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Created Apr 15, 2019

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cisco-ats npm repositories

The @cisco-ats NPM packages are distributed in the cisco-threat-response-npm repository at, an internal Cisco artifactory instance. The repository is mirrored to at for authenticated use outside of the Cisco network.

using engci-maven

Bind the @cisco-ats to the internal registry:

npm config set @cisco-ats:registry --scope=@cisco-ats

You can then install any @cisco-ats package.

npm install @cisco-ats/integrations --save-exact

Or you can directly add the dependency to package.json.

"dependencies": {
  "@cisco-ats/integrations": "1.2.14"

using devhub

The devhub mirror allows authenticated use of the repository outside of the cisco network. This is particularly useful for off-network build machines. If you need access, you can ask any of @cisco-ats npm admins or directly request access at (Devhub, Additional Access, cisco-threat-response-npm). Any Cisco user (including bot accounts for build machines) can be granted access.

To use packages, you must authenticate using npm:

npm login --registry= --scope=@cisco-ats

Your username is your cisco name and your password is your devhub API key. You can generate/retrieve your API key from your devhub profile. (login to debhub using SAML and click on your name to see your profile) If you have problems, try generating a new API key. As a sanity check your ~/.npmrc will look something like:

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