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(ns webframework.core
(require [clojure.string :refer [split]]
[ring.adapter.jetty :refer [run-jetty]]
[ring.middleware.params :refer [wrap-params]]))
;; Every dependency is one cheat point.
;; framework questionmark
(def routes {})
(defn error [& [msg]] {:status 404 :body (or msg "Unknown.")})
(defn ok [body] {:status 200 :headers {"Content-Type" "text/html"} :body body})
(defn get-file [file]
(if (re-find #"\.\." file)
(throw (Exception. "access denied"))
(slurp file)))
(defn file-response [uri]
(let [newuri (if (= uri "/") "/index.html" uri)]
(ok (get-file (str "resources" newuri)))
(catch Exception e
(defn handler [{:keys [uri request-method params] :as request}]
(let [[_ resource arg] (split uri #"/")]
(prn request-method resource arg params) ;; debugging
(if (get-in routes [request-method resource])
((get-in routes [request-method resource]) arg params)
(file-response uri))))
(def app (wrap-params handler))
;; example app
(def users (atom {}))
(swap! users conj {"meep" (rand-int 1000)})
(defn view-user [id]
(cond (= id nil) (ok (get-file "resources/add-user.html"))
(contains? @users id) (ok (str "<h1>" id " (" (get @users id) ")</h1>"))
:else (error "No such user.")))
(defn add-user [params]
(let [name (get params "name")]
(do (swap! users conj {name (rand-int 1000)})
(ok (str "Added " name)))))
(defn helloworld [] "<h1> Hello Function </h1>")
(def routes
"Put your routes in here, implicit / because of bad regex-fu."
{"helloworld" (fn [_ _] (ok (helloworld)))
"users" (fn [id _] (view-user id))}
{"users" (fn [_ params] (add-user params))}})
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