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Content needed for MDDC News Feeds

The following information is content that we will need when importing publication feeds for aggregation on’s end. Publications will have the following optional methods for providing this information:

  • RSS 2.0
  • Atom 1.0
  • JSON
  • XML

As there are over 40 publications, each with their own specific limitations to what they can and cannot provide, we’re requesting the below information. The specific naming conventions for your feeds can be up to your developers, provided that we have an explanation of which value/key is which.

Common Articles


Normally no longer than 100 - 120 characters long. If it’s any longer, we’ll truncate it.


The date the article was published.


This is the location of the article that we will be linking traffic back to on your publication’s site.


Used for a brief byline description of the article. Useful for providing concise information so the user will click through. It will ideally be ~ 120 characters in length, max.

Summary/Description [REQUIRED]

Might be the whole article or a brief paragraph, depending on your feed. We will use this if a specific Abstract is not defined in the feed, and will truncate it to ~ 300 characters.

Article Image

We will use this image to provide visual prominence to the article on the page. Articles with images provided will get priority in display on the page and increase clickthroughs. If no image is provided, we will use the publication logo, instead. The image itself should have a minimum dimension of 600px wide by 450px tall. When the image is displayed in differently sized layouts, we will crop and resize as needed.


Articles on MDDC News will be organized in the following categories:

  • News
  • Sports
  • High School Sports
  • Business
  • Entertainment
  • Opinions
  • Real Estate
  • Features
  • Investigative

Articles can have multiple categories attached. Due to the number of different publications we are aggregating, we cannot at this time import other provided categories, as that might result in a large number of fractured taxonomies that are similar.

Public Notices

In the event of public notices, we’ve been gathering content from publishers via FTP uploads and running processes daily. We would like to work with the publishers to instead have them create feed endpoints for these notices. Those would only need the following information on them:


The announcement title used in the paper OR a unique ID. In this case, your title may very well not be a human readable value or it may just be the notice's title. We have multiple publications who indicate either option.

Start Date [REQUIRED]

The date this notice is scheduled to be posted. Most of our publications have this and its postDate set to be the exact same value, though some have systems that allow for future posting, so this shows up early on the feed and we wish to make sure it only goes live when it’s scheduled to.

End Date

The date this notice is scheduled to no longer be displayed.


The entirety of the public notice body, as it appears in the paper.


The county name or (preferably) the FIPS ID that the public notice is being posted for. This will allow us to build a better search tool that displays notices based on regions on a map.

Again, these fields can take any name that you think is preferable in your feed, provided it is one that we can identify when we import your feed into our new tool.

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