f0858 small fix for addon relative paths - works but not sure if it is a proper fix
b0f8fac fixes for project generator and extra / missing ../
a4a7c29 Fix .gitignore to properly ignore devApps binaries and libs.
afc0a09 ofShow/HideCursor fix for 10.7 , also fix for fullscreen apps at login not in foreground. Closes #850
860f7dd reverting pdf example to 007 example.
f5e9d46 small example cleanup
9f360da added some decoration and unused methods to noiseField2dExample
3a5e872 fix for project generator removes ..// issue with addons
81a3430 fix for not adding other platforms
68d19ff cout for project generator to ofLogVerbose()
5f6e1e7 added lots of flair //-- and unused methods
85ac6a1 some fixes to the project generator. (a) removed the double slash , ie ../../..//addons (b) added arturo's magic libsorder.make into the parsing (c) fixed up windows and vs project generation slightly
58292d9 cleanup debug printfs
5dbef25 redoing fix for addons issue ../../..//
0b48c40 some cout cleanup
89a1aa1 fixed indentation on empty example
e42ae9d fixed indentation on cameraParentingExample
0bb6bd8 fixed indentation on ofBoxExample
9b6f210 fixed indentation on orientationExample
0cea997 fixed indentation on pointCloudExample
0d7f48c fixed indentation on pointPickerExample
eee3f74 fixed indentation on billboardExample
3780015 fixed indentation on billboardRotationExample
5a913d4 fixed indentation on pointsAsTextures
fe0354f fixed indentation on vboExample
f2cbf0f fixed indentation on floatingPointImageExample
46e965b removed newline in imageCompressionExample
81e569a fixed indentation on polylineBlobsExample
de6c68f fixed indentation on noiseField2dExample
8ae0f0d fixed indentation on conversionExample and added missing unused methods
2c339c3 changed overwrite to true - fixes missing .plist files
9e99966 much saner src folder parsing. cleanup on utils of project generator
37a1c51 replacing relative paths now happens in create, so that weird or funky paths from addons won't get mangled on the find / replace
581ec0a added force overwrite to linux project create
292399a readded julapys corelocation fix
5f36d0e renamed instagram example
0d9f518 renamed movie->video examples
46e8b53 orientation example is shiny and new
624ee7f fixed golan's noise examples
bae2e49 removed sprintfs from serialExample
03439e8 fixed some indentation with customEventExample
70e5619 syncing with upstream
cdd5ebb project-creator submodule sneaking in
44a1554 update example to reflect the oF format style guide.
7c3f322 update example to reflect the oF format style guide.
28c3ae0 update example to reflect the oF format style guide.
bd26847 update example to reflect the oF format style guide.
ba2f545 update example to reflect the oF format style guide.
f3b6571 update example to reflect the oF format style guide.
70a8368 update example to reflect the oF format style guide.
7b0e79c update example to reflect the oF format style guide.
031ae52 update example to reflect the oF format style guide.
4b995b1 update example to reflect the oF format style guide.
a310120 update example to reflect the oF format style guide.
0bf2209 update example to reflect the oF format style guide.
8db2aff update example to reflect the oF format style guide.
043d1fb update example to reflect the oF format style guide.
7a5552f update example to reflect the oF format style guide.
d3606eb update example to reflect the oF format style guide.
6de2158 update example to reflect the oF format style guide.
a482835 update example to reflect the oF format style guide.
5f36874 update example to reflect the oF format style guide.
29861e3 update example to reflect the oF format style guide.
8541104 update example to reflect the oF format style guide.
4ce959f update example to reflect the oF format style guide.
3f3f717 update example to reflect the oF format style guide.
bae627b update example to reflect the oF format style guide.
9c11689 update example to reflect the oF format style guide.
b11a551 update example to reflect the oF format style guide.
c28a4eb update example to reflect the oF format style guide.
10f8cbe update example to reflect the oF format style guide.
0136af7 update example to reflect the oF format style guide.
02abdad update example to reflect the oF format style guide.
dd477fb update example to reflect the oF format style guide.
139cb69 removed initWithFrame method because it was stopping EAGLView from being extended and it was never being used. cleaned up EAGLView to conform to OF code style guide.
7e583f9 ofFileUtils::copyToFrom: log error when src doesn't exist
967997d projectGenerator; fix linux
44fe5f1 ignores for ios icons
59a51ef copy Default.png and Icon.png for ios
9b1617e fixed drawString offset bug and adapted ofDrawBitmapStringHighlight to work similarly. closes #1091
20ef1b9 revised implementation
93fa12f EAGLView can be created to any width and height. this additions allows to implement landscape mode properly, creating an EAGLView to the correct (480,320) resolution without having to flip or rotate the EAGLView. EAGLView can also be positioned anywhere on the screen. Handy when wanting to embed a EAGLView smaller then the full screen size in your app.
c95c168 added an example for variable EAGLView window size
c4844c2 Appears you now have to use ofEvents().someEvent instead of ofEvents.someEvent
65d659b viewport example and applied lots of style changes to advanced3dExample
55a5cca ran uncrustify script
63dc0d1 ofCamera: removed unused variables
44d1247 ofFbo: added isAllocated method
e4f9e23 ofGLRenderer::popView: avoid crash on empty stack
42718f2 Makefile: added support for cxx files
f99748e examples: fixed gitignore
a60c214 examples data/.gitignore -> data/.gitkeep .gitignore was acting weird in some cases
86240fa templates: gitignore -> gitkeep
4b71b5e gitignore clean-up: Unignore first batch of falsely ignored files.
b4cab67 gitignore clean-up: Ignore binaries but not data folder in examples.
ed484d8 Fix more code style bugs.
ed07c87 Fix more discovered issues in the code style.
15e35b6 Adjust the template style.
3c4d321 Remove Android examples' config.make and Makefile.
40fe662 Clean up rest, so that repo contents and gitignore agree with each other.
880e06e ofAppiPhoneWindow ready for External Display feature. added resetDimensions() method so window and screen dimensions can be reset when the GLView is displayed on an external screen which is a different size to device screen. screen scale is now of the screen to which the GLView is attached to.
d586768 ES1Renderer is now ready for External Display feature. previous version of ES1Renderer was not resizable. when the size of the EAGLView changes, buffers need to be destroyed and then recreated. all the code is the same, but has been reshuffled to make resize possible. it also now more inline with Apple GLView examples.
3c0c7df EAGLView is now ready for External Display feature. when ever the EAGLView frame size changes, its possible that it is displaying on a external display, which means the EAGLView can go from a retina display to a normal display type. it is then essential to get the current screen touchScaleFactor.
7bd7f3c added external display feature to ofxiPhoneAppDelegate.
509479c added ofxiPhoneExternalDisplay.
4efca71 added ofxiPhoneExternalDisplay
8a1f8b3 added iosExternalDisplayExample
6a6e64e Modified for new examples directory structure on win_cb
76e68f3 fixed a bug in ofPixels::rotate90To, when setting nRotations to 1. the problem was that when calculating strideDst, dst.width was 0, as the allocation of dst happened later. closes #1123
84c224d fix in indentation
daccbf5 ofQuaternion: added normalize
b4f5979 Making native file dialog work on Win
9e077cc Implemented getUserHomeDir() for Windows 7; need to check on XP/NT
c904f92 Don't check/create directories that are really files
91bd82b Adding some logging and correcting minor file name mistake
0f60acb Fixed CB files being inside a Virtual Folder of the same name -> requires splitting src/folder as src\folder on win32
3b0d89e Fixed ofSystemLoadDialog for VS
f42d374 Fix must return bool for VS
93f5ca5 start of CB project files for the generator....
399193c comments on the ofAppNoWindow
a69557a added includes and linking
059aab9 changed how the config was loaded, as the << to string operator was stopped on a path that has a space, like Documents and Settings
7db2a57 Final addons fixes
649adba Added VS 2010 project files
8b3bf5e add include paths for deeper src folders, ie, more nested src folders on create project
90fc1b3 added comdlg lib for linking issues on file selection dialogs
5b26918 revised how libsorder.make works... linux (and other platforms) that use might be broken for a short time. the parser in ofAddons.h no longer adds lib and .a to the library name, so that we can add libraries that don't exist on disk, such as ws2_32, etc. we should revise all libsorder.make to reflect that
a3977bf libsorder.make parsing is much smarter
5a2ab74 changing libsorder.make to the newer style
c532adc Changed addMultiple to overwriteMultiple in appendValue; reordering libs with a libsorder.make file now works correctly
5cbda77 fixed a recursive libs bug
5d17d01 All addons CB examples now generate correctly
4d5e241 Ghetto hack to add debug and release lib files to correct AdditionalDependencies nodes - makes VS projects work - for now...
7709a23 Fix typedef int32_t for all MSVC compilers
085089b VS and CB work for all examples
1867421 Reverting .gitignore for addons.make and changing CBWinProject so it doesn't write to the file
cb2779d Properly rename .vcxproj.user files
252a03d Factor out gitignore example rules into examples/.gitignore
41b5d94 Simpler pattern for the Debug and Release folders.
8b17ae3 fixing a bad merge
5f43d42 Fix gitignore addons redundancies.
a0bf8c6 property sheets in vs2010 - projectGenertor builds and runs with this config
d604f74 property sheets working with example template (i.e. projects generated with project generator) + release property pages added
65c3a8f added emptyExample but dont build it
41c82d3 set release to use same run-dir as debug (TargetDir)
217d48e clean out release settings
c98bc92 clean out release settings
f70898a clean out release settings
8667144 added functions to systemSpeakExample
281249d added missing methods to trig examples
0c55f10 added missing methods to image loader examples
b9e8859 minor fboTrails cleanup
6f1fded added text to vboExample
18c5391 added missing methods to simpleTimer
c0963e1 moved meshFromCamera camera position code from mouseMoved to update so it works before the mouse is moved
d727ed8 fixed debug from vs2010 template not getting the post build command from property sheet
d64c297 removed unnecessary project from the sln in project generator
1b3e9cb folders now generated properly (using filters) on vs2010
5aba7e3 added filters to VC project gitignore
588f987 trying to clean up the output from the project generator. in particular, the verbose logging of dirList was making it impossible to follow how projects were being made. windows shows an odd pattern of continually remaking projects, so trying to debug that now
5749dfc the callback on windows was doing generate projects twice (once on mouse down and once on mouse up) this fixes that
3bc8f45 wip on drawSubsection
caa3d1e renamed things to drawSubsection and shuffled around a bit. left ofGLRenderer as draw instead of changing it, which is a little counterintuitive
af1d14f ofTexture has the same draw methods as ofImage now
87d0985 i tried simplifying the methods by adding some to ofBaseDraws, but discovered that implementations in ofBaseDraws don't matter because of weird overriding/overloading conflicts with C++, so i just made those virtual
eac8723 added cairo implementation of subsection rendering
3334cd6 fixed ofBaseDraws inheritance, now the ofBaseDraws implementations are correctly imported instead of being redeclared. if you are inheriting from ofBaseDraws, remember that you don't automatically get the draw implementations, you have to say using ofBaseDraws::draw; or the compiler doesn't look at the parents and just says 'method not found'.
94b82f3 Clean up structure, correct redundancies.
1480ca8 added checking for bPixelsAllocated, closes #1122
d1a1ee1 fixes to ofFile::copyFromTo Closes #1127
d5acdff find replace in text files was adding a new line, so revised that function to work well on pc
04de656 ok, that didn't work so well... reverting back to the older style
48a72ca new find and replace in files
ddb1792 Fixes #1137 to initialize ofSerial.bInited = false in the constructor.
fc86f42 Fixes #1136 regarding ofSerial, Win32 and UNICODE
4e5d7d9 Fixes bug that was forcing reallocation of textures when not necessary.
bff06ae Avoids reallocating identical pixels and textures
8c5900d Remove redundant update() from ofImage.allocate()
0ff95bd fixed get*Ref from float and short
ab25069 changed ofxCvImage guards to match the others
f579153 some changes for windows and cleanup of the project generator
c93c448 better error messages on remove / removeFile
67d1d8c vs 2010 scripts improved
8a66ecf example cleanup
e591e6c making sure the arguments to getSmoothed are in a reasonable range, and handling the center of open polylines
69fbb48 completely rewrote implementation, now works with closed and open ofPolylines. closes #1157.
5aabcb4 Fixes bug in ofImage causing problems in loadImage
332678e new files for xcode 4
276eea6 debug and release for xcode 4
6a8ebce fixed bug where images were drawn using a subsection instead of resizing
25aa585 making the imageSequenceExample loop
01af8fe changed SKIP_INSTALL flag for iPhone+OF Static Library target to YES
cca5fe7 changed vs2010 libs for opencv
3bd1591 fixed a logic error that was preventing libs from being added right on vs2010
c5d72b5 windows codeblocks opencv updated to 2.31. had to adjust the linking order in libsorder.make.
ae666c3 shader fix for cb
a757c33 windows fixes for glinfo and systemspeak examples
9ebb518 added setDoubleBuffering(tf) and bDoubleBuffered bool
13e2baa calling glFlush() if running single buffered
69a896d opencv 2.3.1
0c2cc14 ofGstUtils/VideoPlayer: faster frame queue, windows compatible, better state change handling
69c4f3e ofPixels: added swap pixels method to easily implement back/front buffers in video players/grabbers
81b1d24 ofShader: uniformMatrix4f to upload 4x4 matrices to a shader
573d9a0 ofConstants: fix for android ndk r7
1da312c Makefiles: compatibility with android ndk r7
e114853 ofxButton: don't save buttons, it triggers them on loading and doesn't make sense to save them since the state is always the same
3487743 ofxOsc: oscpack as source from bilderbuchi github ( with broadcast support for poxis )
85d03e2 first commit
1de1923 ofGstUtils: max volume 1
be4c8e0 first round of iphone to ios name changes
b44e877 updated iphone to ios for template pg file
023826e fixes to ofxiPhone to use ios for all libs. #ifdef for 4.3 SDK to make backwards compatible. Closes #1179 Closes #1087 Closes #1086 Closes #1088
e582e2f makefile: fix new libsorder.make
b277e6b fix for xib files for ios Closes #1099
6fb3b56 ofPixels::swapPixels -> swap to make it compatible with std::swap
b6d1837 Update opencv.a to OpenCV 2.3.1 for OS X ( no highgui ). Added addons osx/ libs to ios projects for simulator. Closes #1183
255378b updated opencv includes to 2.3.1
3406911 Poco 1.4.3 with SSL for OS X. ofURLFileLoader.h needs updating to support HTTPS
ba2b988 Additions to XCode gitignores. List according to
0d1e797 Remove superfluous vcxproj.filters files. Wouldn't have made sense without vcxproj files, and should be generated by PG.
d473ca8 Poco 1.4.3 for iOS - no SSL
9fba7b7 Fix bug with Linux compile because of change from set<ofAddon> to vector<ofAddon> in commit 085089b
35a7daa Saving of addons.make files works correctly (only saves when creating a project on any platform)
fa38c16 Made makeNewProjectViaDialog and updateProjectViaDialog create projects for any selected project targets; ie., you can now create osx, CB, VS, etc projects all at the same time
9a480ea redundant call to, [[self context] renderbufferStorage:GL_RENDERBUFFER_OES fromDrawable:eaglLayer]; was stopping the framebuffer from being created on iOS 4.1 fixed.
ca0b8c9 noticed that hex colour values were being passed into ofSetColor which was displaying lots of log messages in the console. changed to ofSetHexColor.
587e658 fix for noise1dOctave crash. constructor was calling setup so events were being registered twice. Closes #1161
01e0207 moved gui example to devApps. removed ofxGui from logging example. moved periodicSignalsExample to devApps. Closes #1160
c789ff2 removed other/ examples folder completely
cef86f7 remove guard malloc from xcode 4 debug scheme. Closes #1191
a3a4a8d removed ofxGui from periodicSignalsExample
5ea877a new fbo trails example - combines zach and lia's fbo examples
03768d7 fix for sprintf in imageSaverExample needed .c_str()
0ea845b opencv needed gzip to be added to the .a
be68320 new opencv for ios - includes zlib for haar opening. needs testing!
0d85b22 androidEmptyExample: update to ndk r7
4eecdf3 poco 1.4.3 linux64
8cb1e9f android: updates for ndkr7
70e1704 advanced3dExample: fix include paths for case sensitive fs
c8356a1 PG: fix linux
ed795ce ofxOpenCv: fix libsorder.make for linux
3ecf8a1 PG: fix comand line special cases
021b51b update eclipse projects
c3c941a ofFileUtils: removed debug trace
73e9705 removing .h files from oscpack src as they were already in include/
44374e4 opencv 2.3.1 linux.
b3ccece poco 1.4.3 linux32. Closes #1193 Closes #1194
2ad4be2 Revert "removing .h files from oscpack src as they were already in include/"
c53d5d9 ofVec*f added static const DIM property so templated functions know how many dimensions the vector has
f382b1c added ofVec*f::zero() * one() conveniance methods
a42ed00 ofGstVideoPlayer: fixed format query + added defines/ifdefs for format selection modes
4f6a0f6 Remove wrongly committed file.
33c6f3e linux scripts: updated to new examples layout
1229ae8 fileBufferLoadingExample: platform independent, was using fmod
38a29a2 makefile OF linux64: optimizations to native
53181c1 fix for billboard example for intel graphics cards. closes #1198
4ccccca billboardExample: fix point sizes use normals to send point sizes + ofVboMesh instead of ofVbo
0859853 changed checkShaderLinkStatus to checkProgramLinkStatus, with extra error checks
d232180 ofUtils: dataPathRoot static was crashing with some applications, change to static function
2247f33 touch events and alerts are now being added automatically when the app is started. this means, the user doesn't have to worry about setting this up inside their app. it makes sense as this is what the user will always need to do anyway when running an iOS OF project.
a4139ae removed the registration of touch events and alerts as it is now being handled by OF when the app is first started.
1fd0144 removed the registration of touch events and alerts as it is now being handled by OF when the app is first started.
47ad9f2 removed the registration of touch events and alerts as it is now being handled by OF when the app is first started.
52ed61e removed the registration of touch events and alerts as it is now being handled by OF when the app is first started. also removed unused variables.
05ec0d2 removed the registration of touch events and alerts as it is now being handled by OF when the app is first started.
a40790c removed the registration of touch events and alerts as it is now being handled by OF when the app is first started.
94bc33d removed the registration of touch events and alerts as it is now being handled by OF when the app is first started.
ef1fd0c removed the registration of touch events and alerts as it is now being handled by OF when the app is first started.
1ea6c23 removed the registration of touch events and alerts as it is now being handled by OF when the app is first started.
0681aa5 removed the registration of touch events and alerts as it is now being handled by OF when the app is first started. also changed some ofSetColor() methods to ofSetHexColor()
18d1a60 removed the registration of touch events and alerts as it is now being handled by OF when the app is first started.
cf0f362 removed the registration of touch events and alerts as it is now being handled by OF when the app is first started.
42b134d removed the registration of touch events and alerts as it is now being handled by OF when the app is first started.
43d3a6c removed the registration of touch events and alerts as it is now being handled by OF when the app is first started.
ae098e0 removed the registration of touch events and alerts as it is now being handled by OF when the app is first started.
c3dfa1d removed the registration of touch events and alerts as it is now being handled by OF when the app is first started.
76127e6 removed the registration of touch events and alerts as it is now being handled by OF when the app is first started.
10838c5 removed the registration of touch events and alerts as it is now being handled by OF when the app is first started.
d4db850 removed the registration of touch events and alerts as it is now being handled by OF when the app is first started.
b71245a removed the registration of touch events and alerts as it is now being handled by OF when the app is first started.
301c4b9 removed the registration of touch events and alerts as it is now being handled by OF when the app is first started.
c2b5986 removed the registration of touch events and alerts as it is now being handled by OF when the app is first started.
2a448d8 removed the registration of touch events and alerts as it is now being handled by OF when the app is first started.
695a4b8 removed the registration of touch events and alerts as it is now being handled by OF when the app is first started.
3bb9609 removed the registration of touch events and alerts as it is now being handled by OF when the app is first started.
a489540 removed the registration of touch events and alerts as it is now being handled by OF when the app is first started.
e4200af fixed a warning where the local variable 'device' was masking the global variable. renamed 'device' to 'captureDevice'
ca47f18 removed the registration of touch events and alerts as it is now being handled by OF when the app is first started.
e96dc29 updated Default.png and Icon.png for 0071 release.
869d7ec added isLoaded() to ofBaseSoundPlayer closes #1199
49739aa some utily methods for ofxAssimp for getting useful info out of the model.
2f849f2 Revert "Remove Android examples' config.make and Makefile."
376d2cc Adapt gitignore rules to except some Android files until PG works.
73ae0ba use $(OF_ROOT) as base directory for all static poco libs; last version caused linker errors (directory not found) if custom project directory not in default location.
5ec28f4 isLoaded() method was missing from ofxOpenALSoundPlayer.
44f0b42 cropped imagePicker instruction so they fit in landscape mode as well as portrait.
63416f2 ofxiPhoneImagePicker now also works on the iPad. works in all device orientations. a custom overlay view can be created by extending OverlayView rather then having to change code inside ofxiPhoneImagePicker. fixed a bunch of leaks. still a couple little leaks showing up which im trying to patch up.
df18b99 updated ofxiPhoneImagePicker example to reflect latest changes and work both on iPhone and iPad.
c095df6 New opencv.a for 2.3.1 osx Closes #1214
7ffa5c4 fixed ios opencv face finding example and fixed opencv for iphone due to MIN and MAX conflicts
af9dedb fix for multiple binds on same port for osx. Closes #722
1d1ed0f fix for ios nil conflict. closes #1210
1ab23f1 PG fix for duplicate files in ios. Closes #1211 #1206
cc924d1 small fix to ios movie example.
855dda1 fix for movie example showing black movie. Closes #820. uses getPixels() now for texture loading. only tested with the ios movie example.
f82c279 fix for opencv compiling on llvm / clang for ios and also isFrameNew bug with ios videoPlayer. Closes #1192
946dcba fix for ios crash loading haar.xml file in ios. using new opencv 2.3.1 files generated by Closes #1230
6916c48 Fix for iOS not showing FBO and for iOS fbo scaling issues. Also fixes bug with POT Fbos in non iOS. Closes #1078
740c682 fix for retina screen grab. Closes #1219
436e05e fix for ofxiPhone get device closes #1180
630c4d5 small fixes to examples.
8c2896c small changes to ofDrawAxis to make colors less saturated.
354570b small fix to ofDrawGrid makes it a little less chunky looking.
11799bb new settings for xcode project. Debug is now -Oo and Release includes debugging symbols. Also -mtune=native and no G4 / G5 mtune flags .
9e973c9 moved old fboTrailsExample to devApps/ and moved new one from 3d to gl
8eaf97f fix for pg not making bin/data/ folder for examples missing it.
63a5c77 small fix for iphon enum
1bbd0db OFXIPHONE_UNKNOWN_DEVICE was missing from ofxiPhoneDeviceType.
c9ac086 projectGenerator, Utils: only read first line of config
bf05555 ofxOpenCv linux64: recompile without sse3 wasn't working in atom
f0784ff projectGenerator: more complete command line options
25c8789 ofBaseVideo: fix inheritance
5df31c3 ofThread: blocking was uninitialized
4d946ef OF win_cb project: add debug flags in debug target
6c19ff4 remove vcxproj.filters files
7708ff4 projectGenerator: win_cb command line prefix
fcdb399 create_package script updated to use command line version of the package generator
87c9898 windows cb: poco 1.4.3
f13ae9b win_cb poco 1.4.3 binaries
6a36ed1 poco vs2010 1.4.3
82552ff Fix bug in cleanAllExamples script.
1fa84a5 periodicSignalsExample: fix int -> float
388b0d7 PG: added command line only ifdefs
fd4273a create_packages: fixed PG config restore
46f7f72 linux: removed python script
a385efc fix android for ndk r7
e8179d2 android: remove test example
9f67298 android data folders
4aa85f7 android: fix font reloading
3bb705e ofTrueType: android/iphone fix static collection
3e324e4 android: fix warnings
13dda35 fixed videoGrabber orientation issue. added support for UIDeviceOrientationPortraitUpsideDown.
c266890 pixels are now being updated only when a new video frame comes in. also fixed a hardcoded 1024 value which was setting the maximum texture size. the maximum texture size is now being worked out glGetIntegerv(GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE, &maxTextureSize)
7e1973c added support for CVOpenGLESTextureCache for ios5. it reuses a cached video texture so one doesn't have to be created from pixels. which makes it a very fast way of displaying video in opengl on ios.
a99fb2c updated the poco vs2010 libs to the right versions and added debug again
86d301e Fixes issue #1246 ofSystemDialog behaves correctly in VS2010
0ed5a70 visual studio project generator fixes (slash order for filters made on non windows platforms needed fixing)
799f600 visual studio project generator fixes (finding the right path seperator per platform that the PG is running on)
27779e2 fixed ambiguity on sqrt msvc was unhappy about
e629c7c poco 1.4.3 android
65bf380 fixed the double .obj problem with vs2010 and oscpack compiled via src by renaming the windows files. fixed some non command line options for the project generator
1e81fe2 compile all pointing to the right place
490c5c4 the readme was really out of date for making project files, updated and removed old info that was way out of date..
4fb0f07 android: pass result to OFAndroid
e911a97 android: getRandomUUID + avoid uncompress resources after first application start
b9bb97f makefile: poco, correct libraries for android
57e5cc3 ofTruetypeFont: fix duplicated makeContours flag
b114574 Fixes issue #1253 by compiling openCV 2.3.1 Release with SSE/SSE2 enabled and optimization -O1 instead of default -O3
e284915 change RtAudio header search path case. closes #733
565f2fc Update readme.txt
64ef346 removed the xcode templates (out of date) as per memo's pull request ( but without the additional modifications in that pull request
80687d9 openCV 2.3.1 for mingw32 recompiled with -O3 and -mpreferred-stack-boundary=2
1d9edca fix for assimp with llvm 3.0. needs a bit of cleanup. Closes #723
df9c66e cleanup for ofFbo.cpp - tries to reduce redundent code and also better support for POT textures. Lots of fixes for iOS also. Please take a look.
8cdaa7b Better fix for issue #1253 - recompiled openCV 2.3.1 for mingw32 with -O3 and -mstackrealign
fe7aed6 Fixed multiple inheritance ambiguity
08ad16a small fix for textureTarget typo
591787b removed frameCount. it was there to optimise unnecessary calls to the update function but i think it can potentially cause issues when wanting to perform multiple video player operations on the one frame.
94958d0 Adding basic linux cb project files - needs work
6809713 fixed debug / release lib adding logic
1798328 Changed method for sorting Release and Debug libs. Fixes issue #1268
6b13895 finished the comment
abf304a Add libmpg123-devel to fedora codec install script. Closes #844.
eff8974 ofAppAndroidWindow: fix texture reloading
565752e OFAndroid: fix touch events by reading history
112c1d1 fixed an issue on win cb where the float equality test was failing for this example, which broke it
6a18bab add -lGLU to config.make of PG to build on fedora16
cffd8d8 fixing fedora install_deps script to return correct exit code
7331b4c projectGenerator: fix command line. Closes #1273
3702eea fix path to remove libraries in export directory
ecd35a3 added libjack0 to ubuntu install script, fixed clean target in Makefile.examples
b2a2fab Revert "add -lGLU to config.make of PG to build on fedora16"
8a3d47e added glu to pkg-config in Makefile.linux
3354a4c merge theo's fboCleanup with arturo's
4fcc7e7 fixed exit codes for all install_dep scripts
7bb237c added zlib to systemlibs in Makefile.linux
33adac4 ofFbo: some fixes for depth/stencil as texture
30cf74c ofFbo: depth texture, fix tex_u, tex_t
ea2356b Fixed non ARB_RECT depth and stencil textures coords and power-of-two. Fixed iOS depth component type. Added iOS depth needs stencil. Disabled depth as tex for iOS as it doesn't work. Added retain for the the depth and stencil buffers.
4b29510 text file explaining new folder structure
f57b8b8 linux: updated readme file
522a749 Small cleanup of ofFbo.cpp - closes #1278
dd4ba06 ofFbo: fix textureTarget initialization. Closes #1278
4e53c1d ofFbo: fix android
82b60fd readme.linux: add back cb wizard instructions
425a60b ofAppAndroidWindow: don't try to reload textures on first load
f8f83ea android: fix examples projects
da22097 create_package: generate apps directory and contents
cb53e30 android: delete JNI local references
4491064 ofxAndroidUtils: fix return type
ac7ef99 android: fix projects clean target + makefile
842ddf1 change minor version to 1 = 0.071. Closes #828 Whoohoo!!
e381df2 small pg fix. #closes 1281
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