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@orjan /Mediator
Last active Dec 29, 2015

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Autofac Mediator
builder.RegisterAssemblyTypes(new[] {Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly()})
.Where(type => type.IsAssignableFrom(typeof (IQueryHandler<,>)))
public class Mediator : IMediator
private readonly ILifetimeScope lifetimeScope;
public Mediator(ILifetimeScope lifetimeScope)
if (lifetimeScope == null) throw new ArgumentNullException("lifetimeScope");
this.lifetimeScope = lifetimeScope;
public TResponse Request<TResponse>(IQuery<TResponse> query)
var resolve = lifetimeScope.Resolve(typeof(IQueryHandler<,>).MakeGenericType(new[] { query.GetType(), typeof(TResponse)}));
return (TResponse) resolve.GetType().GetMethod("Handle").Invoke(resolve, new object[] { query });
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