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Last active November 12, 2016 05:43
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Solution: Select top nouns
tl = vol.tokenlist(pages=False)
just_nouns = tl.loc[(slice(None), slice(None), ["NN", "NNS"]),]
top_nouns = just_nouns.sort_values('count', ascending=False)
# count
# section token pos
# body doctor NN 83
# time NN 80
# day NN 73
# eyes NNS 61
# way NN 57
# Because each step returns a DataFrame, it is possible to `chain` methods.
# Though inadvisable dense in this case, the solution above is possible to write like this:
vol.tokenlist(pages=False).loc[(slice(None), slice(None), ["NN", "NNS"]),].sort_values('count', ascending=False).head(5)
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