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Forked from afair/tmux.cheat
Created Jan 23, 2017
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Tmux Quick Reference & Cheat sheet - 2 column format for less scrolling!
========================================== ==========================================
========================================== ==========================================
List tmux ls List ^b w
New -s <session> Create ^b c
Attach att -t <session> Rename ^b , <name>
Rename rename-session -t <old> <new> Last ^b l (lower-L)
Kill kill-session -t <session> Close ^b &
========================================== Goto # ^b <0-9>
CONTROLS Next ^b n
========================================== Previous ^b p
Choose ^b w <name>
Detach ^b d
List ^b = ==========================================
Buffer ^b <PgUpDn> PANE (SPLIT WINDOW)
Command ^b : <command> ==========================================
Copy ^b [ ... <space> ... <enter> Show # ^b q
Moving vim/emacs key bindings Split Horiz ^b " --------
Start <space> Split Vert ^b % |
Copy <enter> Pane->Window ^b !
Paste ^b ] Kill ^b x
========================================== Reorganize ^b <space>
SESSION (Set of Windows) Expand ^b <alt><arrow>
========================================== Resize ^b ^<arrow>
Resize x n ^b <n> <arrow>
New ^b :new ^b :new -s <name>
Rename ^b $ Select ^b <arrow>
List ^b s Previous ^b {
Next ^b ( Next ^b }
Previous ^b ) Switch ^b o other
Swap ^b ^o
Last ^b ;
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