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Meme Generator 1
# Meme Generator 1
# Demonstrates how to draw text on images using PIL
# (Python Imaging Library)
# The script loads an image from the clipboard (or uses
# a default one if the clipboard is empty) and asks for
# two captions (top and bottom) that are then drawn onto
# the image.
import Image
import ImageDraw
import ImageFont
import clipboard
def draw_caption(img, text, top=False):
draw = ImageDraw.Draw(img)
#Find a suitable font size to fill the entire width:
w = img.size[0]
s = 100
while w >= (img.size[0] - 20):
font = ImageFont.truetype('HelveticaNeue-CondensedBlack', s)
w, h = draw.textsize(text, font=font)
s -= 1
if s <= 12: break
#Draw the text multiple times in black to get the outline:
for x in xrange(-3, 4):
for y in xrange(-3, 4):
draw_y = y if top else img.size[1] - h + y
draw.text((10 + x, draw_y), text, font=font, fill='black')
#Draw the text once more in white:
draw_y = 0 if top else img.size[1] - h
draw.text((10, draw_y), text, font=font, fill='white')
def main():
print 'Loading image from clipboard...'
img = clipboard.get_image()
if img is None:
print 'No image in clipboard, using default image instead...'
img ='Test_Mandrill')
print 'Enter the top caption (press return for none):'
caption_top = unicode(raw_input(), 'utf-8')
caption_top = caption_top.upper()
if caption_top != '':
draw_caption(img, caption_top, top=True)
print 'Enter the bottom caption (press return for none):'
caption_btm = unicode(raw_input(), 'utf-8')
caption_btm = caption_btm.upper()
if caption_btm != '':
draw_caption(img, caption_btm, top=False)
# If you want to copy the result to the clipboard automatically,
# uncomment the following line:
# You can also copy an image from the console output or save it
# to your camera roll by touching and holding it.
if __name__ == '__main__':
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