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Vertica Example
To install the vertica driver would need to install via conda
conda install -c conda-forge vertica-python
Import the vertica python library
import vertica_python
import json
# Get credentials from kubernetes. The credentials were setup as a dictionary
credentials = None
with open('/var/run/secrets/user_credentials/vertica_credentials') as f:
credentials = json.load(f)
# Check and make sure the credentials were pulled correctly
if credentials:
# Setup connection dictionary based on secrets obtained above
connection_info = {
'host': credentials.get('hostname'),
'port': 5433,
'user': credentials.get('username'),
'password': credentials.get('password'),
'database': 'VMart'
# Use a with statement that auto closes the connection once out of the loop
with vertica_python.connect(**connection_info) as connection:
cursor = connection.cursor()
# Setup example query for the sample dataset that is being used
example_query = (
"SELECT DISTINCT s.product_key, p.product_description "
"FROM store.store_sales_fact s, public.product_dimension p "
"WHERE s.product_key = p.product_key "
"AND s.product_version = p.product_version AND s.store_key IN ("
" SELECT store_key "
" FROM store.store_dimension "
" WHERE store_state = 'MA') "
"ORDER BY s.product_key LIMIT 50;"
# Execute the query
# Iterate through the cursor and print each row
for row in cursor.iterate():
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