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Tests for the JavaRush task, Multithreading section, Level 2, "Checking the phone number".
public static void main(String[] args) {
Map<String, Boolean> tests = new HashMap<>();
// empty string and null
tests.put("", false);
tests.put(null, false);
// characters
tests.put("characters", false);
tests.put("+abc123456789012", false);
tests.put("050xxx4567", false);
// without '+', less than 10 digits
tests.put("12345678", false);
tests.put("123456789", false);
// without '+', more than 10 digits
tests.put("12345678901", false);
tests.put("123456789012", false);
tests.put("1234567890123", false);
// with '+', less than 12 digits
tests.put("+1234567890", false);
tests.put("+12345678901", false);
// with '+', more than 12 digits
tests.put("+1234567890123", false);
tests.put("+12345678901234", false);
// with '+' and parentheses, less than 12 digits
tests.put("+12(345)67890", false);
tests.put("+12(345)678901", false);
// with '+' and parentheses, more than 12 digits
tests.put("+12(345)67890123", false);
tests.put("+12(345)678901234", false);
// spaces
tests.put(" +(380)501234567", false);
tests.put("+(380)501234567 ", false);
tests.put("+(380) 501234567", false);
// parentheses
tests.put("+38)050(1234567", false);
tests.put("+38050(1234567", false);
tests.put("+38)0501234567", false);
tests.put("(380501234567)", false);
tests.put("(0)501234567", false);
tests.put("(05)01234567", false);
tests.put("12(3456789)0", false);
tests.put("+38(0501234567)", false);
tests.put("+380501234(567)", false);
tests.put("0501234(567)", false);
// dashes
tests.put("+38(050)123-45-67", false);
// correct numbers
tests.put("+380501234567", true);
tests.put("+(380)501234567", true);
tests.put("+3(805)01234567", true);
tests.put("+38(050)1234567", true);
tests.put("+380(501)234567", true);
tests.put("+3805(012)34567", true);
tests.put("+38050(123)4567", true);
tests.put("+380501(234)567", true);
tests.put("+3805012(345)67", true);
tests.put("+38050123(456)7", true);
tests.put("0501234567", true);
tests.put("(050)1234567", true);
tests.put("0(501)234567", true);
tests.put("05(012)34567", true);
tests.put("050(123)4567", true);
tests.put("0501(234)567", true);
tests.put("05012(345)67", true);
tests.put("050123(456)7", true);
String pattern = "%-23s%-20s%-13sYour result: %-10bMust be: %b";
List<String> failedTests = new ArrayList<>();
System.out.println("\n========== ALL TESTS ==========\n");
for (Map.Entry<String, Boolean> phoneNumber : tests.entrySet()) {
String action = "Checking phone number:";
if (phoneNumber.getKey() == null) action = "Checking \"null\":";
else if (phoneNumber.getKey().equals("")) action = "Checking empty string:";
boolean myResult = checkTelNumber(phoneNumber.getKey());
boolean desiredResult = phoneNumber.getValue();
String testResult = myResult == desiredResult ? "✓ passed" : "✗ failed";
System.out.println(String.format(pattern, action, phoneNumber.getKey(), testResult, myResult, desiredResult));
if (myResult != desiredResult)
failedTests.add(String.format("%-20s Must be: %b", phoneNumber.getKey(), desiredResult));
System.out.println("\n========== FAILED TESTS ==========\n");
for (String phoneNumber : failedTests) System.out.println(phoneNumber);
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