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function enable() {
aggregateMenu = Main.panel.statusArea.aggregateMenu;
if (aggregateMenu.hasOwnProperty('_volume') && aggregateMenu._volume instanceof PanelMenu.SystemIndicator) {
volumeIndicator = aggregateMenu._volume;
_onVolumeIndicatorScrollEventId = volumeIndicator.indicators.connect('scroll-event', _onVolumeIndicatorScroll);
_onVolumeIndicatorClickEventId = volumeIndicator.indicators.connect('button-press-event', _onVolumeIndicatorClick);
_onAggregateMenuEnterEventId ='enter-event', _onAggregateMenuEnter);
_onAggregateMenuLeaveEventId ='leave-event', _onAggregateMenuLeave);
_onAggregateMenuClickEventId ='button-press-event', _onAggregateMenuClick);
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konkor commented Feb 19, 2018

Yeah the same thing. You need just _power indicator and connect scroll event to another _brightness._proxy.Brightness = percent;

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