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using System;
namespace Builder
public class MyClass
private readonly string _aStringProperty;
private readonly bool _aGivenFlag;
private readonly bool _anotherFlag;
public MyClass(string aStringProperty, bool aGivenFlag, bool anotherFlag)
_aStringProperty = aStringProperty;
_aGivenFlag = aGivenFlag;
_anotherFlag = anotherFlag;
public object DoSomeBehavior()
dynamic @object = null;
@object.actionAt = DateTime.UtcNow;
@object.theName = _aStringProperty;
if (_aGivenFlag)
@object.theName = "the property : " + @object.theName;
if (_anotherFlag)
@object.theName = @object.theName.ToLower();
return @object;
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