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Machine learning resources and related artificial intelligence concepts.


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Machine Learning Curriculum

Machine Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence dedicated at making machines learn from observational data without being explicitly programmed.

This is a really big list because I also point to other people's list to ensure that most of the resources are accessible from this page without you looking anywhere else.

NOTE: There is no particular rank for each link. The order in which they appear does not convey any meaning and should not be treated differently.

General Machine Learning

A machine is said to be learning when its performance P on task T improves when it gains more experience E.

Reinforcement Learning

Building a machine that senses the environment and then chooses the best policy (action) to do at any given state to maximize its expected long-term scalar reward is the goal of reinforcement learning.

Deep Learning

A set of machine learning techniques specialized at training deep artificial neural networks (DNN).

Recurrent Neural Networks

DNNs that remember things. They also understand sequences that vary in length.

Open Source Trained Models

Interesting Techniques & Applications

Nice Blogs & Vlogs to Follow

Libraries and Frameworks

Taking a glance at their github statistics can give you a sense of how active/popular each library is.

Cutting-Edge Research

Steal the most recent techniques introduced by smart computer scientists (could be you).

Practitioner Community

Thoughtful Insights for Future Research


Other Big Lists

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