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Ruby script that rewrite source code collapsing nested modules definitions
src =
# iterate on "1st level" module definitions
src.dup.scan(/^module [^;]+$.+?^end/m) do |mod|
# get the nested modules' definitions
mdefs = mod.scan(/^ *module [^\n]+$(?=\n +module)/m).map(&:to_s)
# stop if there is no nested module definition
next if mdefs.empty?
ndefs = mdefs.size
# get the last definition that's not extracted because of the look ahead
mdefs << mod.match(/\A(?:^ *module [^\n]+\n)+(^ +module [^\n]+)/m)[1].to_s
# collapse nested modules' definitions
mdefs = mdefs.join("\n")
newmod = mod.gsub(/\A#{mdefs}/m, mdefs.gsub(/\n^ +module /m, '::'))
# removes useless closure of modules' blocks
newmod.gsub!(/(^ +end\n){#{ndefs}}end\Z/m, 'end')
# re-indent the code contained in the module
newmod.gsub!(/^ {#{ndefs * 2}}/, '')
# replace the module's definition in the source code
src.sub!(mod, newmod)
puts src
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