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Project Euler - Problem 3
import ONeillPrimes(primes)
result = iter n $ f n primes
where iter x (p:prs)
| p == x = p
| otherwise = let next = x `div` p
in iter next
$ f next (p:prs)
f n = dropWhile
(not . (== 0) . (n `mod`))
n = 600851475143

Why (\n x -> n `mod` x == 0) n when you can write just (\x -> n `mod` x == 0) ?

The predicate not . (\n x -> n `mod` x == 0) n can even be written without lambda:
not . (== 0) . (n `mod`)


Thanks for your suggestion. I wouldn't have thought of composing the two partially applied functions not . (== 0) . (n mod). I will correct the gist.
Actually, I wrote the code more than two years ago while starting to learn Haskell.

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