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Last active Jul 1, 2022
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builtin loader
shopt -s lastpipe extglob globstar
shopt -u assoc_expand_once
function initializeBuiltins {
set +m
typeset libdir=${fsRoot%%+(/)}/usr/lib64
typeset -a a
typeset x
for x in "${libdir}"/{,bash/!(hello|truefalse|mypid|ln|head|rm|necho|*.*)}; do
if [[ $(file -b --mime-type -- "$x") == 'application/x-sharedlib' && !$? -ne 0 ]]; then
nm -CDj --without-symbol-versions -- "$x" |
sed -nE 's/(.*)_struct$/\1/p' |
mapfile -t a
(( PIPESTATUS[0] )) || enable -f "$x" -- "${a[@]}"
return 0
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