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Poor man's singledispatch
# Define
def singledispatch(func):
through_map = {}
def register(through):
def _on(what):
through_map[through] = what
return what
return _on
def dispatch(what):
return through_map.get(what, func)
def run(arg):
return through_map.get(type(arg), func)(arg)
run.register = register
run.dispatch = dispatch
return run
# Use
def fun(arg):
return 'generic: {}'.format(arg)
def _str(arg):
return 'str: {}'.format(arg)
def _int(arg):
return 'int: {}'.format(arg)
def _(arg):
return 'float: {}'.format(arg)
# Test
assert fun(1) == 'int: 1'
assert fun(1.0) == 'float: 1.0'
assert fun('omar') == 'str: omar'
assert fun([1,2,3]) == 'generic: [1, 2, 3]'
assert fun.dispatch(int) == _int
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