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Hi there
how can I help?
Hello it's me again, so
all what the bike shop has shown me is that they can't fix a damn bike :(
I've been telling them for ages the casette has a problem
they said they changed the casette but it still has problem
I don't even know if to believe that
I'm sorry to hear that
I got the feeling they didn't lubricate it well... or something, I don't know, I'm not a bike expert
yes that's not the problem, if I got sold a bike with a bad casette
who responds for that, the bike shop has proven that they don't give a shit... (sorry I know it's not your fault, but that's how I feel)
they just replaced and replaced parts, and every time it seemed like it was getting worse
I was the one that got it to get better.
because they wouldn't even test it afterwards
this would need to be something I'd need to pass onto the Finnish team again, do you know who it is in the store that you've been dealing with?
I have no clue who always attends me, there is usually different people there
the problem is not that, they have been somewhat trying to be helpful, but they don't fix the problem...
I get the feeling they are just getting annoyed at me going over and over
the problem is that the finnish team is in helsinki
It'd be more expensive to me to go to helsinki with a bike than it'd be to just buy a new casette
have the Finnish team been in contact with you directly? or only with the store?
No never
the store always tries to fix them themselves, I have told them what the problem is, but they always seem to go in another direction.
I'm no expert but at least I know where sounds come from.
my bike has this same problem
okay, so it could be an issue with the hub pawls, or the cassette fitting onto the freehub
have the store tried a different wheels?
I don't know I know two things, 1. rain makes it get better, 2. a shiton of oil makes it get better
yes they said so
However according to online sources, the problem is this,
have you shown the store this? please be aware your bike uses a different cassette/freewheel system than the wheel in the video
it uses a different mounting system
I know but it's exactly the same problem.
oh mounting system?
just to confirm, which model is your Marlin?
According to them they have replaced 1. wheel, chain, casette, pedals, BB, and derraulier
I can only comfirm the pedals and the chain
given that they lied to me saying that they tested it and it was fine, and when I was cycling it was worse than ever; I don't know if they lied to me about other things.
okay, I'm sorry to hear that, I'll need to pass this onto the Finnish team to look into further
I've been fixing it myself and I got rid of a lot of the creaking (by adding a shiton of oil); now it's really hard to replicate, but still happens when climbing, and the problem is that this is a new bike and that shouldn't have happened from the beggining.
if they can give me instructions
I can follow them from here
they may not be able to give instructions without inspecting the bike is this your best contact email?
thanks, I will email the team now to look into this further
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