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#/usr/bin/env bash
# Install some pacakages we'll need to compile the driver below.
dnf install gcc kernel-devel -y
# Create working dir for Broadcom driver files and patches.
mkdir hybrid_wl_f23
# Change to working dir.
cd hybrid_wl_f23
if [ 'x86_64' == `uname -m` ]; then
# 64-bit driver files.
# 32-bit driver files.
# Download Broadcom Linux Wi-Fi driver.
# Extract driver files.
tar zxvf $FILE
# Compile driver.
make clean && make
# Install driver.
make install
# Update available drivers.
depmod -a
# Unload conflicting drivers.
rmmod b43 ssb bcma
# Load the driver.
modprobe wl
# Blacklist conflicting drivers.
printf 'blacklist b43\nblacklist ssb\nblacklist bcma\n' | tee /etc/modprobe.d/wl.conf
# Load driver automatically at boot time.
echo 'wl' | tee /etc/modules-load.d/wl.conf
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