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Last active Dec 26, 2015
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# coding: utf-8
# Stub generator for ui module
# * For classes, the base class is always assumed to be `object`. This isn't correct, but it shouldn't matter much because the
# generated stubs also contain inherited methods and data descriptors. Using the actual base classes would complicate things a
# little because the class definitions would have to appear in the correct order then.
# * It's not possible to get correct argspecs for functions and methods that are implemented in C, so they're always just
# `self, *args` (for bound methods) or `*args*` (for module-level functions) in the output.
import ui
import inspect
from numbers import Number
import console
from StringIO import StringIO
def write_constants(s, mod):
members = inspect.getmembers(mod)
s.write('# Constants:\n')
for name, value in members:
if isinstance(value, Number):
s.write('%s = %s\n' % (name, value))
def write_functions(s, mod):
members = inspect.getmembers(mod)
s.write('\n# Functions:\n')
for name, value in members:
if inspect.isfunction(value):
s.write('def %s(*args):\n pass\n' % (name,))
def write_classes(s, mod):
members = inspect.getmembers(mod)
s.write('# Classes:\n')
for name, value in members:
if inspect.isclass(value):
s.write('class %s (object):\n' % (name,))
class_members = inspect.getmembers(value)
s.write(' def __init__(self, *args):\n pass\n')
for m_name, m_value in class_members:
if inspect.isdatadescriptor(m_value):
s.write(' self.%s = None\n' % (m_name,))
for m_name, m_value in class_members:
if m_name.startswith('__'):
elif inspect.ismethoddescriptor(m_value):
s.write(' def %s(self, *args):\n pass\n' % (m_name,))
elif inspect.isbuiltin(m_value):
s.write(' def %s(cls, *args):\n pass\n' % (m_name,))
def main():
s = StringIO()
write_constants(s, ui)
write_functions(s, ui)
write_classes(s, ui)
mod_str = s.getvalue()
print mod_str
with open('', 'w') as f:
if __name__ == '__main__':
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