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Last active Jun 17, 2016
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RelayCon 2016

I came to my first WWDC for two reasons: to experience the event first-hand and to meet my favourite blogging and podcaster heroes. I've been following the Apple community for about five years now so I finally decided it will be worth it to fly across the globe from Prague, Czech Republic to San Francisco.

I looked forward to RelayCon a lot and managed to get a ticket. It was great to meet all of the people I let talk to my ears so many hours every week!

I met Russell Ivanovic and talked to him for quite a while. I found our conversation so immersive that it almost felt like we're doing a podcast together. I also made a couple of friends who are not celebrities in this community.

I also introduced myself and talked to: David Smith, David Sparks, Daniel Jalkut, Ben Brooks, Craig Hockenberry and Federico Viticci. But I was looking forward the most to meet the hosts of my favo(u)rite podcast: ATP.

So when I saw John talking to Merlin, I gathered my courage, approached them, told them how I really like their work and how big fan I am and asked for a photo. I did the same thing with Casey (who gave me ATP sticker which I am definitely putting on my Macbook!).

Right before the event ended, I met Marco a talked with him about PHP for a few good minutes.

I had a really awesome time at RelayCon. Actually so awesome that I forgot I hadn't eaten since lunch and wasn't even hungry thanks to all the adrenaline. This event really made my week and I will never forget it.

So thanks to everyone who made my evening so great!

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