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/*! Streak launches new features to users every day. Users love our fast updates and quick response to bugs.
* In order to accomplish this we use the popular InboxSDK library ( Its used by
* several large organizations:
* Dropbox (
* HubSpot (
* Stripe (
* Giphy (
* Clearbit (
* The use of the library is similar to using other popular javascript libraries like jQuery and Underscore
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/* this file is the "app" file that loads the sdk and brings up the iframe */
function log() {
console.log.apply(console, ['iframe-test'].concat(;
InboxSDK.load(1, 'iframe-test').then(function(sdk) {
sdk.Compose.registerComposeViewHandler(function(composeView) {
title: "iframe test",
omarstreak / Unquoted.js
Created Feb 1, 2016
Get unquoted text
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function extract(mv){
//NodeIterators are really cool:
var nodeIterator = document.createNodeIterator(
acceptNode: function(node){
//this is the main function where the interesting code occurs
//because node iterator is a recursive tree walk you'll see every node below the body element
//this includes nodes that contain both the html we want, and html we don't want
omarstreak / threadDataManager.js
Created Sep 10, 2015
Thread Data Manager example
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import Kefir from 'kefir';
class ThreadDataManager {
constructor(){ => {this._emitter = emitter; return () => null});
this._threadData = {}; //map from threadID to thread data
setThreadData(threadID, data){
this._threadData[threadID] = data;
View inboxsdk-threadrowview-stream-example.js
var emitter; //variable name to hoist the emitter to
var stream ={
emitter = inEmitter;
return function(){}; //we need to return a function that gets called when the stream ends
threadRowView.addLabel(stream); //add the label passing in the stream
omarstreak / background.js
Last active May 28, 2021
Chrome API Extension
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//oauth2 auth
{'interactive': true},
//load Google's javascript client libraries
window.gapi_onload = authorize;
omarstreak /
Created Jan 18, 2013
Create and sign your safari extension file
EXTENSION=your extension name
$XAR -czf $EXTENSION.safariextz --distribution $EXTENSION.safariextension
$XAR --sign -f $EXTENSION.safariextz --digestinfo-to-sign digest.dat --sig-size `cat $BUILD_DIR/size.txt` --cert-loc $BUILD_DIR/cert.der --cert-loc $BUILD_DIR/cert01 --cert-loc $BUILD_DIR/cert02
openssl rsautl -sign -inkey $BUILD_DIR/key.pem -in digest.dat -out sig.dat
$XAR --inject-sig sig.dat -f $EXTENSION.safariextz
rm -f sig.dat digest.dat
omarstreak / Install XAR
Created Jan 18, 2013
Bash script to install XAR. Run as root and takes one command line argument where you want the xar executable to exist.
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if [ "`whoami`" != "root" ]; then
printf "Please run this script as root or using sudo\n"
exit 0
printf "Setting up XAR\n"
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/* animation for even number of compose windows */
@-webkit-keyframes streakComposeTriggerEven {
from { clip: rect(1px, auto, auto, auto); }
to { clip: rect(0px, auto, auto, auto); }
.streakGmailComposeChildren:first-child:nth-last-child(2n) {
-webkit-animation-duration: 0.001s;
-webkit-animation-name: streakComposeTriggerEven;
omarstreak / table.html
Created Jul 9, 2012
Standard table structure
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