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file upload
source /srv/releases/.azure-storage-env
## Sync files from "/srv/releases/jenkins/$CONTAINER" to $CONTAINER for each container in "$AZURE_STORAGE_ACCOUNT",
for CONTAINER in $(az storage container list --account-name "$AZURE_STORAGE_ACCOUNT" --account-key "$AZURE_STORAGE_KEY" --query '[*].name' --output table ); do
if [ -d "/srv/releases/jenkins/$CONTAINER" ]; then
echo "Syncing Container: $CONTAINER";
time blobxfer upload \
--local-path "/srv/releases/jenkins/$CONTAINER/" \
--storage-account-key "$AZURE_STORAGE_KEY" \
--storage-account "$AZURE_STORAGE_ACCOUNT" \
--remote-path $CONTAINER \
--recursive \
--skip-on-lmt-ge \
--connect-timeout 30 \
--exclude '.htaccess'
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