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Last active May 4, 2020 18:21
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toggle font window toolbar in robofont
# menuTitle : Toggle Font Toolbar
# shortCut : command+alt+`
from mojo.UI import AllFontWindows
toggle the visibility of the toolbar and the status bar in robofont's font overview window
sorry, i haven't tested this in single window mode or anything
def toggleFontWindowToolbar():
# get first window state and use that for the other windows so they all stay in sync
w1 = AllFontWindows()[0].window().getNSWindow()
w1state = w1._toolbarIsShown()
for window in AllFontWindows():
if window is None:
w = window.window().getNSWindow()
(wX, wY), (wW, wH) = w.frame()
if w1state == 1:
show = False
show = True
w.setFrame_display_animate_(((wX, wY), (wW, wH)), True, False)
fo = window.fontOverview
fo.getGlyphCollection().setPosSize((0, 0, 0, -20))
if show is False:
fo.getGlyphCollection().setPosSize((0, 0, 0, 0))
# the view mode buttons, there has to be a better way
vmb = fo.views.collectionSplitView.getSplitView().subviews()[1]
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quick fix to make sure all windows have the same toolbar state

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