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View docker-compose services logs in split tmux panes
# Requires pyyaml
import os
import yaml
run = os.system
new_window = lambda cmd: run('tmux new-window -n "logs" "{}"'.format(cmd))
split_vertical = lambda cmd: run('tmux split-window "{}"'.format(cmd))
split_horizontal = lambda cmd: run('tmux split-window -h "{}"'.format(cmd))
even_vertical = lambda: run('tmux select-layout even-vertical')
if __name__ == '__main__':
config_text = open('docker-compose.yaml').read()
except IOError:
config_text = open('docker-compose.yml').read()
config = yaml.load(config_text)
services = config['services'].keys()
new_window('docker-compose logs -f {}'.format(services[0]))
for service in services[1:]:
split_horizontal('docker-compose logs -f {}'.format(service))
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