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Created October 12, 2015 06:14
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Minimalistic type system hack in Racket.
#lang racket
(require "minikanren/mk.rkt")
(struct e/var (name) #:transparent)
(struct e/app (fn param) #:transparent)
(struct e/lam (arg body) #:transparent)
(define (t/fn domain range)
(list ':fn domain range))
(define (t/constructor name args)
(list ':constructor name args))
(define (t/failure msg)
(list ':failure msg))
(define/match (t/failure? t)
[((list ':failure _)) #t]
[(_) #f])
(define/contract (t/failure-message t)
(-> t/failure? string?)
(first (rest t)))
(define/match (show-t type)
[((list ':constructor name '())) name]
[((list ':constructor name args)) (format "(~a ~a)" name (map show-t args))]
[((list ':fn domain range)) (format "(-> ~a ~a)" (show-t domain) (show-t range))]
[((list ':failure msg)) (format "Failure: ~a" msg)])
(define succeed (== #t #t))
(define/match (show-e expr)
[((e/var name)) name]
[((e/app fn param)) (format "(~a ~a)" (show-e fn) (show-e param))]
[((e/lam arg body)) (format "(lambda (~a) ~a)" (show-e arg) (show-e body))])
; predefined types
(define predef/bool (t/constructor "bool" '()))
(define predef/number (t/constructor "number" '()))
(define (predef/list t) (t/constructor "list" (list t)))
; unifies t with the type of the expression
(define (unify-type t expr scope)
(match expr
;; var
[(e/var name) (if (hash-has-key? scope name)
(== t (hash-ref scope name))
(let ([n (string->number name)])
(if n
(== t predef/number)
(== t (t/failure (format "Undefined: ~a" name))))))]
;; application
[(e/app fn param)
(fresh (fn-type param-type)
(== fn-type (t/fn param-type t))
(unify-type fn-type fn scope)
(unify-type param-type param scope))]
;; lambda abstraction
[(e/lam (e/var arg-name) body)
(fresh (arg-type body-type)
(== t (t/fn arg-type body-type))
(hash-set scope arg-name arg-type)))]
(== t (t/failure (format "Invalid expression: ~a" e)))]))
;; TODO: introduce variadic functions and get rid of this
(define (predef/unify-singleton t)
(fresh (a)
(== t (t/fn a (predef/list a)))))
(define (predef/unify-if t)
(fresh (a)
(== t (t/fn predef/bool (t/fn a (t/fn a a))))))
(define (get-type expr)
(let ([t (run 1 (q)
(fresh (singleton-t if-t)
(predef/unify-singleton singleton-t)
(predef/unify-if if-t)
(let ([predefined-symbols
(hash "true" predef/bool
"false" predef/bool
"list/singleton" singleton-t
"if" if-t)])
(unify-type q expr predefined-symbols))))])
[(empty? t) (error "Type check failed:" t)]
[(t/failure? (first t)) (error (t/failure-message (first t)))]
[else (first t)])))
(define (show-type expr)
(show-t (get-type expr)))
;; tests
(require rackunit "types.rkt")
(require rackunit/text-ui)
(define identity (e/lam (e/var "x") (e/var "x")))
(define types-test
"Type System"
;; (identity true) : bool
(get-type (e/app identity (e/var "true")))
;; (list/singleton 1) : (list number)
(get-type (e/app (e/var "list/singleton") (e/var "1")))
(predef/list predef/number)))
;; (if true 1 0) : bool
(get-type (e/app
(e/app (e/var "if") (e/var "true"))
(e/var "1"))
(e/var "0")))
"if branches have same type"
;; (if true 1 true)
(lambda ()
(get-type (e/app
(e/app (e/var "if") (e/var "true"))
(e/var "1"))
(e/var "true"))))))))
(run-tests types-test)
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