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restore leading spaces/tabs/newlines from original www files
import os
import re
cn_dir = '~/github/tomato-gui'
en_dir = '~/github/tomato-gui-en'
cn_dir = os.path.expanduser(cn_dir)
en_dir = os.path.expanduser(en_dir)
# loop through files in en_dir
file_types = ('.asp', '.js', '.jsx')
def getSize(filename):
st = os.stat(filename)
return st.st_size
def fix_file(file):
print 'fixing file', file
cn_file = os.path.join(cn_dir, file)
en_file = os.path.join(en_dir, file)
if getSize(cn_file) == getSize(en_file):
print 'skipping %s, because file sizes are the same' % file
new_cn_file = ''
with open(en_file) as f:
with open(cn_file) as g:
use_last_cn = False
for l_num, en_line in enumerate(f):
l_num += 1
if not use_last_cn:
cn_line = g.readline()
match_en ='^([\s\t\n]+)', en_line)
match_cn ='^([\s\t\n]+)', cn_line)
if match_en:
match_en_prefix = match_en.groups()[0]
# if en line is empty
if match_en_prefix.endswith('\n'):
new_cn_file += match_en_prefix
if match_cn and match_cn.groups()[0] == match_en_prefix:
use_last_cn = True
# if cn line has prefix but does not match en_line
if match_cn:
if match_en_prefix == match_cn.groups()[0]:
new_cn_file += cn_line
new_cn_file += match_en_prefix+cn_line
new_cn_file += match_en_prefix+cn_line
# check cn file in the same line
print 'no match enline, use cn_line [%s]' % cn_line
new_cn_file += cn_line
use_last_cn = False
open(cn_file, 'w').write(new_cn_file)
files = []
for file in os.listdir(en_dir):
name, ext = os.path.splitext(file)
if ext in file_types:
# break
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