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AWS Billing hive schema
create external table aws_billing(
InvoiceId string,
PayerAccountId string,
LinkedAccountId string,
RecordType string,
RecordID int,
BillingPeriodStartDate string,
BillingPeriodEndDate string,
InvoiceDate string,
PayerAccountName string,
LinkedAccountName string,
TaxationAddress string,
PayerPONumber string,
ProductCode string,
ProductName string,
SellerOfRecord string,
UsageType string,
Operation string,
RateId int,
ItemDescription string,
UsageStartDate string,
UsageEndDate string,
UsageQuantity double,
BlendedRate string,
CurrencyCode string,
CostBeforeTax double,
Credits double,
TaxAmount double,
TaxType string,
TotalCost double
partitioned by (year string, month string)
row format serde 'com.bizo.hive.serde.csv.CSVSerde'
stored as textfile
location "s3://${awsBillingBucket}/partitioned/"
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