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Offer zsh-autosuggestion as a completion candidate
# Make the autosuggestion a completion value
function _autosuggest_complete() {
local -a candidates
# IMPROVEMENT: If we can be sure that autosuggest has already run we can
# just grab the suggestion variable, avoiding the double call
ZSH_AUTOSUGGEST_USE_ASYNC=0 # need the result immediately
_zsh_autosuggest_strategy_$ZSH_AUTOSUGGEST_STRATEGY "$BUFFER"
# Escape ':' since it has special meaning to _describe
candidates=( ${${suggestion[$((CURSOR-$#PREFIX+1)),-1]}//:\\:} )
_describe -t auto-suggestion auto-suggestion candidates -Q
# Functions marked with '-first-' is called first by the '_complete' completer
compdef _autosuggest_complete -first-
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