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Resources for graduates of the Intro iOS bootcamp.
Demos from class:
Dave Verwer's iOS Weekly: I like this newsletter a lot, even though I've usually seen the links by the time it comes out it often reminds me I want to bookmark them.
- Matt Gemmell's blog - Matt is a brilliant UI/UX evangelist with incredible wit (@mattgemmell)
- Mike Ash's Friday Q&A - Mostly nitty-gritties, but incredibly helpful (@mikeash)
- Cocoa, With Love (Matt Gallagher) - opinion pieces and how-tos, mostly (@mattgallagher)
- Cocoa Is My Girlfriend (Marcus Zarra and Matt Long) - Core Data and Core Animation experts (@mzarra and @perlmunger)
- Daring Fireball (John Gruber) - Witty and enlightening tech punditry (@gruber)
- Apple Outsíder (Matt Drance) - Pundit, developer. Infrequent but profound updates. (@drance)
- Ole Begemann: iOS Development - Developer with terrific monthly roundups of important links/resources (@olebegemann)
- Big Nerd Ranch ( Posts from our own developers.
- Rob Napier: (
- Krzysztof Zabłocki: ( Games, graphics and good technical stuff. (@_merowing)
- - Contains a bunch of nice iOS programming tutorials.
- - NSHipster has some fantastic content, but sometimes things they cover are pretty esoteric. Their latest article, however, is about something everybody should use: NSLocalizedString. (
- - Features short informative posts from basic tricks to cool 3rd party libraries.
- - A list of plugins to modify Xcode.
Don't forget to check out the Seattle Xcoders! They're a group that meets regularly to discuss projects, learn new techniques and APIs, and also to simply network with other Seattle-area Mac/iOS devs.
Posts/Articles: - A list of iOS training resources - A list of iOS dev tools - A general list of iOS dev resources
Frameworks / Code / Tools:
- RegexKitLite - a set of categories on NSString and NSArray that add regular expressions functionality out the wazoo
- Cocos2D - a 2D animation framework that wraps OpenGL to make animation easy. Ideal for games.
- Accessorizer - a tool for writing repetitive / canned code. Steep learning curve, but makes coding quicker once you learn to use it.
- DTerm - a free single-line terminal entry point. Set a global keyboard shortcut for a location-sensitive commandline.
- TextExpander - how I made all those quick snippets during lecture. Super-handy for system-wide snippet expansion. Let me know if you'd like me to send you my snippets file.
- TotalFinder - commercial app that adds tabbed browsing and other cool functionality to Finder.
- - A site that indexes and lists an enormous library of custom controls/widgets that people have made, with a variety of licenses from public domain to commercial.
- AFNetworking - Great functionality including high-level requests for JSON and file downloads, OAuth processing, and more.
- - An Xcode plugin (non listed on the plugins site above) that modifies command-left arrow to ignore leading space.
- Mantle ( - "a framework that makes it dead simple to create a flexible and easy-to-use model layer in Cocoa or Cocoa Touch"
Bolot Kerimbaev, one of our iOS instructors, has a reading list here:
Useful gitignore templates for various languages:
Cocoa coding guidelines:
Copy link is another good one - they put out a few simple tips each week

Copy link

AFNetworking would be a good one to include, seems to be quite popular for non-trivial networking stuff.

Copy link

Thanks! I've added these.

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sokach commented Apr 12, 2013

Copy link

ejeffers commented Aug 9, 2013

Copy link

ejeffers commented Aug 9, 2013 is another real good one.

Copy link for devs curious as to how long their app may be in review. Another iOS / Mac developer blog.

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If you are looking for iPhone templates to help you design your app here is a great resource.

Copy link a weekly aggregate of Cocoa / Cocoa touch articles.

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