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ohiofi /
Last active Dec 16, 2020
A function that gives a typewriter effect to console text in Python
from time import sleep
import sys
def typewriter(str):
for letter in str:
print(letter, end='')
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<!DOCTYPE html>
<h1>Hello World</h1>
<p>I'm hosted with GitHub Pages.</p>
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#AvengersEndgame a4 a4leak a4leaked a4spoiler a4spoilers Ameenah Kaplan ant man Ant Man ant-man Anthony Mackie antman Ariana Greenblatt Aunt May avengers Avengers Avengers 4 Avengers: Endgame avengersendgame AvengersEndgame avengersendgameleak avengersendgameleaked avengersendgamespoiler avengersendgamespoilers avispa Ayo Benedict Cumberbatch Benedict Wong Benicio Del Toro black panther Black Panther black widow Black Widow box office Box Office Bradley Cooper Brie Larson Bruce Banner bucky Bucky Barnes Cap capitán america capitana marvel Captain captain america Captain America captain marvel carol danvers Carol Danvers Carrie Coon Chadwick Boseman characters Chris Evans Chris Hemsworth Chris Pratt Clark Gregg Collector Corvus Glaive Cull Obsidian Danai Gurira Dave Bautista doctor strange Doctor Strange Don Cheadle Dr Strange Drax Ebony Maw Eitri Elizabeth Olsen end game End Game End-game End-Game endgame Endgame endgameleak endgameleaked endgamespoiler endgamespoilers Ethan Dizon Falcon far from home Far Fro
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// At the bottom of override func didMove()
// add this below the tapGestureRecognizer
let leftSwipe = UISwipeGestureRecognizer(target: self, action: #selector(handleSwipes(_:)))
let rightSwipe = UISwipeGestureRecognizer(target: self, action: #selector(handleSwipes(_:)))
leftSwipe.direction = .left
rightSwipe.direction = .right
@objc func handleSwipes(_ sender:UISwipeGestureRecognizer) {
ohiofi /
Last active Mar 8, 2019
Wall class for Pygame Zero
Mr. Riley's PygameWall class v1.20190308
How to use this Wall class
1) from pygamewall import *
2) Instanciate a wall by passing x, y, width, and height. Like this:
mywall = Wall(400,400,100,10)
3) Draw the wall inside of the draw() loop. Like this:
4) Use the touching method to determine if an actor is touching the wall.
public class StoreTester
public static void main(String[] args)
//1. First Constructor and toString
Store store1 = new Store("grocery");
System.out.println("1. \nOUTPUT: Grocery store is open from 10am to 9pm");
System.out.println("YOUR OUTPUT: "+store1);
// <First Name> <Last Name>
// <Class period>
// Directions: Fill in the missing variables and methods to create the Store class.
// Their will only be 3 pieces of data for each store: the type of store (pet or grocery), the time the store opens and the time the store closes.
// To simplify the opening and closing times, our stores will only open and close on the hour. The times will be stored in 24-hour format, so we will not be
// storing am or pm. For example, 7 am will be stored as 7. 7pm will be stored as 19 (because 12 + 7 = 19).
// If a store has been created, you can assume that the closing time is after the opening time (and no stores are open 24 hours a day).
/* Prompt the user for the number of coin flips.
Flip the count the designated number of times - displaying the number of the coin flip and the result
Display the number of coin heads and number of tails!
How many flips would you like? 4
1. heads
2. tails
3. heads
4. heads
public class Coin
//These are constants that are provided for your use. For example, using the constant "TAILS" is the same as typing a 1.
private final static int HEADS = 0;
private final static int TAILS = 1;
private final static int UNKNOWN = -1;
//ADD: private instance variables, type (String), year (int), face (int)
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/*global TWO_PI,vertex,CLOSE,abs,angleMode,append,background,beginShape,bezier,box,camera,ceil,CENTER,color,cone,cos,createCanvas,createCanvas,createGraphics,curveVertex,cylinder,DEGREES,displayHeight,displayWidth,dist,div,DOWN_ARROW,ellipse,endShape,fill,floor,frameCount,frameRate,height,image,key,keyCode,keyIsDown,keyIsPressed,keyIsPressed,keyPressed,LEFT,LEFT_ARROW,lerpColor,line,loadImage,loadJSON,loadSound,map,mouseIsPressed,mouseX,mouseY,noFill,noLoop,normalMaterial,noStroke,p5,plane,point,pointLight,pop,push,push,RADIANS,radians,random,rect,resizeCanvas,resizeCanvas,RIGHT,RIGHT_ARROW,rotate,rotateX,rotateY,rotateZ,round,round,scale,shuffle,sin,sphere,stroke,strokeWeight,text,textAlign,textFont,textSize,texture,textWidth,torus,translate,triangle,UP_ARROW,WEBGL,width,windowHeight,windowHeight,windowWidth,world */
/*global currentLocation,room,item,currentLocation*/
/*Create an HTML div and give it id="mymap"*/
let myCanvas;
let mappy;
function setup(){ // only when game loads
myCanvas = createCanvas(