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Hayden Schiff oxguy3

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oxguy3 / media
Last active Mar 8, 2017
Commands for downloading and managing TV/movies/etc
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youtube-dl --netrc -f best --write-sub --sub-lang enUS --write-thumbnail -o '%(series)s - s01e%(episode_number)s - %(episode)s.%(ext)s'
mmv "*s01e? -*" "#1s01e0#2 -#3"
mmv "*.enUS.ass" "#1.en.ass"

alt version since crunchyroll login is broken rn:

youtube-dl --cookies ~/crunchyroll-cookies.txt -f best --write-sub --sub-lang enUS --write-thumbnail -o '%(series)s - s01e%(episode_number)s - %(episode)s.%(ext)s'
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Last active Nov 14, 2016
Tag anime as japanese
# Tag videos as a given language
# Examples:
# Tag a single MP4 video as Japanese:
# ./ jpn Attack on Titan Episode 1.mp4
# Tag all MP4 files in the directory as English:
# ./ eng % mp4
function erroranddie {
echo "Invalid command! Syntax: ./ <lang> <file> OR ./ <lang> % <ext>"
View FCC playoffs

Who is FCC playing in the first round of the playoffs?

Short answer: Probably Charleston Battery, maybe Rochester Rhinos, possibly (but probably not) Charlotte Independence or Richmond Kickers

Long answer:

Regardless of what happens next weekend (Sep 24), FC Cincinnati is definitely going to be the #3 team coming out of the regular season, which means we play the #6 ranked team in the first round of the playoffs (see: USL Playoffs bracket). Right now, that's Rochester, but ranks 4 through 7 are all really close, so that could change next weekend. #6 Rochester is gonna be playing #12 Toronto, and #5 Charleston is gonna be playing #1 New York. In the likely event that Rochester has a better result than Charleston (i.e. Rochester wins and Charleston doesn't, or Rochester draws and Charleston loses), then Rochester will move up in the standings, and FCC will play Charleston. If Rochester and Charleston have the same result, or Charleston does

oxguy3 /
Last active Nov 26, 2017
things I want to add/change/fix in flickr2commons

flickr2commons to-do list

Trivial fixes

  • Make all the input boxes wider
  • Fix "select all" functionality (you can de-select all/all-with-tag, but you can't select all/all-with-tag)
  • Un-hide the label for the "don't use automatic description from flickr" checkbox

Minor features/additions

  • If an upload fails, re-show the checkbox so that the user can fix the issue and try again.
  • Allow the user to change how the author is credited
oxguy3 / crackpack without
Last active Aug 26, 2016
How to use the Crackpack without the Curse Launcher
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How to use the Crackpack without the Curse Launcher

So if you want to play Crackpack (or any other modpacks in the Curse/FTB launcher) without having to open the annoying Curse app, here's what you do. First, you do need to install Curse and download the modpack you want. Run it once (just open the launcher; you don't actually have to hit play from the Minecraft launcher). Once it's installed, go to the Settings button in the Curse app, click "Minecraft", and then copy the address listed as "Minecraft Install Location".

Next, open Notepad/TextEdit (or your text editor of choice). If you're on Windows, copy-paste the "crackpack.bat" file below into your text editor. If you're on Mac or Linux, copy-paste the "" file below into your text editor (warning: haven't actually tested this one). On the first line, replace "REPLACEME" with the address you copied from the Curse app. Then save it as "crackpack.bat" or "". On Mac/Linux you might have to open a terminal and run `chmod 700 crack

oxguy3 /
Created Aug 22, 2016
old bash script from high school -- used this to download Minecraft to school computers (I did not make the best use of my free bells...)
cd ~/Desktop
echo ""
curl -o mc.dmg
echo ""
hdiutil attach -nobrowse mc.dmg
echo ""
oxguy3 /
Created Aug 22, 2016
old bash script from high school -- I used this to quickly disable natural scrolling and download Chrome every time I used school computers
cd ~/Desktop
echo ""
osascript -e 'tell application "System Preferences"
set the current pane to pane id ""
end tell'
echo ""
oxguy3 /
Last active Sep 19, 2016
My Flickr photos

Hayden Schiff's photos

I've taken to photography as a super casual hobby, and I'm posting my photos on Flickr. Most/all of them are Creative Commons licensed, so you're free to use them for whatever (subject to license terms). I'm throwing together an index here for easily finding things.

You can see all of my tags here.

By person

For every person I identify in one of my photos, I tag it "firstname lastname", so even if a name isn't listed below, you can find someone by manually looking up the "firstnamelastname" tag. Or just browse through the list of all my tags.

oxguy3 / prime-player-tweaks.css
Last active Jul 9, 2016
CSS to make Prime Player's mini-player look nice for live-streaming. Use the "Normal" layout option with this
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* {
font-family: "Segoe UI", sans-serif;
#player {
background-color: #0F0F0F !important;
height: 104px !important;
#top {
height: 80px !important;
oxguy3 / deploy.php
Last active Jan 23, 2021
Script used to automatically deploy from GitHub to a cPanel shared hosting server
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* deploy.php by Hayden Schiff (oxguy3)
* Available at
* No rights reserved. Dedicated to public domain via CC0 1.0 Universal.
* See for terms.
// random string of characters; must match the "Secret" defined in your GitHub webhook